AL-BAHAR Couplers - Backhoe Rear

  • Dual Lock Pin Grabber Coupler enables faster shifts between links of attachments, increasing productivity and overall output time.
  • Available in two options, hydraulic and mechanical.
Your business needs the most efficient and productive tools in order to ease your manufacturing process and long-term development. Cat has engineered the perfect range of attachments and devices that best complement their machinery and smoothen out your work-load, whether it’s on a construction site or landscaping. The range of couplers specially created for Cat backhoes eliminates the need for extra hammers and toolkits for installing attachments to backhoes.

The Cat backhoe rear coupler is exclusively available from Al-Bahar in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Cat quick couplers are available in two dual lock pin grabber versions, hydraulic pressure and mechanical. Quick couplers boost the versatility of the backhoe, improve long-term resourcefulness of the business and ease the operators’ workload.

If you would like know more about Cat backhoe rear couplers then please fill in our contact form and have a specialist get back at a time that suits you.

Quick Couplers increase the performance of Cat® Backhoes by allowing fast and easy bucket changes in the field.



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