As well as building the safest machinery, power supply solutions and heavy equipment in the industry, Cat® Safety Services is an initiative to provide all our customers with safety tips and walkthroughs to eliminate workplace incidents.


  • Equipment and operator safety tips, walkthroughs and manuals
  • Industry relevant Site safety/Job site toolbox talks and supervisor training
  • Encouraging tested and proved safety culture through a specially designed safety process

Kindly visit SAFETY.CAT.COM for more information related to the Cat Safety Services. It is a website which is devoted to encouraging the health and safety of everyone whether they are on, in or around Cat products.

You can find information which supports safety instructions found in the company’s official Operation and Maintenance Manuals (OMM). The website covers safety which is to be ensured during any motion. There are Cat videos dedicated to walk-around checks and operating tips in this digital source along with toolbox talks, rich media and OMM excerpts discussing a range of safety topics.