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Small Wheel Loaders(Non Current)

Cat® wheel loaders come in many different configurations to meet your requirements in all regions of the world.

Wheel Loaders for Any Job

Whether you need a wheel loader for use in landscaping, agricultural, construction, waste management, forestry, or mining applications. Caterpillar wheel loaders make your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and profitable.

Cat wheel loaders set the standard for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency, versatility and operator comfort. These environmentally friendly front end loader machines apply proven technologies systematically and strategically to meet our customer’s high expectations. Deep system integration results in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy without interrupting machine performance. Make your Cat wheel loader even more versatile by pairing it with Caterpillar’s broad range of work tools.

Select from a wide variety of front loaders in every size class: Compact Wheel Loaders, Small Wheel Loaders, Medium Wheel Loaders and Large Wheel Loaders. No matter what your material or handling job is, your Cat dealer can help you choose the wheel loader that best matches your needs.

924Hz Wheel Loader

The Cat 924Hz Wheel Loader leads the industry in operator comfort and performance. Size, power and performance make this machine ideal for a wide range of jobs. Fast cycle times help you move more material. Large spacious cab with joystick control keeps you comfortable throughout the work day, allowing you to get more done. Loader design delivers strength and durability with superior control. Discover how much more you can get done with the 924Hz.

  • Specification Summary

  • Rated Net Power 96 kW
  • Model Cat® C6.6
  • SAE J1349 (1) 96 kW
  • ISO 9249 (1997) (1) 97 kW
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Product Details


Rated Net Power 96 kW
Model Cat® C6.6
SAE J1349 (1) 96 kW
ISO 9249 (1997) (1) 97 kW
EEC 80/1269 (1) 97 kW
Maximum Net Power - 1800 rpm 103 kW
SAE J1349 (2) 103 kW
ISO 9249 (1997) (2) 104 kW
EEC 80/1269 (2) 104 kW
Bore 105 mm
Stroke 127 mm
Displacement 6.6 l
Net Torque 653 N·m
Peak Torque 673 N·m


Bucket Capacities 1.7 m3 - 2.1 m3 2.2 yd3 - 2.7 yd3


Operating Weight 10968 kg


Steering Articulation 40 °
Minimum Turning Radius - Over Tires 5070 mm
Steering Angle - Each Direction 40 °
Steering Cylinder, Two, Bore 70 mm
Hydraulic output at 2300 engine rpm and 6900 kPa (1000 psi) 104 l/min
Maximum Working Pressure 20685 kPa

Loader Hydraulic System

Output at 2,300 Engine rpm and 6900 kPa (1000 psi) with SAE 10W Oil at 65°C (150°F) 152 l/min
Pump Flow - Implement Pump 152 l/min
Relief Pressure - Implement pump 258.9 bar
Maximum Working Pressure 25900 kPa
Hydraulic Cycle Time 9 Seconds
Raise 5.2 s
Dump 1.1 s
Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.7 s
Total 9 s
Bore (1) 107.95 mm
Stroke (1) 755 mm
Bore (2) 120.6 mm
Stroke (2) 520 mm

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 225 l
Cooling System 32 l
Crankcase 16.5 l
Transmission 23 l
Front 21 l
Rear 21 l
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 125 l
Hydraulic Tank 70 l


Standard Transmission Maximum Travel Speeds 38.5 km/h
Forward - 1 (1) 6.7 km/h
2 (1) 12.2 km/h
3 (1) 21.8 km/h
4 (1) 38.5 km/h
Reverse - 1 (1) 6.7 km/h
Forward - 1 (2) 3.7 km/h
Optional Low Speed Transmission Maximum Travel Speeds 39 km/h
2 (2) 7.5 km/h
3 (2) 19.6 km/h
4 (2) 39 km/h
Reverse - 1 (2) 4.1 km/h
2 (3) 8.1 km/h
3 (3) 21.2 km/h


Size 20.5 R25 Radial (L-3)
Tread Width 1890 mm


ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94, ISO 3471-1994
FOPS SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449-1992 Level II


Wheel Base 2800 mm
Height - Top of ROPS/FOPS 3227 mm
Height - Top of Exhaust Stack 3211 mm
Height - Top of Hood 2219 mm
Height - Center of Axle 692 mm
Ground Clearance 436 mm
Overall Length 6898 mm
Length - Rear Axle to Bumper 1962 mm
Centerline of Front Axle to Hitch 1400 mm
Dump Clearance at Maximum Lift - 45° 2828 mm
Bucket Clearance-Maximum Lift/Carry 3432 mm
Bucket Pin Height - Maximum Lift 3757 mm
Overall Height - Bucket Raised 4809 mm
Reach at Maximum Lift and 45° Dump 791 mm
Carry Height 435 mm
Digging Depth 42 mm

Operating Specifications

Static Tipping Load - Full Turn 7640 kg
Reach - Full Lift and 45° Dump 791 mm
Dump Clearance at Full Lift and 45° Dump Angle 2828 mm
Articulation Angle 40 °

Power Train

Delivers maximum rimpull to the ground and full power to loader hydraulics.

