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Wheel Excavators(Non Current)

The Caterpillar Wheel Excavator has the mobility, speed, power and reliability to be the most versatile machine in your fleet. Visit your Cat dealer to find out why Caterpillar is the global leader in Wheel Excavators.

M317D2 Wheel Excavator

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine Model Cat® C4.4
  • Net Power 108 kW
  • Bore 105 mm
  • Stroke 127 mm
  • Product Brochure


Product Details


Engine Model Cat® C4.4
Net Power 108 kW
Bore 105 mm
Stroke 127 mm
Displacement 4.4 l
Cylinders 4
Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm 550 N·m
Ratings 2000 r/min
Net Power - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 101 kW
Net Power - ISO 14396 108 kW
Net Power - 2,000 rpm - ISO 14396 108 kW
Emissions Equivalent to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, Korea Tier 3 & China Stage II emission standards


Dozer Blade 750 kg
Outriggers 960 kg
One-Piece Boom* - Rear Dozer Only 15340 kg
One-Piece Boom* - Front Dozer, Rear Outriggers 16290 kg
Counterweights - Standard 3500 kg
VA Boom* - Front Dozer, Rear Outriggers 16790 kg
Sticks - Long (2600 mm) 530 kg
Counterweights - Optional 3900 kg
Note * Machine weight with medium stick, 3900 kg counterweight, with operator and full fuel tank, without work tool.
Notes Weight varies depending on configuration.
VA Boom* - Rear Dozer Only 15840 kg
Sticks - Medium (2400 mm) 514 kg
Operating Weight 15 300 to 17 500 kg (33,731 to 38,581 lb)

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 10.5 r/min
Swing Torque 40 kN·m

Hydraulic System

Tank Capacity 135 l
Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 220 l/min
Maximum Pressure - Travel Circuit 350 bar
System 255 l
Maximum Pressure - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 185 bar
Maximum Pressure - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 350 bar
Maximum Pressure - Implement Circuit - Normal 350 bar
Maximum Flow - Swing Mechanism 80 l/min
Maximum Pressure - Swing Mechanism 370 bar
Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 40 l/min
Maximum Pressure - Implement Circuit - Heavy Lift 375 bar
Maximum Flow - Implement/Travel Circuit 220 l/min


Drawbar Pull 97 kN
Maximum Gradeability 69%
Creeper Speed - 2nd Gear 13 km/h
Forward/Reverse - 1st Gear 8 km/h
Forward/Reverse - 2nd Gear 34 km/h
Creeper Speed - 1st Gear 3 km/h

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling 33 l
Engine Crankcase 8 l
Rear Axle - Housing (Differential) 14 l
Front Steering Axle - Differential 10.5 l
Final Drive 2.5 l
Powershift Transmission 2.5 l
Fuel Tank 240 l


Standard 10.00-20 (dual pneumatic)


Ground Clearance 370 mm
Minimum Turning Radius - Outside of Tire 6300 mm
Maximum Steering Angle 35°
Minimum Turning Radius - End of VA Boom 6900 mm
Minimum Turning Radius - End of One-Piece Boom 8300 mm
Oscillation Axle Angle ±9°

Bucket Specifications

Bucket Capacities 0.35 to 0.91 m3 (0.46 to 1.19 yd3)

Working Ranges

Maximum Reach - Ground Level 9380 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 6070 mm


Maximum Travel Speed 34 km/h

Sound Levels

Exterior Sound Labeled spectator sound power level measured according to test procedures and conditions specified in 2000/14/EC is 102 dB(A).


Standards Cab with Falling Object Guard Structure (FOGS) meets ISO 10262.

Responsible Design

Thinking Generations Ahead

Fuel Efficiency and Low Exhaust Emissions

The Cat C4.4 engine achieves emission levels equivalent to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, Korean Tier 3 and China Stage 2 emission standards, while offering increased performance, high fuel efficiency and reliability. This means more work done in a day, low operating cost and minimal impact on our environment.

Quiet Operation

Low sound levels, as a result of the variable fan speed and remote cooling system.

Technologies and Longer Service Intervals

Product Link allows remote monitoring of the machine and helps improve your fleet efficiency as well as reduce your costs. Your Cat dealer can help extend service intervals, meaning fewer required fluids and disposals, all adding up to lower operating costs.

