In fact, test after test identifies critical differences between Cat engine parts and competitive parts – differences that allow Cat engine components to improve engine performance, increase machine productivity, and reduce your owning and operating costs.

Cat engine parts work as a system to deliver reliable performance and long life.

Heads – Special tolerances increase wear resistance. Rigid manufacturing tolerances provide smooth sealing surfaces for resistence to warping, cracking and wear.

Valves – Quality materials and metallurgy provide increased strength. High strength material allows the valve to flex for more fatigue strength. Proper forging process prevents “laps” or inclusions for better fatigue strength.

Gaskets – Long lasting materials improve durability and sealing. Fire ring made of stainless steel material increases durability for longer life. Graphite-facing material significantly improves sealing capability for resistance to failure.

Liners – Manufacturing and heat treat processes provide better wear resistance. Induction hardening eliminates flange cracking and increases wear resistence for long life and reusability.

Rings – Heat treatment and proper fit ensure long life and less wear. Heat treatment provides maximum hardness for long life. Rings fit precisely into piston ring grooves for reduced ring band wear.

Pistons – Ring band bonding increases strength and reduces the change of early failure. Ring band is cast in nickel for added strength, long-wearing grooves, better sealing, and increased reusability.

Bearings – Even oil distribution and proper clearances help prevent failure. Precise crush height allows proper oil flow and clearance for resistance to failure. Consistent wall thickness ensures uniform oil distribution and proper clearance for longer life.

Crankshafts – Precise machining of journals extends bearing life. Surface finish of bearing journals is smooth for longer bearing life. Precise journal grinding ensures exact bearing fir for reduced friction and long life.

Guaranteed for fit and function, Cat Parts offer the right combination of quality and price for your engines. Plus, Cat Parts provide something that other brands can never match – the total support available at Al Bahar.

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