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Large Wheel Loaders(Non Current)

Cat® wheel loaders come in many different configurations to meet your requirements in all regions of the world.

Wheel Loaders for Any Job

Whether you need a wheel loader for use in landscaping, agricultural, construction, waste management, forestry, or mining applications. Caterpillar wheel loaders make your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and profitable.

Cat wheel loaders set the standard for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency, versatility and operator comfort. These environmentally friendly front end loader machines apply proven technologies systematically and strategically to meet our customer’s high expectations. Deep system integration results in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy without interrupting machine performance. Make your Cat wheel loader even more versatile by pairing it with Caterpillar’s broad range of work tools.

Select from a wide variety of front loaders in every size class: Compact Wheel Loaders, Small Wheel Loaders, Medium Wheel Loaders and Large Wheel Loaders. No matter what your material or handling job is, your Cat dealer can help you choose the wheel loader that best matches your needs.

990H Wheel Loaders Steel Mill Arrangement

In the harsh environment of a steel mill application, you need a wheel loader designed for the job. That is why all Cat® Wheel Loaders are purpose-built with standard and optional guarding on major components and systems. Read on to learn more about how these steel mill wheel loaders deliver sustainable productivity, fuel efficiency, serviceability, ergonomics and operator comfort.

  • Specification Summary

  • Net Power468.0 kW
  • Engine ModelCat® C27 ACERT™
  • Gross Power512.0 kW
  • Net Power - ISO 9249468.0 kW
  • Gross Power - ISO 3046-2468.0 kW
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Product Details


Net Power 468.0 kW
Engine Model Cat® C27 ACERT™
Gross Power 512.0 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 468.0 kW
Gross Power - ISO 3046-2 468.0 kW
Bore 137.0 mm
Stroke 152.0 mm
Displacement 27.1 L
Flywheel Power 468.0 kW
Net Power - EEC 80/1269 468.0 kW

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 78127.0 kg
Attachment Type 12 yd3 Rock Bucket
Breakout Force (SMASH) - SAE Rated 73663.0 kg
Breakout Force - SAE Rated 61430.0 kg
Hinge Pin Height, Unloaded 5866.0 mm
Operating Weight (SMASH) 89963.0 kg
Overall Length 12905.0 mm
Tipping Load (SMASH) - Articulated 43° 55949.0 kg
Tipping Load (SMASH) - Straight 67485.0 kg
Tipping Load - Articulated 43° 41105.0 kg
Tipping Load - Straight 45923.0 kg
Turning Radius at SAE Carry 10342.0 mm


Bucket Capacities 8.4-9.2 m3 (11-12 yd3)


Converter Drive - Forward 1 7.0 km/h
Converter Drive - Forward 2 12.1 km/h
Converter Drive - Forward 3 20.8 km/h
Converter Drive - Reverse 1 7.7 km/h
Converter Drive - Reverse 2 13.4 km/h
Converter Drive - Reverse 3 22.8 km/h
Direct Drive - Forward 1 Lock-up disabled
Direct Drive - Forward 2 12.8 km/h
Direct Drive - Forward 3 22.4 km/h
Direct Drive - Reverse 1 7.9 km/h
Direct Drive - Reverse 2 14.1 km/h
Direct Drive - Reverse 3 24.8 km/h


Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 572.0 mm
Front Fixed
Rear Oscillating
Oscillation Angle ±11°


Steering Meets SAE and ISO standards
Total Steering Angle 70.0 Degrees

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 1074.0 L
Cooling System 190.0 L
Crankcase 95.0 L
Transmission 110.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Front 271.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear 261.0 L
Hydraulic System (tank only) 174.0 L
Hydraulic System - Lift/Tilt and Brakes 435.0 L
Hydraulic System - Steering and Engine Cooling Fan 194.0 L
Hydraulic System (including tank) 435.0 L


Cab - ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and ISO standards
Sound Performance Meets ANSI, SAE and ISO standards

Loader Hydraulic System - SMASH

Cylinders, Double Acting: Lift, Bore and Stroke 254 mm × 1264 mm (10 in × 49.75 in)
Cylinders, Double Acting: Tilt, Bore and Stroke 317.5 mm × 819 mm (12.5 in × 32.2 in)
Main Hydraulic System Output at 2,128 rpm and 6900 kPa (1,000 psi) 650.0 L/min
Pilot System, Gear-Type Pump Output at 2,000 rpm and 6900 kPa (1,000 psi) 46.0 L/min
Relief Valve Setting 31000.0 kPa
Relief Valve Setting (low idle) 2400.0 kPa


Operating Weight 78127.0 kg

Weights - SMASH

Operating Weight 89963.0 kg


Brakes Meet SAE/ISO 3450:1996


Maximizing uptime, long life - it’s what you expect from your Cat Wheel Loader.


Combining the use of robotic welding and castings in critical high stress areas, more than 80 percent of Cat® Large Wheel Loader structures are robotically welded to provide highly consistent welds and increased strength. Castings are also used in several areas to increase strength by helping spread the loads and reduce the number of parts.