Fewer Leaks and Spills

Lubricant filters and various drains are designed to minimize spills. Cat O-Ring Face Seals, XT™ Hoses and cylinders help prevent leaks that can reduce performance and cause harm to the environment.

Cat Certified Used

This program is a key element in the range of solutions offered by Caterpillar and Cat dealers throughout the world to help customers achieve growth at the lowest cost while eliminating waste. Used equipment is inspected, guaranteed and ready for work and customers will benefit from a Caterpillar warranty.


Power, Reliability, and Fuel Economy

The Power and Performance You Need - Constant Power Strategy

Responding quickly to changing loads, the constant power strategy delivers the same amount of power regardless of operating conditions. The Cat engine achieves emission levels equivalent to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, Korean Tier 3 and China Stage 2 emission standards, delivers a maximum net power (Acc. ISO 14396) of 108 kW at a rated speed of 2,000 rpm.

Fuel Efficiency - Common Rail Fuel System and Fuel Pump

This combination provides outstandingly low fuel consumption during both working and traveling applications.

Fuel Efficiency - Demand Fan Cooling System

The electronically controlled hydraulic motor drives a variable speed on-demand fan, resulting in optimized fuel consumption.

Fuel Efficiency - One-Touch Low Idle Control

The Automatic Engine Speed Control reduces engine speed if no operation is performed, reducing fuel consumption and sound levels.

Fuel Efficiency - Eco and Work Modes

  • The Eco Mode can reduce significantly your fuel consumption
  • The Travel Mode optimizes driveline performance while preserving fuel
  • The Power Mode is the best compromise between productivity and fuel efficiency

Premium Comfort

Keeps Operators Productive All Shift Long

Comfortable Seat Options

Both standard and comfort seat options give your operators all the comfort they need for a long day of work. The comfort seat is equipped with a passive seat climate control and air suspension which can be adjusted to the operator’s weight, allowing relaxed, ergonomic sitting.

Low Vibration/Sound Levels

The rubber-mounted cab includes thick steel tubing. Associated with the comfortable air-suspended seat, it helps reduce vibrations and sound levels.

Comfortable Operation

Two-way pedals for travel and auxiliary circuits provide increased floor space, reducing the need to change positions. The auxiliary high-pressure pedal can be locked in the off position and used as a footrest. The steering column is easily tiltable thanks to a large pedal at its base.

Automatic Climate Control

Easy adjustment of the cab temperature with filtered ventilation to make your operators comfortable in all climates.

Storage Compartments

A large compartment behind the seat provides sufficient room to store a large lunch box or a hard hat. A cover secures the contents during machine operation. Several other dedicated spaces can hold large mugs, MP3 players or a cell phone.

Power Supply and MP3 Radio

The cab includes a 12V-7A power supply socket for charging electronic devices such as MP3 players, laptops and cell phones. A CD/MP3 radio is available.

Simplicity and Functionality

For Ease of Operation

Ergonomic Layout and Smart Controls

The operator station is designed for simplicity, functionality and ease of operation. Frequently used switches are centralized on the right-hand switch console. Features like the heavy lift mode, ride control or SmartBoom will not only increase your productivity but also help reduce fatigue for your operators.

Large Color Monitor

Easy to read and in local language, you can rely on the high-resolution LCD monitor, which will keep you aware of any important information. “Quick Access” buttons allow a quick selection of favorite functions. The tool select function lets you preset up to ten different hydraulic attachments for quick tool changes.

Optimized Visibility

All glass is affixed directly to the cab, eliminating the use of window frames. The 70/30 split front windshield stores the upper portion above the operator and is easy to release. A large skylight provides upward visibility and includes a retractable sunscreen. The parallel wiper system covers the entire front windshield.

Standard Rearview Camera

Together with the best in class visibility to all sides, the rear view displayed on the monitor helps ensure a safe operation.


Strength and Versatility on Wheels

High Travel Speed (Maximum 34 km/h)

Reduces travel time between sites.

Heavy Duty Axles

Rigidity and long life with effective transmission protection and heavy-duty axles. The transmission is mounted directly on the rear axle for protection and optimum ground clearance. The front axle offers wide oscillating and steering angles.

