Combilift Warehouse Equipment

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Get productive multidirectional Combilift forklifts to boost the effectiveness of your material handling processes. Maximize your return on investment, with top-notch assistance from Al-Bahar.

Combilift C Series

The Original Multidirectional Forklift

Designed to increase productivity by combining the functions of a side loader, counterbalance, and tight aisle forklift into one. With this ground-breaking design, you may do more tasks in less time and avoid expensive double handling of materials.

The Combi C-series can go in any direction and swiftly reverse the direction of its wheels. This forklift’s 4-way mobility offers it the flexibility to move large loads with assurance and the utmost safety through small openings and around obstacles.

  • Capacity – 2,500 kg – 25,000 kg
  • Lift Height – 4040 mm – 12 m
  • Engine Types – Diesel, LPG & Electric
  • Machinery Type – Multi Directional

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Aisle Master

The Versatile Articulated Forklift

Combilift, a recognized global pioneer in the development and production of innovative handling solutions for long loads, pallets, and containers, is the manufacturer of the Aisle Master line. The business developed the articulated VNA Aisle Masters using its knowledge and experience to offer maximum storage capacity and lower operational expenses.

  • Visibility – Excellent Visibility & Ergonomics
  • Narrow Aisle – 1.6M Narrow Aisle Ability
  • Increased Storage – Up to 50% Increased Storage
  • Engine Types – LPG, Diesel & Electric

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Combi-MG range

The adaptable movable framework for managing awkward and oversized loads

For handling and moving exceptionally heavy weights typical of industries like shipping, aerospace, wind turbines, big-scale civil industry, precast concrete, and large-scale structural steel industries, the Combi-MG Mobile Gantry is the ideal answer.

  • Capacity – 20,000 kg – +125,000 kg
  • Key Feature – Remote Controlled
  • Flexible – Available in Multidirectional
  • Engine – Available in Diesel or Electric Power

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Straddle Carrier (up to 200 tons)

The Economical Method for Moving Oversized and Containerized Loads

Even the most challenging load handling scenarios can be solved safely and effectively with Combilift’s selection of straddle carriers and movable gantries. No load is too big or heavy for these workhorses, which are used in distribution, transportation, aerospace, steel fabrication, wind turbines, and precast concrete.

  • Highly Customisable
  • Automatic attachment to handle products
  • Front and rear independent sideshift
  • Remote control option available

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