It’s no easy job to maintain assets at multiple locations and projects. Although every Cat® Equipment comes with in-built value of durability and optimum performance, you need the right kind of support to maintain it. Stop memorizing maintenance schedules, making phone calls for repairs or manually archiving service reports. Instead, get more work done as we simplify support for you.

Presenting the Al-Bahar CVA Mobile APP 2.0, an exclusive app for CVA customers, designed for those who spend their time at the job site and are constantly on-the-go. Take advantage of equipment telematics data with the new Al-Bahar CVA App that delivers simplified streamlined data, directly to mobile devices, helping you monitor equipment health, react faster to fault codes and maximize uptime.

The first version of the Al-Bahar was initially launched in 2018 to offer the support on-the-go. Enhancing the well-received mobile application, the new CVA App 2.0 is optimized for customers who need to track critical (machine or engine) operating data from the field. Feedback from the CVA customers’ revealed three primary challenges:

  • Tracking machine hours and location
  • Managing maintenance without being tied to the computer back at the office
  • Receiving maintenance reports


This new mobile APP gives you an easy way to…

  • Monitor their entire CVA fleet
  • Request maintenance schedules, and
  • Connect with Al-Bahar team from the worksite

The exact location of all equipment tracked by the APP is displayed on the mobile device, along with the machine’s operating hours, health and utilization data. It enables operations to get the most from their equipment by moving an under-utilized asset to precisely where it is needed most.


Whether your goal is to better manage your maintenance operations, digitize your efforts for tracking reports, optimize your resources, or improve your overall productivity, this handy application can help improve the support you receive for your equipment!

This app being a privilege offered to Al-Bahar CVA customers, feel free to leave back your email id and our support consultant will contact you with plans that best suit your business.

GET STARTED and make the most of your machines.

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