Smart Travel Alarm (Adjustable)

The alarm sounds when the machine starts moving. The Auto Mode stops the alarm when it has been sounding for an uninterrupted 10-second interval. It can also be disabled (optional).

Stabilizers and Dozer Blade - Versatile Solutions to Do It All.

Various undercarriage configurations are available to provide the best solution for your work environment including dozer blades and/or outriggers. Outriggers can be individually controlled to horizontally stabilize the machine even on slight slopes.

Advanced Disc Brake System

Minimizes the rocking effect when working free on wheels. The disc brake system acts directly on the hub instead of the drive shaft to avoid planetary gear backlash. The axle design lowers life costs. Oil change intervals are at 2,000 working hours.


Fast Cycle Times, Heavy Lift Capacity

Dedicated Swing Pump

This closed hydraulic circuit maximizes swing performance without reducing power to the other hydraulic functions, resulting in smoother combined movements.

Proportional Auxiliary Hydraulics, Tremendous Versatility

The versatility of the hydraulic system can be expanded to utilize a wide variety of hydraulic work tools using multiple valve options. Basic controls include (optional):
  • The Multi-Combined Valve allows the operator to select up to ten preset work tools from the monitor.
  • A medium pressure function providing proportional flow, ideal for tilting buckets or rotating tools
  • A hammer line (one-way high pressure)
  • A dedicated circuit to operate hydraulic quick couplers.

Heavy Lift Mode

Maximizes your lifting performance by boosting the lifting capacity of the machine up to 7%.

Adjustable Swing Aggressiveness

Allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of the machine swing to match the operator’s preferences.

Stick Regeneration Circuit

Increases efficiency and helps enhance controllability for higher productivity.

Booms and Sticks

Maximum Flexibility - High Productivity

Rugged Performance

Booms and sticks are welded, box section structures with thick, multiplate fabrications in high stress areas for the tough work you do.


The choice of various booms and sticks provides the right balance of reach and digging forces for all applications.


  • Medium stick (2400 mm) for greater crowd force and lift capacity
  • Long stick (2600 mm) for greater depth and reach


  • Variable Adjustable (VA) - improved right side visibility and roading balance. When working in tight quarters or lifting heavy loads, the VA boom offers the best flexibility.
  • One-Piece Boom - Fits best for all standard applications such as truck loading and digging. A unique straight section in the curve of the side plate reduces stress flow and helps increase boom life.


Reduces Stress and Vibration

Rock Scraping

Scraping rock and finishing work is easy and fast. SmartBoom simplifies the task and allows more focus on stick and bucket, while the boom freely goes up and down without using pump flow.

Hammer Work

The front parts automatically follow the hammer while penetrating the rock. Blank shots or excessive force on the hammer are avoided resulting in longer life for the hammer and the machine. Similar advantages with vibratory plate compactors.

Truck Loading

Loading trucks from a bench is more productive and fuel efficient as the return cycle is reduced while the boom down function does not require pump flow.

Ride Control

Fast Travel Speed with More Comfort

The ride control system lets you travel faster over rough terrain with improved ride quality for the operator. Accumulators are acting as shock absorbers to dampen the front part motion. It can be activated through a button located on the soft switch panel in the cab.

Work Tools

Optimizes Your Performance

Cat Work Tools are designed to function as an integral part of your excavator and are performance-matched to Cat machines.

Quick Couplers

Hydraulic quick couplers enable to simply release one attachment and connect to another without the need to leave the cab, making your excavator highly versatile and productive. Spindle quick couplers are also available.


A wide range of specialized buckets including the Cat K Series™ or J type (depending on the region) Ground Engaging Tools is available to match all application requirements.


Cat hammer series deliver very high blow rates, increasing the productivity of your tool carriers in demolition and construction applications.


The Multi-Grapple with unlimited left and right rotation is the ideal tool for stripping, sorting, handling and loading. The powerful closing force of the grab shells combined with fast opening/closing time ensures rapid cycle time, which translates to more tons per hour.

Vibratory Plate Compactors

Cat compactors integrate perfectly with the Cat hammer line - brackets and hydraulic kits are fully interchangeable between hammers and compactors.

Save Time with Every Tool Change

Perform tool changes in seconds … Combine a quick coupler with common work tools that can be shared between the same size machines and you’ll get flexibility on every job. The hydraulic quick coupler automates tool exchange, so operators can change work tools quickly, from the safety and comfort of their cabs. Make your operators more efficient and productive.

