The hand pallet truck is without any doubt the most basic, yet essential, tool in materials handling. For decades, it has served as the “first assistant” for truck operators loading and unloading pallets on location.

In warehouses, shops and industry, hand pallet trucks are used in all kinds of applications. We have a model for each of them – designed to suit your needs.

Electrical Hand Pallet TRUCK 48V, 1.2 - 1.5 TONNES

An ideal solution for transporting loads up to 1.5 tonnes. It excels in light to medium-duty indoor applications such as: workshop, retail, small super market, cargo containers and general warehousing.

  • Multi-functional ergonomic control handle

  • High capacity Li-ion battery 48V/20Ah provides maintenance-free operation

  • Taper Fork Tip and Tandem PU Rollers with Fork tip rollers

  • Ergonomic Spring loaded Steering Handle

  • Hub Motor with patented design

  • Regenerative Brake System with electromagnetic disk brake

Manual Hand Pallets

CE25 Hand Pallet Truck: 2.5 tonnes

Simple and effective in retail and warehousing applications, our hand pallet truck has been designed

to be worked hard and give long-lasting performance with minimal servicing.

  • Infinitely variable speed control

  • New polyurethane handle

  • Powder coating phosphate pre-treatment

  • High Stability

  • Self-lubricating slide bearings

  • Wide range of wheels available

CV25 Hand Pallet Truck: 2.5 tonnes

Our economical hand pallet truck comes equipped with all that is needed to provide good long term performance at an inexpensive price.

  • Durable chassis

  • Integrated ACBF* pump

  • Ergonomic handle

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