Front Frame and Rear Frame

Highly engineered and a field proven combination, Cat® Large Wheel Loaders use high strength plates and castings which distribute loads and increase structural robustness. A key differentiator from other manufacturers’ machines is the box section rear frame and box section loader tower. The box section absorbs tensional forces generated in a loading cycle, maintaining alignment for hitch pins and driveline. The box shaped loader tower resists shock and torsional loads, maintaining hitch and loader linkage pin alignment, maximizing pin life.

Axle-Shaft, Oil Disc Brakes

These brakes are adjustment free, fully hydraulic and completely sealed. Disc face grooves provide cooling even when brakes are applied for a longer component life.
  • Location of brakes allow for improved serviceability. The axle shaft brake design allows for brake service while leaving the final drive intact.
  • Axle-shaft brakes require less force by operating on the low torque side of the axle. Combined with improved axle oil circulation for increased cooling, the oil-enclosed, multiple disc brake design improves durability.

Steel Mill Specific Features

Safeguarding the operator and critical machine components.

Operator Station

Steel roof and cab skirts provide additional protection from heat and debris.

Transmission Override

A transmission override control in the cab allows the operator a secondary transmission control in the event of damage to transmission Electronic Control Module (ECM). The operator can select 1F or 1R to move the machine to a safe area for repairs to be made.

Machine Guarding

Front frame bottom guard and steering cylinder guards protect sensitive machine components from the effects of hot materials. Solid metal steps, profiled bumper guards and solid metal handrails are designed to survive tight working spaces.

Hydraulic and Electrical System

All exposed wiring harnesses and hydraulic hoses are insulated with protective sleeving to protect from extreme heat. Guarding on fuel and hydraulic tanks provides protection from puncture and excessive heat.

Optional EcoSafe Hydraulic Fluid

Fire resistant EcoSafe hydraulic fluid is available from the factory and is fully compatible with Caterpillar hydraulic system components.

Extreme Temperature Axle Seals

Caterpillar extreme temperature axle seals provide excellent sealing characteristics and life in the extreme heat of the still mill application.

Parking Brake Override

The parking brake override control, located at the rear of the bumper, allows the parking brake to be disabled with the engine not running.


Designed with the right features to meet the daily demands of your job site.

The 990H features are specifically designed to increase productivity on your job site.


The Cat® C27 engine with ACERT™ Technology is U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III compliant. It features increased horsepower and efficient fuel management for quick response, high productivity and exceptional service life. A sculptured cylinder block provides greater strength and is lighter weight.

Steel Mill Arrangement Skull Handler (SMASH)

The 990H SMASH arrangement provides unique lift and tilt cylinders and added counterweight to produce the lift and breakout forces necessary to handle heavy skulls.

Operator Comfort

Best-in-class working environment

Best-in-Class Working Environment

A comfortable operator is a productive operator, which is why Caterpillar has designed the 990H with a best-in-class working environment for this size wheel loader class.
  • World class cabs incorporate features for operator comfort and ergonomics, visibility and ease of operation.
  • Ergonomic controls are fully adjustable and designed for low-effort comfort. Switches and controls for various systems are located within easy reach of the operator.
  • Interior noise levels are reduced to a quiet 72 dB(A).
  • Caterpillar Monitoring System (EMS-III) provides information on machine’s major components. This includes gauge displays for the fuel tank level; temperature gauges for the engine coolant, torque converter and hydraulic oil; tachometer analog gauge with digital readout for gear selection and ground speed and a monitoring system.
  • New options to include heated seat for cold weather operations and radio offerings of Bluetooth, MPS and satellite options are now available.


Easy to Maintain. Easy to Service.

Component Access

Swing out doors on both sides of the engine compartment provide easy access to the engine oil dipstick and filler spout, S?O?SSM ports, fuel filters air conditioner compressor, engine oil filters, alternators, starting receptacle, air filter service indicator, cooler fill and ether starting aid. There are also ground level viewable sight gauges on all major systems and centralized remote pressure taps.

Shutdown and Lockout Features

An electrical disconnect switch and hydraulic lockout switch allow service technicians to perform maintenance while the machine stays static. Other shutdown or lockout devices include ground level engine shutdown and ground level steering hitch lock lever.


Built to Protect You

Entry and Exit

Getting on and off the machine is one of the leading causes of injury on a job site. Cat® Wheel Loaders have a number of features to ensure your operator gets safely on and off the machine. Features include primary and secondary stairwell exits, punch stamped tread plates, ground level nighttime stairwell light switch, full perimeter railings on upper platforms, side platform emergency egress and toe kicks and optional roading fenders.

Rearview Camera

With the new optional rearview camera, visibility is greatly enhanced. The camera is located in a pocket on the grill to protect it from damage and the elements. The camera can be set to activate only when the transmission is in reverse to help eliminate distractions in the cab, especially when in dark environments.


Cat® Wheel Loaders offer a number of standard and optional features to enhance job site visibility. Standard and optional features include long life LED lights, articulated wiper/washer system with intermittent features, optional rear vision camera, optional high intensity discharge lights, optional warning beacon and optional turn signals.

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