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Medium Wheel Loaders(Non Current)

Cat® wheel loaders come in many different configurations to meet your requirements in all regions of the world.

Wheel Loaders for Any Job

Whether you need a wheel loader for use in landscaping, agricultural, construction, waste management, forestry, or mining applications. Caterpillar wheel loaders make your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and profitable.

Cat wheel loaders set the standard for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency, versatility and operator comfort. These environmentally friendly front end loader machines apply proven technologies systematically and strategically to meet our customer’s high expectations. Deep system integration results in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy without interrupting machine performance. Make your Cat wheel loader even more versatile by pairing it with Caterpillar’s broad range of work tools.

Select from a wide variety of front loaders in every size class: Compact Wheel Loaders, Small Wheel Loaders, Medium Wheel Loaders and Large Wheel Loaders. No matter what your material or handling job is, your Cat dealer can help you choose the wheel loader that best matches your needs.

962G Wheel Loader

962G Wheel Loader delivers excellent breakout force, fast load and cycle times, precise maneuvering and smoother shifts for optimal performance and comfort. Proven components, field-tested durability, combined with easy maintenance, ensures reliability over the life of the machine.

  • Specification Summary

  • Operating Weight18900 kg
  • Engine ModelCat 3126 DITA
  • Travel Speed37 km/h
  • Flywheel Power152 kW
  • Max. Flywheel Power155 kW

Product Details


Engine Model Cat 3126 DITA
Flywheel Power 152 kW
Max. Flywheel Power 155 kW
Displacement 7.2 L


Operating Weight 18900 kg


Maximum Bucket Capacity 4.3 m3

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise 6.3 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump 2.2 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.2 Seconds
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total 10.7 Seconds

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank - Standard 295 L
Cooling System 49 L
Crankcase 30 L
Transmission 34 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Front 36 L
Differentials and Final Drives - Rear 36 L
Hydraulic System (Including Tank) 153 L
Hydraulic Tank 88 L


Forward 1 6.9 km/h
Forward 2 12.7 km/h
Forward 3 22.3 km/h
Forward 4 37 km/h
Reverse 1 7.4 km/h
Reverse 2 13.7 km/h
Reverse 3 24 km/h
Reverse 4 39.5 km/h
Travel Speed 37 km/h


Front Fixed
Rear Trunnion
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 470 mm

Operating Specifications

Dump Clearance 3040 m
Static Tipping Load, Full Turn 11042 kg
Breakout Force 140.7 kN


Powerful Performance

Four-stroke Cycle Design

Precise Engineering

Torque Rise

Deep Skirt Engine Block Design

Engine Oil

Cooling System

High-pressure unit injectors

Water Separator

Factory remanufactured parts

Electronic Transmission

Electronic Power Shift Transmission

Transmission Oil

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control

Transmission Neutralizer

Proportional Electro-hydraulic Valves

Pressure Port

Thermoplastic Connectors

Easy Service

Variable Shift Control

Integrated Braking System


Heavy-duty Axles and Brakes

Duo-Cone Seals

External Port

Four-piece Axle

Axle Oil Temperature Sensor

Axle Oil Ecology Drains


Full Box-section Rear Frame

Four-plate Loader Tower

Spread-hitch Design

Upper and Lower Hitch Pins

Frame Structure

Severe Applications


Low-effort Hydraulic Controls

Smooth, Efficient Steering

Hydraulic Implement Pumps

Pressure Taps

XT Hose and Couplings

Automatic Ride Control

Hydraulic Oil

Operator Controls

Two Operator Control Configurations

Electronic Autoshift Control

Dual-pedal braking

Transmission neutralizer lockout

Operator Station with Command Control Steering

Excellent Viewing in All Directions

Command Control Steering

Finger Tip Controls

Automatic Lift/Lower Kickouts

Monitoring System

Left, Rear-hinged Door

Dual Brake Pedals

Generous Storage Space

Caterpillar Contour Series Seat

Improved Ventilation

Electronic Autoshift Control

Ride Control Switch

Transmission Neutralizer Lockout

Radio Ready

Payload Control System

Exterior rear-view Mirror Package

Variable Shift Control

Other options

Operator Station with Conventional Steering

Conventional Steering Wheel

Hydraulic Implement Controls

Quick Gear Kickdown Button

Adjustable Wrist Rest

Seat options

Lockable Compartment

Other Options

Environmental Machine

Product Developments

Low Sound Version

Blue Angel Version

Environmental Fluids

Low Exhaust Emissions

Fewer Leaks and Spills

Ecology Drains

Rebuildable Components

Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools

Standard Universal Buckets

Universal Buckets with Rounded Side Plates

Universal Buckets with Back Grading Edge

General Excavation Buckets

Rock Buckets

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets

Corner Guard System

Tip Selection and GET System Selection Guide

Work Tools and Quick Couplers

Quick Couplers

Coal Buckets

Woodchip Buckets

Multi-purpose Buckets

High-dump Buckets

Side-dump Buckets


Log Fork with Top Clamp

Material Handling Arm

Fertilizer Buckets

Brick and Clay Buckets

Screening Buckets




Paint Process

Electrical Systems

Sloped Hood

Automatic Greasing System

Engine, Transmission and Hydraulic Oils

Factory remanufactured parts

Preventive Maintenance

Caterpillar Monitoring System

Electronic Technician

Scheduled Oil Sampling


Environmental Attachments

Field Installed Attachments

Anti-Corrosion Arrangement

Waste Handling Arrangement

Cooling System

Customer Service

Equipment Management Services

Maintenance Services

Predictive Services

Reconditioning Services

Availability of Cat Parts

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