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Date: June 14, 2017

Heavy machinery is a crucial component of the construction industry with its contribution towards various tasks that otherwise could not be achieved. New equipment would come with higher costs affecting annual budgets for some companies, if not planned. As a construction site manager or owner, there can be multiple reasons that can draw you towards used construction equipment. Used machinery can be a great way to fulfill the requirement for special applications on the jobsite without disturbing the budget dramatically. This post aims to highlight the five common misconceptions that may influence one’s buying decision regarding used construction equipment.

  1. Used Machines will depreciate early: The most common misconception that usually influences a construction site manager’s decision to invest in used equipment is undoubtedly the possibility that the used construction equipment will depreciate faster as compared to the brand new heavy machinery. Heavy machinery, new or old, can offer lasting durability depending on the manufacturer and maintenance it receives over the years.
  2. You will not be able to acquire the wanted brand’s machinery: Most construction site managers worry that they will get stuck with unreliable brands when purchasing used heavy machinery. However, the reality is many reliable and well-known brands offer used heavy machinery at an affordable rate to help one find the best equipment.
  3. Used Machines do not carry a warranty: Used equipment may or may not carry a warranty. It depends on the seller and the manufacturer. You need to ask your seller about the warranty of the used equipment before investing in it. Consider used equipment with adequate certifications and guarantee coverages, for optimal yield.
  4. Used Machines will probably have unfixable Flaws: Used machinery might have certain mechanical and technical issues, but one can choose machines wisely by conducting a thorough before-purchase equipment inspection. Reliable used equipment sellers only sell equipment that is capable of performing as promised. Opt for reliable and authorized used machinery dealers who offer comprehensive product inspection before purchase.
  5. The seller will not help with machine issues: The seller and the manufacturer can help you with the purchased equipment, but this is something you need to discuss with your seller during the purchase process. Your seller will most likely offer you assistance with the used equipment installation and handling. You can always call for assistance with the mechanical and technical issues of the heavy machinery, but ensure that you have discussed the support and assistance terms with your seller during the purchase process. If the machinery still has its warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to help you with the issues that seem hard-to- handle for your experts.

Used machinery can act as a great resource for your growing construction site demands. However, it is imperative to investigate the internal and external health of the machinery to ensure it can endure the complex site tasks and offer the durability that is required. It is understandable that used heavy machinery can have technical and adaptive challenges, but with right expertise and experience, you can easily utilize and maintain heavy machinery that is not brand new.

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