We have a ready-solution for your entire, unique warehousing material handling needs.

  • Modular built with shared components to keep the number of parts low
  • Long service intervals and maintenance requirement that lower cycle cost

With a vision to provide integrated material handling solutions to its customers Al-Bahar has been distributing Unicarriers equipment (previously known as ATLET) for over 25 years giving raise to solutions that meet high expectations with respect to technology, quality, ergonomics design and production standards.

You can get a customized solution that befits your requirement from our virtually endless selection of models and configurations – this is the quality and built in reliability that defines Unicarriers.

Reach Trucks



  • ULS 120, ULS 140 (Compact reach truck)
  • UND 140 (Medium-intensive application truck)
  • UMS 160, UMS 200 (Internal transport & stacking truck)
  • UHD 160, UHD 200, UHD 250 (Heavy duty reach truck)
  • UHX 200 (High-rack warehousing truck)
  • UFW 200, UFW 250 (Multi-directional Reach truck)
  • URS 125, URS 150 (Very-Narrow-Aisle (VNA) reach truck)

Low Lifting Trucks



  • PLL 180, PLL 200 (Ultra-compact truck)
  • PLE (Flexible multitasking truck )
  • PLP 200, PLP 250 (Heavy duty truck)
  • PMR 200 (Efficient truck for demanding applications)
  • ERGO ALL 200, ERGO ALL 300 (Stand-in truck)
  • ERGO XLL 200, ERGO XLL 300 (Sit-on truck)
  • MDE200 (Pedestrian pallet truck with straddle)
  • MDW160, MDW180, MDW200 (Pedestrian Pallet truck)

Stacker Trucks



  • ERGO A (Stand-in stacker)
  • ERGO X (Sit-on stacker)
  • PS, PSH, PSL (Compact pedestrian stacker)
  • PSP (Pedestrian stacker)
  • PDP (Double stacker with platform)
  • PSD (Compact pedestrian stacker for double-pallet handling)
  • ERGO XML (Sit-on double stacker)
  • ERGO ATF, ERGO /XTF (Stand-in and sit-on stackers with telescopic forks)

Order Picking Trucks



  • PPL 200, PPL 250 (Low level order pickers)
  • PPF (Low level order pickers)
  • PPD 200, PPD 250 (Low level order pickers)
  • PPC (Low level order pickers)
  • PPS (Low level order pickers)
  • EPL(Medium level order picker)
  • EPM100 (medium level order picker)
  • EPH125 (high level order picker)

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