With an unrivaled service team in the machinery trading industry Al-Bahar constantly services and control-checks machines and equipment so your operation never falls behind. If you need machinery and equipment efficiency then Al-Bahar is the best solution provider.

Unrivaled range of services taking into consideration that Cat ® machines are built for multiple lives.

Equipment Services

By properly maintaining lower-level parts, you can help prevent more severe and expensive damage to higher-level engine parts and components, which directly impact your productivity and operating costs. Acting early on repair indicators found through historical data, inspections, condition monitoring alerts, S·O·S fluid analysis results, and more is key to keeping you up and running.

Cat Machinery & Engine Services

  • Saves both time and money by keeping your machine productive at its best
  • Gets the job done quickly and efficiently by an expert team of professionals
  • Protects and extends the life of major components by replacing inexpensive wear parts
  • Restores fuel efficiency to its optimal level, reducing your fuel costs
  • Allows you to schedule downtime, and plan for maintenance and repair costs
  • Prevents oil leaks by replacing engine gaskets and seals
  • Reduces oil consumption by replacing exhaust valve stem seals and piston rings
  • Increases jobsite productivity by completing repairs before they result in a catastrophic

Having earned a reputation as the most trusted Solution provider in the Middle East, Al-Bahar
understands you rely on us to deal with issues and emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide reliable and dependable support. Quality workmanship and five star rated facilities enable us to maintain and repair your equipment offering the best service solutions. With over 27,000-m 2 Floor space, 290 Service Bays, 600 Certified Service Technicians, and extensive field service coverage, across UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, Al-Bahar provides you with:


Having your machinery and equipment regularly serviced and maintained by Al-Bahar also lowers overall cost by keeping productivity high and lowering operational cost.

Machinery Services

Our team of highly trained and uniquely skilled technicians combines extensive knowledge with state-of- the-art equipment and technology that can prolong the life of your machines and improve your business’s productivity.

Engine Services

With years of expertise built on customer solution and satisfaction, we provide timely and dependable service for power generation systems, distribution panels, or transfer switches, ensuring you’re prepared for any power interruptions before they occur.

However, you do not have to wait for emergencies or failures to occur. By scheduling a service call today, you can keep your equipment performance at its peak and prevent operational delay and losses.


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