Cat Engine

The Cat C6.6 engine provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The 96 kW (128) rated net power engine meets all worldwide emissions standards and features flatter power curve for outstanding response in the working RPM range (1,900 to 2,300), noise reduction technologies for up to 5 dB reduction, and patented ACERT™ Technology combined with common rail fuel system, smart waste gate turbocharger and crossflow head design for reduced emissions.

Cat Axles

Standard front axle diff-lock and optional rear Limited Slip Differential ensure outstanding traction in poor underfoot conditions. Heavy-duty axles feature hardened gears and bearings for durable performance. Rear axle oscillates up to 12 degrees to help assure four-wheel ground contact for optimum traction and stability.

Cat Transmission

Rugged Cat transmission uses heavy-duty components for durable and reliable operation. The operator can choose between manual shift and two autoshift modes, Performance or Economy. Performance mode provides maximum acceleration while the economy mode increases fuel economy and improves operator comfort.


System provides high efficiency wtih low effort and precise control.

Proven Design

Time tested hydraulic system provides low effort operation and superior control. Fast loader cycle times help you get more done.

Dual Hydraulic Pumps System

Load-sensing steering pump provides outstanding response during heavy and light duty operations. Load sensing implement hydraulics provide exceptional second gear hydraulic-to-rimpull match for better material handling.

Ride Control System

The optional Ride Control System provides a comfortable ride and excellent material retention. Nitrogen charged accumulator enables optimum cushioning over uneven terrain for all loads and speeds. The system operates in Automatic - as the loader ground speed exceeds 5 kph (3 mph) the system will activate, below 5 kph (3 mph) the system is off providing maximum lift power.

Loader Linkage

Strong design delivers superior performance.

Z-bar Design

Z-bar design linkage generates excellent breakout force and ample rack back angle for better bucket loading and load retention. Lift arms are solid steel, providing superior strength with an excellent front end viewing area. The proven design offers excellent dump clearance and reach for exceptional truck loading performance.

Operator Station

Superior comfort keeps you productive, all day long.


Experience comfort and convenience in the H-Series cab. The spacious interior and ergonomic controls keep you comfortable throughout the work day. Choose the seat that meets your needs - the standard, fully adjustable seat or the optional Cat Contour seat for added adjustment and air suspension. The two-door design lets you enter and exit from either side of the machine and wide, serrated steps provide stable footing. Both doors lock open 180 degrees and feature sliding glass windows for better communication with workers on the ground. Large flat glass windows provide excellent visibility all around the machine. The rear window features a standard electric defroster.


Low effort, ergonomic joystick controls provide easy operation of lift and tilt functions. The standard joystick features an integrated directional control switch for added convenience. The operator programmable transmission neutralizer can be set in seconds optimizing brake effort for all applications.

Instrument Panel

The sealed instrument panel with easy to read white faced gauges and indicators keeps the operator informed of system conditions. The large LED readout provides ground speed and other critical information.

Optional Rear View Camera

This work area visual enhancement system uses a closed circuit video monitoring system. Up to three cameras can be mounted on the machine frame. Objects can be viewed on a color LCD monitor in the cab.


Cat Buckets are built for high performance.

The Right Bucket for the Job

Caterpillar offers a variety of buckets to meet you specific job requirements. Careful match of the bucket design and machine operating characteristics provide the best digging, loading and carrying performance.

General Purpose Buckets

Caterpillar general purpose buckets, available in 1.8 m3 (2.4 yd3) and 2.1 m3 (2.7 yd3) capacities with bolt-on cutting edge, are suitable for most general applications. Features include:
  • Improved bucket design with longer floor and larger radius for easier flow of material into the bucket
  • Built-in, replaceable heel wear plates for extended bucket life.

Ground Engaging Tools

Ground engaging tools include hardened steel cutting edges, choice of short or long teeth and a variety of tooth adapters. These tools optimize performance, improve load retention and extend the useful life of Caterpillar buckets.


For expanded machine versatility, factory installed quick couplers and other special purpose buckets are also available. Contact your Caterpillar dealer for details.


Easy access and minimal maintenance requirements keep your machine on the job.

