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Date: July 1, 2020

To begin with, every asset on your jobsite has a story to tell. Machine data, lets you tap into that story. We all know how overwhelming machine data can be. To understand the entire narrative, you need more than a box…more than slick software. You need perspective, and the kind that can only be gained by spending decades in the dirt—helping you move more material, more profitably.

These days, equipment management matters more than ever. With fierce competition, rising costs and other pressures, margins are constantly being squeezed. By combining Caterpillar technologies and Al-Bahar services, you can effectively manage your fleets and strengthen their bottom line.

The value of connectivity is delivering big benefits worldwide.

  • Productivity Is On The Rise
  • Costs Are Being Reduced
  • Operator Performance Is Improving
  • Safety Is Improving

Cat Connect can get you the success you want with your machine. As an intelligent combination of hardware, software and services, Cat Connect will help you increase the operational efficiency of your Cat system. You will get more information and insight into your equipment and its operations, using the data from your machines or the entire fleet.

By converting your machine data into usable insights, Cat Connect can influence your operational decisions and strategies. By gathering data generated by your assets and delivering it to you in easy-to-process snapshots, Cat Link technology gives you a clear picture of what’s going on with individual machines, whole fleets or entire jobsites—making it easier for you to manage the operation. You can convincingly remove all the guesswork from your planning leading to maximising efficiency, increasing productivity and lowering operating costs.


  • Product Link™ is the hardware that captures data about asset location, hours, fuel burn, events, idle time and more.
  • VisionLink® is the award-winning software that allows you to view and analyze data so you can make fact-based decisions that build the bottom line.

The decision to get connected puts you in position to hear the story your assets are trying to tell you. But data capture is only the beginning. To understand the full narrative, your data must be aggregated, analyzed and turned into information you can use to make more profit. Caterpillar and Al-Bahar are uniquely qualified to do that work.

Through Cat Connect Services, we can:

  • Support your decision-making processes with timely, accurate, pertinent data about your entire site.
  • More importantly, we will deliver data-driven insights and recommendations that keep you informed about productivity and asset and resource utilization. This information will help you reduce risk, work safely and sustain success

If you’re ready to hear more from your assets—about their health, their utilization, their projected life, their profit-making potential—we have the experience and expertise to help.

Let’s work together to create an even better story for your future, one in which you earn attractive returns today and grow profitability tomorrow. Learn more at – www.albahar.com/product-support/cat-connect/