Cat® Equipment Inspection

  • Avail Free Technical Analysis I (TA1) on purchase of all Cat equipment from Al-Bahar
  • Regular on-site visits ensure optimal functioning of all Cat equipment

When you buy any Cat equipment, we assign a qualified, well-trained Product Support Sales Engineer(PSSE) as a consultant for you. The PSSE will visit your sites and machines frequently and provide you with suggestions and solutions to help you achieve maximum up time.

The product support sales engineer can also assist you with:

  • Technical Analysis Inspection Programs (Level 1)
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling Program
  • Custom Track Service

Thousands of satisfied customers realize the importance Al-Bahar places on providing the best-in- class product support and complimentary inspection services, making us the trusted brand in the machinery trading business. The continuous investments being made by Al-Bahar in the field of support is our biggest strength, emphasizing our highly ‘customer-focused’ business model.

Al-Bahar’s time-proven excellence in product support is one of the main reasons why we have maintained the market leadership in equipment business for over decades and have the highest customer retention rates within the Middle East’s machinery trading industry.

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