Complete Customer Support

Your Cat Dealer Will Support You Like No Other

From helping you to choose the right machine to knowledgeable on-going support, Cat dealers provide the best-in-sales and services.
  • Best long-term investment with financing options and services
  • Productive operation with training programs
  • Preventive Maintenance and guaranteed maintenance contracts
  • Uptime, with best-in-class parts availability
  • Repair, rebuild, or replace? Your dealer can help evaluate the best option.

Cat Product Link

It Pays to Know

Product Link helps you take the guesswork out of equipment management.

With timely, useful information, you can better manage your assets and costs. Just a few clicks give you access to comprehensive remote monitoring, asset tracking and maintenance management. The powerful, web-based VisionLink® application allows you to see information from all your assets - working time vs. idle time, fuel usage, diagnostic fault codes, security alerts and more. When you know where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it’s performing, you can maximize your efficiency and lower your operating costs. It pays to know Cat Product Link. VisionLink is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the United States and in other countries.


When Uptime Counts

Extended Service Intervals to Reduce Costs

  • S·O·SSM Oil Sampling Analysis - Enhances performance and durability. This system can predict potential failures and can extend hydraulic oil change intervals up to 6,000 hours.
  • Engine Oil (low ash oil) - Cat engine oil is more cost effective and provides industry-leading performance. Engine oil change interval can be extended up to 500 hours.
  • Capsule Filter - The hydraulic return filter prevents from contamination when the hydraulic oil is changed.
  • Fuel Filters and Water Separator - The new filtration system is suited for challenging work conditions, even when using poor fuel quality. The new primary filter offers increased filtration capabilities and works in conjunction with a water separator. Fuel filters are designed to last up to 500 hours (250 hours with very poor fuel quality). The primary fuel filter includes a fuel priming pump, a water level switch and a visual restriction indicator.
  • Remote Greasing - Centralized or grouped points for hard to reach locations.
  • Refueling Pump (optional).

Easy Ground Level Maintenance

Our excavators are designed with the operator and technician in mind. Door opening is assisted with gaz springs.
  • Front Compartment - Ground level access to the batteries, air-to-air aftercooler, air conditioner condenser and the air cleaner filter.
  • Swing-out Air Conditioner Condenser allows cleaning on both sides and access to the air-to-air aftercooler.
  • Engine Compartment - The longitudinal layout ensures accessibility from ground level.


