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Coal Bowl Scrapers

Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers have the power, traction, and speed for reliable output in a variety of applications. Scraper options include single- and tandem-engine open bowls, tandem engine push-pulls, elevators, and auger arrangements.

637K Wheel Tractor – Coal Bowl Scraper

  • Specification Summary

  • Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper425 kW (570 hp)/216 kW (290 hp)
  • Scraper Capacity: Heaped38 m3
  • Top Speed (Loaded)55.8 km/h
  • Wheelbase1400 m
  • Length - overall3.94 m
  • Product Brochure


Product Details


Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper 425 kW (570 hp)/216 kW (290 hp)

Operating Specifications

Scraper Capacity: Heaped 38 m3
Top Speed (Loaded) 55.8 km/h


Wheelbase 1400 m
Length - overall 3.94 m
Width - overall 4.15 m
Tread - Scraper 31 m
Tread - Tractor 38 m

Main Features and Benefits

Tractor Serviceability Improvement

The fuel, water and engine oil are relocated at ground level on the right hand side of the machine for easy access.


Have been changed from an air actuated drum shoe brake to a hydraulic actuated tractor wet disc brake and a scraper dry caliper.

Tire Spin Reduction

This feature will allow the machine to control the slip of the tractor tires only.

Engine Over Speed Protection

In the event of an engine over speed situation, the compression brake or brakes will automatically engage with no operator input. The machine determines the over speed condition based on rate of acceleration and applies compression brakes automatically.

Advanced Cushion Hitch

With similar technology as the Cat® Advanced Ride Management seat suspension, this software allows the cushion hitch to prevent end stroke by having the ability to predict end stroke events and manage the rate of dampening. Resulting in reduced hitch maintenance and improved operator ride in rough conditions.

High Pressure Steering

K Series steering system design requires significantly less steering effort. The reduced steering effort will allow for decreased operator fatigue and a more efficient operator resulting in possible higher rates of production late in the work cycle.

Differential Lock Engagement Protection

This standard feature allows the machine to prevent the operator from engaging the differential lock when damage could occur.

Cab Improved

The K Series cab interior improves operator comfort and visibility. The overall interior is 21% larger than the G Series cab.

Machine Speed Limit

This feature is designed to take the place of top gear selection. If the machine top speed needs to be limited the operator can select the top speed through the display or the top speed can be set in ET. This will allow the machine to find the correct gear that works best for the engine and transmission. Allowing the engine and transmission to select the correct gear to pull the load in most cases resulting in a lower engine load factor and lower fuel burn verses using top gear selection that required the machine to run at engine speeds at or close to high idle.

Ground Speed Control

Ground Speed Control sets the desired top speed by the operator if job site conditions or segment speed limits require a speed less than full run out. Machine Speed Limit is intended for use when top speed needs to be limited for longer durations and Ground Speed Control is intended for use when the top speed needs to be reduced for shorter segments or intermediate periods of time. The operator can set the desired top speed and the machine will find the correct gear that works best for the engine and transmission.

Fuel Economy Mode

This is a two part feature when selected. The first part of the feature lowers the transmission shift points allowing shifting to take place at lower rpms to aid in fuel savings. The second part of the Fuel Economy Mode allows the machine when operated at engine rpms less than full throttle to automatically vary the power distribution between the tractor and the scraper.

Sequence Assist (Optional Attachment)

This option uses cylinder position sensors to automate bowl, apron and further implement controls throughout the four core work cycles: Dig, Haul, Unload and Return. When utilized this can reduce up to 14 individual operator commands per cycle. Sequence Assist simplifies control over the implements, reduces joystick usage, automatically controls cushion hitch, transmission hold and ejector.

Payload Estimator (Optional Attachment)

The Payload Estimator will calculate the payload of the machine in tonnes or tons by measuring the bowl lift cylinder pressures at the beginning of the loaded haul segment. This feature works best when using Sequence Assist. Using Payload Estimator during testing has achieved better than 95% accuracy when compared to actual scale weights. The Payload Estimator feature comes automatically when a machine is ordered with Sequence Assist.

Load Assist (Optional Attachment)

Is designed to help shorten the learning curve of inexperienced operators to ensure consistency and faster loading of material while reducing effort of the operator. Based on the speed of the machine, Load Assist automatically adjusts the cutting edge height to manage wheel slip and to ensure consistent and efficient loading in bulk earthmoving applications.

