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Attachments tailor Cat machines to the specific requirements of a customer's working needs. Caterpillar Attachments enhance the productivity and utility of Caterpillar machines, equipping them for a wide range of tasks and operating requirements, and providing total system solutions for any job application.

If you are looking for the most efficient tool for trimming and clearing overgrowth, then the Cat brushcutter is just what your business needs.


  • Optimum hydraulic flow controls the pressure of the tool and ensures smooth operation.
  • Brushcutter blades are made tough and durable, able to work efficiently on the highest speeds.
Land clearing and overgrowth trimming can be a tiresome process for any business, but the right type of tools this tedious procedure can be done with ease. The brushcutters from Cat are perfect for any type of overgrowth trimming and clearing you may need on your job site, housing or recreational area. Al-Bahar brings to you this collection of brushcutters exclusively in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

Cat brushcutters come in a variety of sizes, each one tried and tested fully, to completely match your business’ requirements.

To find out more about how you can rent or purchase a Cat brushcutter from Al-Bahar, or to just learn more please fill in our contact form and have a dedicated member of the team get back at a time that suits you.

Cat® Brushcutters are used for clearing overgrowth from highway medians, utility easements and for initial land clearing for housing, parks and recreational areas.

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