With the industry’s most advanced and durable hydraulics systems, Cat excavators and power shovels offer you a performance and operational comfort that just cannot be replicated by any other brand in the world.

AL-BAHAR Excavators

  • The region’s widest selection of configurations makes the diggers highly customizable for specific needs
  • Market leading designed that provides optimum performance and lowers operational hours needed

  • Whether you call them mechanical shovels, diggers or power shovels the requirements of an excavator does not change; to get a variety of jobs done as quickly and safely as possible. That’s where Cat triumphs with years of experience and a unique design that has been perfected over the years of operation.

    All Cat excavators come with a manufacturer warranty and have been put through a set of extremely demanding job site scenarios to ensure they adhere to our “built tough” motto, which is much more than just a phrase; it’s a core value which our customer satisfaction rate has been built on.

    If you would like to talk with a Cat excavator specialist and identify what would be the best solution for you then please give us a call today, or alternatively fill in our contact form and have a dedicated member of team get back at a time that suits you.

    Caterpillar serves all regions of the world so we build many different configurations of hydraulic excavators. Your Cat® dealer has exact machine specifications available in your area to help you choose what will best meet your needs.



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