Cat Grade Control (Optional Attachment)

Intelligently ensures the machine does not cut below grade in the cut area or over fill in the fill area – avoiding rework and moving unnecessary material.
    •  Cat C18 ACERT engine with MEUI™
    •  Compression engine brake
    •  Electric start, 24V
    •  Air cleaner, dry type with precleaner
    •  Fan, hydraulic
    •  Ground level engine shutdown
    •  Radiator, aluminum unit core, 9 fins per inch
    •  Guard, crankcase
    •  Starting aid, ether
    •  Braking system:<ul><li>Primary and secondary, wet disc, hydraulic actuated</li><li>Parking, hydraulic-released, spring-applied</li></ul>
    •  Throttle lock
    •  Transmission:<ul><li>8-speed planetary power shift</li><li>ECPC control</li><li>APECS software</li><li>Programmable top gear selection</li><li>Transmission hold</li><li>Differential lo
  • Cat C18 ACERT engine with MEUI™
    • Compression engine brake
      • Electric start, 24V
        • Air cleaner, dry type with precleaner
          • Fan, hydraulic
            • Ground level engine shutdown
              • Radiator, aluminum unit core, 9 fins per inch
                • Guard, crankcase
                  • Starting aid, ether
                    • Braking system:
                      • Primary and secondary, wet disc, hydraulic actuated
                      • Parking, hydraulic-released, spring-applied
                      • Throttle lock
                        • Transmission:
                          • 8-speed planetary power shift
                          • ECPC control
                          • APECS software
                          • Programmable top gear selection
                          • Transmission hold
                          • Differential lo
                            • POWER TRAIN – SCRAPER
                              •  Cat C9.3 ACERT engine<ul><li>High pressure common rail fuel</li><li>Constant lift engine brake</li></ul>
                              •  Electric start, 24V
                              •  Air cleaner, dry type with precleaner
                              •  Fan, mechanical driven
                              •  Ground level engine shutdown
                              •  Radiator, aluminum unit core, 9 fins per inch
                              •  Starting aid, either
                              •  Braking system:<ul><li>Primary and secondary, dry caliper, hydraulic actuated</li></ul>
                              •  Transmission:<ul><li>4-speed (torque converter drive)</li><li>Planetary power shift</li></ul>
                            • ELECTRICAL – TRACTOR
                              •  Alternator, 150 Amp
                              •  Batteries (4), 12V, 1,000 CCA, maintenance free, high output
                              •  Electrical system, 24V
                              •  Lighting system:<ul><li>Headlights, LED</li><li>Turn signals with hazard function, LED floodlights, (2) cutting edge (1) bowl, halogen side vision (2)</li></ul>
                              •  Starting/charging receptacle
                            • Alternator, 150 Amp
                              • Batteries (4), 12V, 1,000 CCA, maintenance free, high output
                                • Electrical system, 24V
                                  • Lighting system:
                                    • Headlights, LED
                                    • Turn signals with hazard function, LED floodlights, (2) cutting edge (1) bowl, halogen side vision (2)
                                    • Starting/charging receptacle
                                      • ELECTRICAL – SCRAPER
                                        •  Alarm, backup
                                        •  Batteries (4) 12V, 1,000 CAA, maintenance free, high output
                                        •  Alternator, 65 Amp
                                        •  Electrical system, 24V
                                        •  Lighting system:<ul><li>Brake lights, LED</li><li>Turn signals with hazard function, LED</li></ul>
                                      • OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT – TRACTOR
                                        •  HVAC system, heat, AC, defrost
                                        •  Thermostat control of HVAC system
                                        •  Coat hook
                                        •  Lunchbox platform with holding strap
                                        •  Diagnostic connection (2)
                                        •  12V power ports (2)
                                        •  Differential lock (1)
                                        •  Dome courtesy light
                                        •  Horn, electric
                                        •  T-Handle implement control
                                        •  Mirror, rearview
                                        •  Radio ready
                                        •  ROPS/FOPS cab, pressurized
                                        •  Keypad switches:<ul><li>Throttle lock</li><li>Wipers/washers</li><li>Hazard lights</li><li>Retarding level select</li><li>Work lights on, off</li><li>Information mode on Messenger Disp
                                        •  Safety tab rocker switches
                                        •  Seat belt, static two-piece
                                        •  Seat, Cat Advanced Ride Management (ARM), Cat Comfort Series 3, rotates 30 degrees
                                        •  Steering wheel, tilt, telescoping, padded
                                        •  Windows, right side emergency egress
                                        •  Windows, sliding
                                        •  Windows, laminated, zipped in
                                        •  Windshield wipers, front and rear windows, includes washers
                                        •  Door lock
                                        •  Messenger Display
                                        •  Gauges, warnings include:<ul><li>Coolant temperature</li><li>Engine oil temperature</li><li>Hydraulic oil temperature</li><li>Fuel level</li><li>Park brake</li><li>Implement lockout<
                                      • HVAC system, heat, AC, defrost
                                        • Thermostat control of HVAC system
                                          • Coat hook
                                            • Lunchbox platform with holding strap
                                              • Diagnostic connection (2)
                                                • 12V power ports (2)
                                                  • Differential lock (1)
                                                    • Dome courtesy light
                                                      • Horn, electric
                                                        • T-Handle implement control
                                                          • Mirror, rearview
                                                            • Radio ready
                                                              • ROPS/FOPS cab, pressurized
                                                                • Keypad switches:
                                                                  • Throttle lock
                                                                  • Wipers/washers
                                                                  • Hazard lights
                                                                  • Retarding level select
