When you repair before failure, you are taking advantage of the value built into Cat parts, which are designed to last multiple lives. If you let parts progress to failure, you could be spending as much as 2.5 times more for the cost of your repair. Another problem is potential contingent damage that could be caused to other pars –parts that don’t typically need replacing.

When you do let parts progress to failure, Caterpillar studies show that nearly 90% of the time those failures could have been prevented – and that’s money out of your pocket.

Customer advantages:

  1. Broad range of offering
  2. Fixed Price Upfront
  3. Downtime scheduling
  4. Clarity of offering
  5. Timely quote and repair

Warranty statement

Genuine Cat new and Reman parts are backed by our 12-month warranty, so you can feel confident selecting a repair option through your Cat dealer

Additionally, if one of the genuine Cat new or Reman parts used in your repair is proven to be defective and the cause of any resultant damage, not only would the Cat new or Reman part be replaced, but any resultant damage to other Cat parts would also be covered. Competitors typically only warranty the part they replace regardless of whether or not the part has caused resultant damage.