Convenient Service Features

All service points are accessible from ground level on the right side of the engine. Gull-wing doors with gas struts lift for exceptional access to filters and service points. Extended service intervals reduce service time and increase machine availability.
  • Sight gauges let you easily check radiator coolant, hydraulic oil and transmission oil levels as well as engine air filter restriction without opening the air cleaner.
  • Standard pressure taps allow quick diagnosis of the entire hydraulic system.
  • SOSSM ports make oil sampling quicker, cleaner and provide the best oil sample for analysis.
  • Spin-on filters for engine oil, transmission oil and hydraulic oil are vertically mounted for easier servicing.
  • 924Hz features a standard electronic fuel prime pump.
  • Sequentially placed radiator and oil coolers are easy to access.
  • Swing-out cooling fan allows quick and easy cleaning and servicing of the radiator. The fan is hydraulically driven and separate from the engine compartment for low noise operation.
  • Optional reversing fan cleans screens without interrupting machine operation.

Customer Support

Unmatched support makes the difference.

Your Cat dealer is ready to assist you with your purchase decision and everything after.

  • Make comparisons of machines, with estimates of component life, preventative maintenance and cost of production.
  • Financing packages are flexible to meet your needs.
  • Your Cat dealer can evaluate the cost to repair, rebuild and replace your machine, so you can make the right choice.
  • For more information on Cat products, dealer services and industry solutions, visit us at www.cat.com.
    •  Alternator, 95-amp
    •  Alarm, back-up
    •  Batteries, maintenance-free, 950 CCA, (2)
    •  Directional signals (front & rear)
    •  Starting and charging system, 24V
    •  Halogen work lights (front & rear)
    •  Ignition key start/stop switch
    •  Roading lights
    •  Starting aid, thermal
    •  Switch, battery disconnect
    •  Standard two door cab includes all of the following items:
    •  Sun visor
    •  Radio ready kit
    •  External mirrors
    •  12 volt electrical accessory outlet
    •  Work lights, four cab-mounted (two front, two rear)
    •  Sealed Instrument Gauge: Engine RPM Hydraulic oil temperature Engine coolant temperature Torque converter oil temperature Digital LED speedometer, hour meter/odometer
    •  Indicator Lights: Turn signal Primary steering malfunction Hydraulic oil bypass Parking brake applied Brake charge pressure low Transmission oil temperature General warning Electrical system v
    •  Adjustable tilt steering column
    •  Coat hook
    •  Ground level door release
    •  Horn, steering wheel mounted (electric)
    •  Hydraulic control lever lockout
    •  Interior light
    •  Lighter
    •  Lunch box storage with cup holder
    •  Pilot hydraulic implement controls
    •  Rear window defroster, electric
    •  Rear view mirrors (2 inside)
    •  Seat, adjustable suspension, armrest (fabric or vinyl)
    •  Seat belt, 75 mm (3 in), retractable
    •  Tinted safety glass
    •  Wet arm front & rear wiper/washer, front intermittent
  • Standard two door cab includes all of the following items:
    • Sun visor
      • Radio ready kit
        • External mirrors
          • 12 volt electrical accessory outlet
            • Work lights, four cab-mounted (two front, two rear)
              • Sealed Instrument Gauge: Engine RPM Hydraulic oil temperature Engine coolant temperature Torque converter oil temperature Digital LED speedometer, hour meter/odometer
                • Indicator Lights: Turn signal Primary steering malfunction Hydraulic oil bypass Parking brake applied Brake charge pressure low Transmission oil temperature General warning Electrical system v
                  • Adjustable tilt steering column
                    • Coat hook
                      • Ground level door release
                        • Horn, steering wheel mounted (electric)
                          • Hydraulic control lever lockout
                            • Interior light
                              • Lighter
                                • Lunch box storage with cup holder
                                  • Pilot hydraulic implement controls
                                    • Rear window defroster, electric
                                      • Rear view mirrors (2 inside)
                                        • Seat, adjustable suspension, armrest (fabric or vinyl)
                                          • Seat belt, 75 mm (3 in), retractable
                                            • Tinted safety glass
                                              • Wet arm front & rear wiper/washer, front intermittent
                                                • POWER TRAIN
                                                  •  Engine, Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT Low emission diesel engine Noise reduction technology Smart waste gate turbocharged Aftercooled Filtered Breather Electronically controlled
                                                  •  Air cleaner, dry type
                                                  •  Automatic tensioning poly-V belt
                                                  •  Axle seal guards, integrated
                                                  •  Brakes, enclosed wet-disc full hydraulic
                                                  •  Differentials, diff-lock on front
                                                  •  Differentials, conventional rear
                                                  •  Driveshaft, lubed for life
                                                  •  Electric fuel prime pump
                                                  •  Engine speed control
                                                  •  Fuel/water separator
                                                  •  Muffler
                                                  •  Radiator, unit serviceable
                                                  •  SOS oil sampling port, engine oil
                                                  •  SOS oil sampling port, transmission oil
                                                  •  Torque converter
                                                  •  Transmission, 4F/3R, autoshift, single lever control with F/N/R and kickdown button
                                                  •  Transmission neutralizer; operator programmable
                                                • Engine, Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT Low emission diesel engine Noise reduction technology Smart waste gate turbocharged Aftercooled Filtered Breather Electronically controlled
                                                  • Air cleaner, dry type
                                                    • Automatic tensioning poly-V belt
                                                      • Axle seal guards, integrated
                                                        • Brakes, enclosed wet-disc full hydraulic
                                                          • Differentials, diff-lock on front
                                                            • Differentials, conventional rear
                                                              • Driveshaft, lubed for life
                                                                • Electric fuel prime pump
                                                                  • Engine speed control
                                                                    • Fuel/water separator
                                                                      • Muffler
