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SATCO Harvester Heads

Fixed and dangle harvester heads are simple to operate and maintain. A full line of models are available in fixed and dangle styles and in a variety of cutting capacities and weights to meet your specific applications.


  • Specification Summary

  • Chain Pitch1 Upper floating, 2 Moveable/3 Cutting Edges
  • Chain Tensioning2486
  • Maximum Cut Diameter2 - 23 in, 50 - 590 mm mm
  • Saw Bearing Diameter50 mm
  • Height to Link Pin690 mm

Product Details

Saw System

Chain Pitch 1 Upper floating, 2 Moveable/3 Cutting Edges
Chain Tensioning 2486
Maximum Cut Diameter 2 - 23 in, 50 - 590 mm
Saw Bearing Diameter 50 mm

Directional Felling Head

Height to Link Pin 690 mm
Maximum Jaw Open 800 mm
Minimum Jaw Close 42 mm
Optimal Capacity 5.5
Weight 3/4 in/11BC

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