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Date: December 12, 2016

When considering including new equipment in your fleet, the dilemma whether to rent or buy sets in. It is common. Equipment purchase, regardless of its nature, requires proper planning. It is always good to gauge the current budget scenario along with inventory analysis to make sure that whether the equipment to be bought is actually necessary or not. Whether you are looking to expand your business with new equipment in your fleet or trying to rent heavy machinery for your current contracts, here are a couple of things that can help you invest in equipment wisely.

There are myriad companies in this part of the world that offer equipment for purchase and rent; however, this decision depends on many factors.
The first and the most important decision that you would have to make is – how to approach your equipment purchase decision. Should you buy or rent?

Consider the duration you need the machine for

First and most importantly, reflect whether you need equipment for a limited period or for a longer time. Buying a machine is recommended when you see the machine utility beyond 5 years. If it is for shorter term of use, renting is a better option, as you can avoid equipment idling.

Calculate cost/hour for the machine

Secondly, define your equipment requirements according to your job and budgets – calculate cost/hour,which can help analyze the requirement. Consider the job the desired equipment has to achieve. Define hours and designate the cost against it, and derive the balance. This can help you discern whether to buy or rent.

Understand how equipped you are to use the machine

While deciding to own or rent a machine, it is always good to consider your skill and dexterity to utilize
heavy machinery. If you do not specialize in heavy equipment management, it is essential to hire an experienced operator to ensure work safety. Working with heavy machinery is a challenging task posing substantial workplace safety hazard if not utilized carefully. Only let a specialized, trained machine operator handle the equipment activities and make sure that your workplace has all the essential warnings to eliminate any accidents. This aspect can affect your decision, mainly because renting at times, gives you option to opt for a trained operator for your machines, while if you buy a machine, it’s advisable to invest in training your staff.

Once you have decided to rent or buy, always try to talk to more than one professional in the field to get a broader perspective regarding the equipment rental and/or purchase. The crucial points that you may want to discuss with your equipment sales agent include:

a. Costs associated with equipment rental for a specified period. Make sure that you understand the cost of hire and ownership to determine what will suit your budget. Ask about the costs of renting the equipment per day, per week, and per month. If you require the equipment for more than a month, make sure that you check its availability.

b. Inquire the current condition of the construction equipment, before you decide to purchase or rent it.

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