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Multi-Processor with Crusher Jaws

Multi-processors do the work of many types of demolition tools by use of interchangeable jaw sets. Changing jaws allows a single unit to crush, pulverize and perform a variety of specialized cutting tasks, such as cutting steel rebar and tanks.


  • Specification Summary

  • Length2770 mm
  • Jaw Depth920 mm
  • Jaw Opening, max.1050 mm
  • Cutter Length260 mm
  • Weight (housing, jaw & bracket)3860 kg
  • Product Brochure


Product Details

Length 2770 mm
Jaw Depth 920 mm
Jaw Opening, max. 1050 mm
Cutter Length 260 mm
Weight (housing, jaw & bracket) 3860 kg
Weight (jaw only) 1270 kg
Cycle time 6.5 Seconds
Crushing Force, tooth tip 1230 kN
Crushing Force, cutter tip 1740 kN
Crushing Force, primary cutter 3680 kN

360° Exterior View

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