                                                                        • Radiator, unit serviceable
                                                                          • SOS oil sampling port, engine oil
                                                                            • SOS oil sampling port, transmission oil
                                                                              • Torque converter
                                                                                • Transmission, 4F/3R, autoshift, single lever control with F/N/R and kickdown button
                                                                                  • Transmission neutralizer; operator programmable
                                                                                    • HYDRAULICS
                                                                                      •  Hydraulic diagnostic connectors
                                                                                      •  Heavy duty hydraulic oil cooler
                                                                                      •  Hydraulic control, 2-valve, 1-lever with F/N/R
                                                                                      •  Load-sensing steering system
                                                                                      •  SOSSM oil sampling port, hydraulic oil
                                                                                      •  SOSSM coolant sampling port
                                                                                    • OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENT
                                                                                      •  Antifreeze/coolant, extended-life protects to -36°C (-33°F)
                                                                                      •  Automatic bucket positioner/fork positioner
                                                                                      •  Brakes, secondary and parking
                                                                                      •  Counterweight
                                                                                      •  Engine enclosure, lockable
                                                                                      •  Fenders, front
                                                                                      •  Hitch, recovery
                                                                                      •  Loader linkage, z-bar
                                                                                      •  Lift kickout, automatic
                                                                                      •  Machine Security System ready
                                                                                      •  Product Link ready
                                                                                      •  Remote grease lines
                                                                                      •  Steering stops, cushioned
                                                                                      •  Swing-out, hydraulically driven demand fan
                                                                                      •  Vandalism protection, lockable service points
                                                                                      •  Visual indicators: - air cleaner service - coolant level - hydraulic oil - transmission oil
                                                                                    • Antifreeze/coolant, extended-life, protects to -50°C (-58°F)
                                                                                      • Axles, Rear Limited Slip Differential
                                                                                        • Beacon light, strobe, magnetic-mount
                                                                                          • Buckets/ground engaging tools
                                                                                            • Canopy, ROPS
                                                                                              • Counterweight, additional, optional
                                                                                                • Deluxe Cab arrangement includes: Sun visor Rear sunscreeen Radio ready kit External heated mirrors Work lights, six cab-mounted (four front, two rear)
                                                                                                  • Fan, reversing
                                                                                                    • Fenders, roading, rear
                                                                                                      • Fenders, steel
                                                                                                        • Guards: Crankcase Driveshaft, front Power train Lights Radiator
                                                                                                          • Hydraulic control auxiliary, third valve
                                                                                                            • Load check valves (dealer installed)
                                                                                                              • Machine Security System
                                                                                                                • Material handling arm
                                                                                                                  • Pallet forks, carriage
                                                                                                                    • Quick Coupler
                                                                                                                      • Radiator, wide fin spacing, 5.5 fpi
                                                                                                                        • Radio packages: Radio, AM/FM Radio, AM/FM with CD player
                                                                                                                          • Rear-view camera system
                                                                                                                            • Ride Control System
                                                                                                                              • Seat, Cat Contour Seat, fabric, electrically adjustable with air suspension
                                                                                                                                • Sound suppression package, available in select markets
                                                                                                                                  • Starting aid, engine coolant heater, 120V
                                                                                                                                    • Steering aid, ether
                                                                                                                                      • Steering, secondary
                                                                                                                                        • Tires: - Bias ply, 17.5 - 25 and 20.5 - 25 - Radial, 17.5 - R25 and 20.5 - R25

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