cat heavy equipment training

People are our best assets and we are committed for their continued training and long term development. Our Training Center provides employees with skills needed to meet growth and technological advancement. The centre is run by a team of highly qualified training officers, using the latest equipments and training material.


We provide training for both dealer and customer personnel through variety of courses, from basic maintenance to diagnostic and technical analysis. Courses can be tailored to meet customer needs. Our training programs are designed to help customer plant and service personnel to achieve higher skills in supporting and servicing their Cat equipment. Our Training Center offers a variety of courses ranging from basic maintenance to diagnostic and technical amalysis. Special courses can also be prepared and tailored to customer needs.

Constant training at the Caterpillar certified Regional Training Centre ensures that our customers get not only what they need but also what they deserve – only the finest solutions and services.

Our Regional Training Centre is committed to continued training and long-term development. It is equipped with:

  • Modern training center
  • 3 lecture rooms
  • Large workshop with specialised areas
  • Qualified training officers
  • Latest equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • Fundamentals of Diesel Engines
  • Fundamentals of Drive Train
  • Fundamentals of Hydraulics
  • Fundamentals of Gas Engines
  • Basic Electronics and Introduction to ET
  • Fundamentals of Power Generation
  • Engine Diagnostics – Mechanical Engines
  • Power shift Transmission Diagnostics
  • Implement Hydraulics Diagnostics
  • Model Specific Engines
  • Electronic Engines Diagnostics
  • Electronic Power Train Systems Diagnostics
  • Reconditioning Courses
  • Covers System operation, Testing Adjusting, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting, Maintenance of all Equipment Systems
  • We can provide Service Training on all Caterpillar Product line, catering to the exact needs of the Customer. Training Course Coverage can be tailored to meet the Customer Demand