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Date: August 22, 2022

Your dozer undercarriage is designed to support the weight of your machine and the forces of energy created when ripping or dozing equally across its surface area. Knowing and monitoring your dozer undercarriage is directly related to maintaining your machine availability and the availability is also a part of machine production.

Cat® undercarriage parts are made with high-quality materials and hence, are known for their durability. However, just like the other parts of your machine, you would need to maintain these undercarriage parts the right way to ensure a sustained level of performance. Since the path to proper maintenance begins with a primary understanding of the parts, we are here to spotlight some of the major dozer undercarriage parts.

The Basics

Undercarriage is a very delicate system, and designed to work in harmony with all the components of that system. Having one item fail, or misaligned can start to be seen in other areas of the system. Consistent wear across all undercarriage components helps to avoid premature failure and untimely expenses. Regular inspections and maintenance are the key to success.

Undercarriage life span, what shorten it and what helps?

Undercarriage, so tough and resilient, training your operators and your services team to recognize the undercarriage parts failures and choosing the right undercarriage parts for the application can go a long way in extending life, performance and getting a return on your investment, also will save money and increase equipment availability. Again understanding undercarriage system and regular inspections are the key to success.

Some Important Undercarriage information You Should Know About

Although there can be subtle differences in the design and configuration of parts depending on the manufacturer, here are some of those you’d mostly find in your dozer undercarriage.

Track links

The track links of the dozer are formed by a number of link sections, pin, seals and bushing linked together in different mechanisms with the help of flexible connections. In fact the track link is the most important components of the undercarriage as it represent 50% of the total undercarriage cost replacement. Something so simple you can do, will make a difference to your undercarriage:

  1. Track link adjustment (not too tight not too loose): Track adjustment can have a very large effect on external bushing life, even to the extent of deciding whether a costly turn will or will not be required to use up the link-roller system. Track tension can also affect track seal integrity.
  2. Keep your undercarriage clean: packing and mud and not cleaning your undercarriage out will certainly shorten your undercarriage life but make sure not to put high pressure water direct to the stopper in the link, then the oil will leak.
  3. Avoid unproductive high speed your undercarriage will thank you! Unproductive high speed, reduces life and increases costs.  Example:  Using high speed reverse when there is cycle time available.  If the machine is pushing scrapers and there is sufficient time for the machine to back up in first gear between finishing the first scraper and waiting for the second to arrive but the operator is using 3rd group.

Track shoes

The track shoes designed to provide traction and to support the machine weight on the ground. The wide variety of working conditions makes choosing the right shoe very important. A good rule is: choose the narrowest shoe that provides adequate flotation. Shoes that are too wide will loosen, bend and crack more easily. They require more power to turn, and affect maneuverability. Shoes of the correct width give maximum performance and the lowest possible cost to the entire system.

Ever wonder why track shoes has a hole in it?

It helps to reduce “packing” on undercarriage parts and clear the debris.


Transfers driving loads from the final drive through the bushings, the track bushings are picked up by sprocket teeth and move the track group on which the machine travels. Keep in mind that installing a good set of links on worn out sprocket only increase the wear and reduce the life of the links bushing.

Track Rollers and Carrier Rollers

The track rollers support the weight of the machine and distribute the load along the track. There are two types of rollers double and single flange both types carry the weight of the dozer and maintain ground clearance, while the carrier rollers on top prevent the track from sagging. To extend the life of the roller avoid the non – productive turning.

Idler Wheels

The idler are used to guide the track in and out of the track rollers and provide a way to control track slack and tension.

Recoil Springs and Track Adjusters

Recoil springs are connected to idler wheels with the help of the yoke. These springs, along with the track adjuster, help you to maintain a specific level of tension, and they can be adjusted to the working conditions.

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