                                                                  • Work lights on, off
                                                                  • Information mode on Messenger Disp
                                                                    • Safety tab rocker switches
                                                                      • Seat belt, static two-piece
                                                                        • Seat, Cat Advanced Ride Management (ARM), Cat Comfort Series 3, rotates 30 degrees
                                                                          • Steering wheel, tilt, telescoping, padded
                                                                            • Windows, right side emergency egress
                                                                              • Windows, sliding
                                                                                • Windows, laminated, zipped in
                                                                                  • Windshield wipers, front and rear windows, includes washers
                                                                                    • Door lock
                                                                                      • Messenger Display
                                                                                        • Gauges, warnings include:
                                                                                          • Coolant temperature
                                                                                          • Engine oil temperature
                                                                                          • Hydraulic oil temperature
                                                                                          • Fuel level
                                                                                          • Park brake
                                                                                          • Implement lockoutt
                                                                                            • FLUIDS
                                                                                              •  Extended Life Coolant to –37° C (–34° F)
                                                                                            • Extended Life Coolant to –37° C (–34° F)
                                                                                              • OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENT – TRACTOR
                                                                                                •  Advanced cushion hitch
                                                                                                •  Accumulators (cushion hitch) with Canadian Registration Number (CRN)
                                                                                                •  Fast oil change
                                                                                                •  Fenders, non-metallic
                                                                                                •  Heater, engine coolant 120V
                                                                                                •  Rims (2)
                                                                                                •  Tow hooks, front
                                                                                                •  Vandalism locks
                                                                                                •  Heater, engine coolant 120V
                                                                                                •  Steering locks
                                                                                              • OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENT – SCRAPER
                                                                                                •  Coal Bowl<ul><li>31 m3 (41 yd3), struck</li><li>38 m3 (50 yd3), heaped</li></ul>
                                                                                                •  Vandalism locks
                                                                                                •  Scraper fenders
                                                                                                •  Fast oil change
                                                                                                •  Rims (2)
                                                                                                •  Hydraulic position sensing cylinders (bowl lift and apron)
                                                                                              • Coal Bowl
                                                                                                • 31 m3 (41 yd3), struck
                                                                                                • 38 m3 (50 yd3), heaped
                                                                                                • Vandalism locks
                                                                                                  • Scraper fenders
                                                                                                    • Fast oil change
                                                                                                      • Rims (2)
                                                                                                        • Hydraulic position sensing cylinders (bowl lift and apron)
                                                                                                    • STEERING ARRANGEMENTS
                                                                                                      •  Secondary Steering Arrangement
                                                                                                    • INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                                      •  Sequence Assist Arrangement
                                                                                                      •  Advanced Tire Spin Reduction
                                                                                                    • Sequence Assist Arrangement
                                                                                                      • Advanced Tire Spin Reduction
                                                                                                        • OTHER ATTACHMENTS
                                                                                                          •  Camera arrangement – WAVS
                                                                                                          •  Cab beacon
                                                                                                          •  Air horn
                                                                                                          •  Air horn and beacon
                                                                                                          •  Wiring group
                                                                                                        • SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                                                          •  Film arrangement – International (ISO)

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