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Date: September 15, 2017

Three Common Construction Site Problems and How to Deal with them

Uptime is critical for every kind of construction project. Irrespective of the machinery used, ensuring no or reduced downtime is essential. Unexpected downtime can be avoided by better understanding and acknowledging the key issues. Understanding minor issues and addressing, will avoid bigger complexities, such as work delays and postponed contracts and will ensure productivity and efficiency of the operations. This post looks at the causes and prevention of common construction site problems to help you devise a plan that is geared towards eliminating hindrances that might jeopardize crucial contractual work.

Tips to ensure problems are addressed early:

  1. Adhering to Manufacturer’s guidelines
    Safe and Productive Operation is a key to avoid major issues. Our OMM Guides help in both these important aspects of the operation. Operator training plays a key role in helping them garner the expertise and skills required to operate heavy machinery optimally, for specific construction tasks.
  2. Fast and Correct Diagnosis/Analysis:
    Understanding the systems is the main key to troubleshoot the problems. Internet can educate but cannot replace experts who are trained to diagnose machine performance related issues. At times, the issue is diagnosed and handled incorrectly leading to lose of precious uptime.. Each category of issue may demand specific and unique attention. Thus a thorough understanding of the issue is needed, which can only be garnered through proper training.
  3. Optimizing the Machine Load:
    Increased Machine Load may be effective and productive on a short time, but in the long run, it will become ineffective and unproductive over a period. Site owners, managers, and operators should not neglect optimal utilization of the equipment to avoid burdening which can cause unscheduled downtime. Regular inspection can help one recognize the issues and analyze the endurance level that the equipment has for a specific task, enabling one to use it optimally.

Ways to handle and prevent such issues…

Heavy machinery should have a high endurance level that allows it to adapt to different construction site tasks without breaking down. Smart construction site owners invest in equipment that are durable. Cat® Equipment are designed to endure the harsh environment and tough conditions of a construction site, offering a reliable option for construction managers looking to invest in durable heavy machinery.

The best way to handle a site issue is to make sure that one understands the cause. Experts suggest a regular heavy machinery examination and inspection. Regular mechanical and technical checks can help one dig the deep-rooted causes of common heavy machinery problems that can easily contribute towards the bigger issues. Yearly or bi-annual inspections can easily highlight the causes that hinder work at the jobsite. Talk to a professional and certified heavy machinery examiner if it is found that the machinery could be causing delays. Moreover, add regular inspections to the company’s to-do list.

In addition to durable equipment and regular maintenance checks, solutions like Cat Connect can offer the job-site efficiency one is looking for. Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions) which is a part of Cat Connect services can help you increase uptime and reduce operating costs. Working with Al-Bahar, one can monitor location, fuel burn and utilization, as well as health and maintenance issues like hours, fluid contamination and more. Using data from the machinery and easy-to-use analysis tools from Al-Bahar, one can make well informed and timely equipment management decisions that can help control costs, improve operations, manage people, and reduce risk.

To conclude, it is crucial for a productive workflow to understand issues that can easily become a hindrance in everyday work. Adequate training and efficient maintenance check-ups can go a long way in helping you monitor production and manage jobsite efficiency.