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Medium Wheel Loaders(Non Current)

Cat® wheel loaders come in many different configurations to meet your requirements in all regions of the world.

Wheel Loaders for Any Job

Whether you need a wheel loader for use in landscaping, agricultural, construction, waste management, forestry, or mining applications. Caterpillar wheel loaders make your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and profitable.

Cat wheel loaders set the standard for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency, versatility and operator comfort. These environmentally friendly front end loader machines apply proven technologies systematically and strategically to meet our customer’s high expectations. Deep system integration results in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy without interrupting machine performance. Make your Cat wheel loader even more versatile by pairing it with Caterpillar’s broad range of work tools.

Select from a wide variety of front loaders in every size class: Compact Wheel Loaders, Small Wheel Loaders, Medium Wheel Loaders and Large Wheel Loaders. No matter what your material or handling job is, your Cat dealer can help you choose the wheel loader that best matches your needs.

972G Series II

Performance and comfort you can feel. Caterpillar design delivers excellent breakout force, fast load and cycle times, precise maneuvering and smoother shifts for optimal performance and comfort. Reliability you can trust. Proven components, field-tested durability, combined with easy maintenance, ensures reliability over the life of the machine.

  • Specification Summary

  • Net Power - ISO 9249209 kW
  • Operating Weight26000 kg
  • Bucket Capacities3.8-4.7 m3 (5.0-6.0 yd3)
  • Engine Model3196 ATAAC-EUI
  • Net Power - 80/1269/EEC209 kW

Product Details


Net Power - ISO 9249 209 kW
Engine Model 3196 ATAAC-EUI
Net Power - 80/1269/EEC 209 kW
Flywheel Power 201 kW
Max. Flywheel Power 213 kW
Total Torque Rise 49 %
Bore 130 mm
Stroke 150 mm
Displacement 12 L


Operating Weight 26000 kg


Bucket Capacities 3.8-4.7 m3 (5.0-6.0 yd3)

Hydraulic System

Bucket/Work Tool System - Relief Valve Setting 20700 kPa
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise 6.9 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump 1.7 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down 1.8 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total 10.4 Seconds
Pilot System - Pump Output 46 L/min
Pilot System - Working Pressure - Pilot 2585 kPa
Pilot System - Working Pressure - E/H 3450 kPa

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank - Standard 380 L
Cooling System 80 L
Crankcase 28 L
Transmission 50 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Front 64 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear 64 L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank) 207 L
Hydraulic Tank 140 L


Forward 1 7.2 km/h
Forward 2 12.6 km/h
Forward 3 21.4 km/h
Forward 4 36.9 km/h
Reverse 1 8.2 km/h
Reverse 2 14.2 km/h
Reverse 3 24.3 km/h
Reverse 4 38.8 km/h


Front Fixed front
Rear Oscillating +/-13
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 502 mm


Brakes Meets the required standards.


ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and ISO standards


Cat 3196 ATAAC diesel engine is built for performance, durability, excellent fuel economy, low sound levels and it meets the European Union emission regulations through 2005. This innovative engine features Caterpillar?s exclusive Advanced Diesel Engine Management 2000 (ADEM-III) electronic control module for advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities. Temperature sensing on-demand fan slows fan speed when temperatures are low -- providing a constant net power and improving fuel efficiency.

Electronic Transmission

Planetary power shift transmission with automatic shift capability helps provide on-the-go speed and direction changes. The Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) allow for smoother shifts and transmission neutralization, which let the operator adjust for specific site conditions. Variable Shift Control allows the operator to match the shift pattern to the application, improving operator comfort and fuel efficiency. The Integrated Braking System integrates a downshifting and neutralizer logic into the left-hand brake pedal. Free Wheel Stator torque converter increases efficiency thus lowered oil temperatures and improved fuel economy.


Large diameter axle shafts on the high torque side of the final drive provide greater torsional strength. Multiple disk oil cooled brakes (two per wheel) increase braking capability. Axle oil temperature sensors are standard.


Durable, articulated frame has a full box-section which absorbs twisting and impact forces to provide a solid foundation for the entire structure. Superior engineering and materials provide excellent strength and durability.


Well balanced hydraulics deliver precise, low-effort control and trouble-free operation.

Operator Controls

Enhanced, low-effort operator controls for steering, shifting and bucket loading precisely respond to operator input. Operator controls can be configured two ways -- with Command Control steering and electro-hydraulic implement controls, or with Conventional steering and pilot hydraulic implement controls.

Operator Station with Command Control Steering configuration

The ultimate in wheel loader operator comfort and efficiency. The new 972G Series II cab, builds on the G-Series reputation for operator comfort with several enhancements. The cab includes outstanding visibility, ergonomic automotivestyle controls placement, improved ventilation and generous storage areas.

Operator Station with Conventional Steering configuration

Redesigned cab provides improved operator comfort with new Caterpillar air suspension seat. Enhanced dash panel layout with upper right panel provides ergonomically positioned gauge indicators and switches. Wider front windshield with a larger wiper sweep for a cleaner window resulting in better visibility.

Environmental Machine

Availability of Cat biodegradable hydraulic oil, combined with easy serviceability help you meet or exceed worldwide regulations and protect the environment. Axle ecology drains (optional), avoiding oil spillage.

Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools

Choose from three bucket families, General Excavation, Rock V-edge and Universal, combined with a large variety of Ground Engaging Tool options to allow precise application match.

Work Tools and Quick Couplers

Add versatility to your machine with a wide range of attachments and special buckets offered by Caterpillar. Dedicated Quick Coupler actuation circuit.


Easily perform daily maintenance up to 250-hour service intervals with ground-level access to all major service points including sight gauges for level checks of engine coolant, hydraulic and transmission oil. Engine oil change interval is increased to 500 hours and hydraulic oil change interval to 4000 hours thus decreasing service time and reducing owning and operating cost. The tilting hood provides unmatched access to the engine compartment and cooling system.

Preventive Maintenance

Thanks to the new Electronic Monitoring System, the Electronic Technician, the Scheduled Oil Sampling analysis and the Caterpillar Product Link system, you can anticipate potential problems and avoid unscheduled repairs.

Complete Customer Support

Your Caterpillar dealer offers a wide range of services, including worldwide parts availability and literature support, that help you operate longer with lower costs.

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