Make Sure You’re Safe

  • FOPS Certified for added protection
  • Falling Objects Guards can be bolted directly on the cab (optional)
  • Anti-drift Valves for booms, sticks and buckets
  • Sound Proofing for a quiet operation
  • Ground Level Maintenance, reducing falling hazards
  • Anti-Skid Plates on top of the steps and upper structure to reduce slipping hazards
  • Handrails and Steps make climbing on and off the machine easy with three points of contact
  • Several Halogen Lights for proper visibility all shift long
  • Rotating Beacon (optional)
  • Excellent Visibility - overhead visibility is enhanced with a large skylight
  • Standard Rearview Camera - clear view behind the machine through the monitor
  • Implement Lock-out prevents from moving the machine unintentionally
  • Smart Travel Alarm to enhance safety on your job site (optional)
    •  Alternator, 75 A
    •  Lights: - Boom working light - Cab interior light - Roading lights two front - Roading lights two rear - Working lights, cab mounted (front and rear)
    •  Main shut-off switch
    •  Maintenance free heavy-duty batteries
    •  Signal/warning horn
    •  Automatic engine speed control
    •  Automatic starting aid
    •  Cat C4.4 achieves emission levels equivalent to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, Korean Tier 3 and China Stage 2 emission standards
    •  Fuel/water separator with level indicator, fuel priming pump, water level switch and a visual restriction indicator
  • Automatic engine speed control
    • Automatic starting aid
      • Cat C4.4 achieves emission levels equivalent to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA, Korean Tier 3 and China Stage 2 emission standards
        • Fuel/water separator with level indicator, fuel priming pump, water level switch and a visual restriction indicator
          • HYDRAULICS
            •  Heavy lift mode
            •  Load-sensing Plus hydraulic system
            •  Manual work modes (Eco, power modes)
            •  Separate swing pump
            •  Stick regeneration circuit
            •  Anti drift valves for boom, stick and bucket
          • Heavy lift mode
            • Load-sensing Plus hydraulic system
              • Manual work modes (Eco, power modes)
                • Separate swing pump
                  • Stick regeneration circuit
                    • Anti drift valves for boom, stick and bucket
                      • OPERATOR STATION
                        •  Adjustable armrests
                        •  Air conditioner, heater and defroster with automatic climate control
                        •  Ash tray with cigarette lighter (24 volt)
                        •  Beverage cup/can holder
                        •  Bolt-on FOGS capability
                        •  Bottle holder
                        •  Bottom mounted parallel wiping system that covers the upper and lower windshield glass
                        •  Camera mounted on counterweight displays through cab monitor
                        •  Coat hook
                        •  Floor mat, washable, with storage compartment
                        •  Fully adjustable suspension seat
                        •  Instrument panel and gauges: - Information and warning messages in local language - Gauges for fuel level, engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperature - Filters/fluids change interval - Indicators for headlights, turning signal, low fuel, engine dial sett
                        •  Laminated front windshield
                        •  Left side console, tiltable, with lock out for all controls
                        •  Literature compartment behind seat
                        •  Literature holder in right console
                        •  Mobile phone holder
                        •  Parking brake
                        •  Positive filtered ventilation
                        •  Power supply, 12V-7A
                        •  Rear window, emergency exit
                        •  Retractable seat belt
                        •  Skylight
                        •  Sliding door windows
                        •  Steering column, tiltable
                        •  Storage area suitable for a lunch box
                        •  Sunshade for windshield and skylight
                        •  Travel speed lock
                        •  Visor for rain protection
                      • UNDERCARRIAGE
                        •  Heavy-duty axles, advanced travel motor, adjustable braking force
                        •  Oscillating front axle with remote greasing
                        •  Tires, 10.00-20 16 PR, dual
                        •  Two tool boxes in undercarriage
                        •  Two-piece drive shaft
                      • OTHER EQUIPMENT
                        •  Automatic swing brake
                        •  Counterweight, 3500 kg
                        •  Mirrors, frame and cab
                        •  Cat Product Link
                      • AUXILIARY CONTROLS AND LINES
                        •  Auxiliary boom and stick lines
                        •  Basic control circuits: - Medium pressure: Two-way, medium pressure circuit, for rotating or tilting of work tools - Tool control/multi function: One/two-way high pressure for hammer application or opening and closing of a work tool Pr
                        •  SmartBoom
                      • Auxiliary boom and stick lines
                        • Basic control circuits: - Medium pressure: Two-way, medium pressure circuit, for rotating or tilting of work tools - Tool control/multi function: One/two-way high pressure for hammer application or opening and closing of a work tool Pr
                          • SmartBoom
                            • FRONT LINKAGE
                              •  Booms: - One-piece boom, 5050 mm - VA boom (two piece), 5200 mm
                              •  Bucket linkage with or without diverter valve
                              •  Sticks: - 2400, 2600 mm
                            • ELECTRICAL
                              •  Travel alarm with three selectable modes
                              •  Refueling pump
                              •  Lights: - Rotating beacon on cab
                            • Travel alarm with three selectable modes
                              • Refueling pump
                                • Lights: - Rotating beacon on cab
                                  • OPERATOR STATION
                                    •  Falling objects guard
                                    •  CD/MP3 Radio (12V) at rear location including speakers and 12V converter
                                    •  Seat, adjustable high-back: - mechanical suspension - air suspension (vertical)
                                    •  Vandalism guards
                                    •  Windshield: - 70/30 split, openable
                                  • UNDERCARRIAGE
                                    •  Dozer blade, front or rear mounted
                                    •  Outriggers, rear mounted
                                    •  Spacer rings for tires
                                  • Dozer blade, front or rear mounted
                                    • Outriggers, rear mounted
                                      • Spacer rings for tires
                                        • OTHER EQUIPMENT
                                          •  Counterweight, 3900 kg
                                          •  Ride Control
                                          •  Cat Machine Security System (MSS)
                                        • Counterweight, 3900 kg
                                          • Ride Control
                                            • Cat Machine Security System (MSS)

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