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Date: January 5, 2022

When you own a large fleet of earth-moving vehicles, managing the operating and running costs are critical to keeping your budget within manageable levels. Of all the earth moving vehicles, bulldozers or track-type tractors, especially the larger ones, might have the greatest variation when it comes to owning and operating costs.

Buying and Fuel Costs

To save costs, you should invest in a brand that offers affordability, without compromising on the performance. If you are looking to buy a bulldozer in UAE, then SEM is a brand that you can trust. It is a wholly-owned company of Caterpillar and it combines advanced technology and affordability, which makes it a perfect choice for growing businesses. Al-Bahar is the sole authorized dealer for SEM in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. To check out the range of SEM bulldozers available with us, click here.

Once you have managed to get the right machine at the desired price point, you need to consider the fuel costs. Over the past decade, diesel prices here in the UAE have managed to retain their cost of about 7 AED per gallon. But from 2011 to 2014, prices were hovering as high as 12 AED per gallon. So, prices would be volatile in the future as well. Try to keep that fluctuation in mind and ensure that you reduce other costs as much as you can.

Sometimes, depending on the nature of your project, buying a used bulldozer would turn out to be a smarter option. At Al-Bahar, we have a collection of certified used bulldozers for sale in UAE. Not only would they help you to save the costs, but also will deliver a level of performance comparable with new machines.

When it comes to cutting down the owning and operating costs, maintenance is key. The goal should be to increase the uptime rather than focusing on trim costs.

So, let us now take some of the most effective tips to reduce the ownership and operating costs of your track-type tractor.

TIP#1: Look at the Undercarriage

Choosing the right undercarriage and maintaining it the right way, would go a long way in achieving lower operating costs per hour. In an ideal world, all the parts of your undercarriage would wear out at the same time. But we live in an imperfect world, don’t we? In the one we have got, different parts of your undercarriage will wear out at different times. Pins and bushings will go first, followed by the shoes and the rollers and links.

So, what should you do? Replace them right away? Well, it’s not that simple. Every time, you replace parts of your undercarriage it would have an impact on the operating costs and the amount of downtime.

No one solution fits all. For example, some operators might find that it makes more sense to run the pins and bushings to the end. While others might benefit by replacing it with a long-life pin and bushing assembly. The choices you make for one component will play a part in the choice you make for others.

TIP#2: Have a Smart Maintenance Program in Place

Preventive maintenance, especially a well thought one, will be of some benefit. But the costs of such preventive maintenance only come to around 2 to 4 percent on your bulldozer. So, even if you manage to cut costs on preventive maintenance by as much as 20 percent, in real terms, you will be saving only a small amount. So, don’t put much of an effort into saving costs on preventive maintenance.

As said before, your goal should be to increase the uptime rather than trim costs. Focus on condition-based maintenance. Condition-based maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drive a component to its limit and then replace it. Instead, you can use advanced monitoring systems to diagnose any possible issues and get alerted long before they start to take a toll on the machine’s performance. This not only helps you with direct savings but also gives you a bigger window to schedule the downtime and replace the machines.

At Al-Bahar, we offer a comprehensive Customer Value Agreement for our SEM bulldozer in Dubai, UAE as well as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain. Contact our team to know more.

TIP#3: Operators, Productivity, and Fuel

Wages and diesel account for about 75 percent of the operating costs of your track-type tractor, depending on the make, model, and nature of the job. Now, you can’t do much about either of these two factors. So, the only way for you is to maximize productivity.

The relation between fuel consumption and work is simple – the more work you do, the more fuel you would be consuming. So, the trick is to work efficiently.

Operators having advanced training in dozer techniques would be able to increase the amount of work they do without increasing the costs. A smart operator would spend more time moving material than blading air. You would be surprised to know that just by using such techniques, you may be able to produce 10 to 20 percent more work.

Productivity also depends on comfort. So, try to get a bulldozer that has got a comfortable cab. The SEM 816 LGP and SEM 822 are two of the Chinese bulldozers available, at Al-Bahar. Both of them come with a comfortable cab that has easy and ergonomic joystick controls. They also come with features like powered turn, cruise control, and counter-rotation that make every job easier.

Last but not the least, safety is also a critical factor in sustaining productivity. Even a minor accident can not only damage your worksite but can also put your machine out of operation for a day. Having a history of such incidents would also push up the insurance costs. So, maintain high levels of safety.

Quick Tips for Further Savings

  • Choose the right dozer for the job.
  • Maintain optimum track tension
  • Select the correct track and shoe to match your ground pressure.
  • Try to run the narrowest shoe width depending on the conditions
  • Avoid operating at high speeds
  • Reduce the packing material in the undercarriage
  • Avoid traveling in reverse
  • Avoid excess moisture

To choose the best bulldozer in UAE based on your requirements, contact Al-Bahar today and speak with our experts.