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Date: April 16, 2019

Investing in heavy equipment is one of the most expensive decisions you will have to make. The decision to invest in heavy machinery is especially hard because you are not just adding new machinery to your fleet but your adding maintenance costs also. This is why it is important that you make that decision very carefully after calculated scenarios and costs. Here are some of the crucial questions that can help you get the right answers for a cost-effective decision.

1. Does the equipment have wide-ranging applications?

Generally, most heavy machinery are designed to perform more than one task. You will need to identify the functionality of the equipment you are trying to purchase in order to ensure that it will fulfill the construction tasks successfully without causing any additional expenses. Sometimes, construction site managers invest in a wrong type of equipment that does not offer wide-ranging applications. This can lead to additional investment in other equipment.

2. What are its salient features?

The design and the features of the equipment define their capacity and functionality. Analyze your site requirements and ask your dealer to help you find equipment that will readily fulfill those requirements.

3. Does the equipment offer manufacturer support?

It is extremely crucial that you inquire about the support as it will ensure proper maintenance and repairs in the future. Caterpillar ensures unmatched support across the world through its dealer network. Al-Bahar is known for its Support capabilities and capacity in the Middle Eastern region.

4. Should you buy, rent, or lease the equipment?

Depending on the nature and duration of the project, you will have to decide what opinion will best suit your budget and the project requirements. As a general rule of thumb, investing in new heavy machinery is far more profitable than investing in leased or rented equipment.

5. Does it have warranty?

Always look for the manufacturer’s warranty. With Cat® equipment, you will receive annual or bi-annual warranty based on the type of equipment you purchase.

6. Are its parts easily available in your area?

Can you easily purchase the equipment parts in your area? Do not invest in equipment that has
complicated parts you can’t find in your local area. You can buy Cat Parts online easily and quickly now through parts.cat.com. With a stock of 115,000+ line items, Al-Bahar warehouses across the region are equipped to ensure you do not have to worry about parts availability.

7. What are the delivery charges?

Some suppliers offer free delivery while some charge a reasonable price. This price can add up to your overall cost of purchasing the equipment especially if you are buying the equipment from somewhere outside your area. Inquire about the delivery charges and if they seem exaggerated, consider moving the equipment yourself.

8. What is the resale value?

You should be able to resell your equipment, in case needed in future. Machinery can become obsolete over a number of years and therefore it is wise to sell it and invest in new equipment that better suits your project goals. So, make sure that the equipment has a considerable resale value.

Conclusion:Before you decide to purchase any type of heavy machinery, it is important to consider the various factors that can impact your investment. An authorized heavy equipment dealer like Al-Bahar can help you find the details you need to ensure that you make the right decision. So talk to us and find out if the equipment you are trying to buy will be the right fit for your company.