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Caterpillar forwarders load and remove heavy loads from the forest quickly with ample hydraulic flow, state-of-the-art controls, and high traveling speeds.

584 HD Forwarder

Product Details

Operating Specifications

Load Capacity 20000.0 kg
Loader Reach 8.5 m
Tractive Ability 234.0 kN
Load Capacity - HD 8WD 20000.0 kg
Low Speed 7.0 km/h
Maximum Speed 20.9 km/h
Steering Angle 42.0 Degrees


Gross Power 204.0 kW
Engine Model Cat® C7 ACERT™
Displacement 7.2 L
Torque 1182.0 N·m

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 255.0 L
Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir 174.0 L


Operating Weight 23088.0 kg
Operating Weight - HD 8WD 23088.0 kg


Transmission hydrostatic, 2-speed drop box

Hydraulic System

Flow Rate 284.0 L/min
Working Pressure - max 21.5 Mpa


ROPS ISO 3471:1994, ISO 8082:2003
FOPS ISO 3449:2005 (LEVEL II), ISO 8083:2006
OPS ISO 8084:2003, SAE J1084, SEP2002, BC WCB G603, MAR90


Size 750/55 × 26.5

Bunk Area

Bunk Area 5.5 m2
Load Bunks moveable
Optional Bunk Area 6.25 m2

Loader and Grapple

Grapple type Epsilon FG37
Grapple type, optional Epsilon FG43S
Lifting Torque, Gross 159.0 kN·m
Loader type Epsilon X120F
Reach 8.0 m
Rotator type G141
Slewing Angle 380.0 Degrees
Slewing Torque, Gross 45.0 kN·m

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