HydCyli Repair Facility

Ensure the muscles of your machine – Hydraulic cylinders and rods are getting the care they need.

Hydraulic contamination can cause machine inefficiency and less productivity. In terms of productivity a 20% loss in efficiency translates to one entire day of lost production in a five-day week. Efficiency loss also increases fuel consumption as a result your machine becomes more expensive to run.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Options

Al-Bahar offers different Hydraulic Cylinder and Rods repair options levels for a wide range of specific needs and budgets. We have a dedicated and full equipped hydraulic cylinder servicing facility, with the capabilities to repair different hydraulic cylinders Rods & Tubes as per caterpillar standard.

We have the expertise as well as the tooling, and parts inventory to provide fast, dependable hydraulic cylinder repair options on different models of CAT equipment.

Choose anything from resealing to full rebuilds, replacements with REMAN or NEW components, and you’ll get the most up-to-date engineering improvements to maximize machine productivity and component life.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Specialized tooling to rebuild your machine hydraulic cylinders including Selective Brush Plating for Rod Repairing.
  • Resealing procedures include light-honing of the cylinder to assure an extended seal life and maximum cylinder performance.
  • Components are cleaned to ensure removal of harmful contaminants.
  • Our internal inventory of chromed rod stock assures quick turn-around time.
  • We offer Up-Front Pricing – before we begin the repair!
  • All services are conducted using genuine parts and every rebuilt cylinder undergoes rigorous testing to assure that there are no leaks!

Why choose Al-Bahar?

  • One Year Warranty
  • Re-Roding within 2-3 days
  • High Material Specifications
  • Up-front Pricing

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