Konecranes Equipment & Machinery Parts

The best protection for your investment in a Konecranes lift truck, are Genuine Konecranes parts. The highest engineering quality pays off through truck performance and uptime in the long run – ensuring that your reliable lift truck stays reliable.

Konecrane Lifetime Advantage Kits

In addition to all Konecranes parts we offer, Konecranes Lifetime Advantage kits – a long-term commitment to improve the safety, productivity and endurance of lift trucks around the globe. Ongoing support across each truck’s lifecycle will provide you with consulting, training, spare parts, upgrades and much more – everything needed to keep your lift trucks running efficiently in the unique conditions of each customer’s world.

Konecranes Lifetime Advantage includes two packages. The first one is centered on a theme of safety. And the second one focuses on machine productivity which can be retrofitted on Konecranes lift trucks at customer sites. These are not service packages but are intended to improve equipment performance with the latest updated technology. The productivity packages are developed to increase the uptime of each customer’s trucks and to extend the life cycle of as many components as possible.


  1. Visual Warning For Yard Staff (Blue Point Awareness)
  2. Stop Fire In Its Tracks (Fire Suppression System)
  3. Prevent Accidents Before They Occur (Ignition Alcolock)
  4. Get Rid Of Blind Spots (Reverse Camera)
  5. Detect Obstacles In Time (Reverse Warning System)


  1. Tire Saver: Helps to reduce tire wear and rubber consumption
  2. Hydraulic Long-Life Filter: Extends the life of hydraulic oil up to 12,000 working hours
  3. Spreader Kit 5000: Helps avoid accidents caused by twistlock fatigue and reduces the repair time for spreader wear pads.

MD4 Control System update: Replaces the MDL2 electronic control system, which is no longer available, with the state-of-the-art MD4.

The Safety Kits

The Productivity Kits

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