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The entire Cat® hammer line is built to provide productive and cost-effective demolition, tunneling and excavation power.


  • Specification Summary

  • Width1356 mm
  • Capacity840-1650 m3
  • Inner Width130 mm
  • Weight70 kg
  • Max. Operating Weight 500 kg

Product Details

Impact Energy Class 1356 J
Blows per Minute 840-1650
Rated Flow (Min.) 70 L/min
Rated Flow (Max.) 130 L/min
Max. Operating Weight 500 kg
Min. Operating Weight 480 kg
Max. Operating Pressure 17000 kPa
Min. Operating Pressure 10000 kPa
Min. Carrier Weight 5987 kg
Max. Carrier Weight 10024 kg
Tool Diameter 74.5 mm

360° Exterior View

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