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Large Wheel Dozers(Non Current)

Every operation is looking for high production support machines. Cat wheel dozers combine the production capabilities of track-type tractors with the mobility and versatility of wheel loaders to give you an outstanding utility machine.

854G Wheel Dozer

The 854G is engineered for demanding work in large dozing applications. The 854G joins the line as an ideal match for large mining operations, power generating utilities, the general contracting industry and wherever mobility and production dozing is needed.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine Model3508B EUI
  • Flywheel Power597.0 kW
  • Displacement34.5 L
  • Operating Weight96470.0 kg
  • Turning Circle w/Blade9.91 m

Product Details


Engine Model 3508B EUI
Flywheel Power 597.0 kW
Displacement 34.5 L


Operating Weight 96470.0 kg

Operating Specifications

Turning Circle w/Blade 9.91 m
Ground Clearance 1314.0 mm


Number of Forward Speeds 3
Number of Reverse Speeds 3


Steering Angle 43.0 Degrees

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank – Standard 1345.0 L
Cooling System 204.0 L
Crankcase 102.0 L
Transmission 169.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 326.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives – Front 345.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives – Rear 326.0 L


Front Fixed
Rear Oscillates
Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall 630.0 mm


Standard Tire Size 45/65R45, L-4

Power Train

Cat power train delivers top performance and durability in tough applications.

3508B diesel engine

The Cat 3508B diesel engine is a four-stroke design and uses long, effective power strokes for more complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency.

Torque rise

The 30 percent torque rise provides high lugging force during dozing and acceleration in high rimpull conditions.

Unmatched Combustion efficiency

Electronic unit injection is a proven high-pressure, direct injection fuel system.

Piston and Crevice volume

Deep crater piston and low crevice volume provide a more efficient combustion.


Separate circuit aftercooling allows the aftercooler circuit to operate cooler than the jacket water temperature for denser air charge and improved combustion.

Torque Converter

Impeller clutch torque converter allows the operator to modulate rimpull from 100 percent to 20 percent of maximum rimpull to match underfoot requirements.


Caterpillar planetary, power shift transmission features heavy-duty components to handle the toughest jobs.

Diesel engine management

Advanced diesel engine management system controls the fuel injector solenoids to start and stop fuel injection for greater reliability, automatic altitude compensation and air filter restriction indication.


Heavy-duty axles feature stronger gears and bearings in both the differentials and final drives for increased durability.

Axle oil coolers.

Axle oil coolers are standard on front and rear axles of the 854G.

Multiple-disc brakes.

Oil-enclosed, multiple-disc brakes feature fewer parts, better heat rejection and improved serviceability.


Superior design and strength provide solid support for maximum production and service life.

Structures robotically welded

Structure on the 854G are more than 90 percent robotically welded.

Casting in the engine-end frame.

Casting in the engine-end frame are used in critical high-stress areas to help spread the load and reduce the number of parts.

Engine and transmission mounts.

Engine and transmission mounts are designed to use mushroom and cup-shaped ISO mounts, reducing component vibration and sound levels.


Well-balanced hydraulics deliver precise, low-effort control and trouble-free operation.

Two separate, hydraulic systems.

One system is for the brakes and steering while the other is for implement and hydraulically-driven engine cooling fan.

Blade Control

Armrest-mounted control lever sends signals to a pilot valve for tilt/tip control and to a main valve for lift/lower control.

Load Sensing Steering.

Load sensing steering with STIC Control System is a revolutionary system that integrates steering and transmission into a single controller.

Caterpillar's XT-3 and XT-5 hose.

Caterpillar's XI-3 and XT-5 hose, O'ring face seals and large-bore lift and tilty cylinders top off the hydraulic system, delivering the performance and durability owners expect.

Operator Station

Comfort and control-top operator station will help maximize productivity.

Spacious cab design.

Spacious cab design features include excellent viewing, interior sound levels below 75dB(A), Caterpillar Contour Series seat, standard coat hook, cup holder, storage bin, intermittent wet-arm wipers, and is radio-ready for two-way radios.

Large viewing area.

Large, viewing area enhances viewing in all directions.

Blades and Blade Control.

Caterpillar blades are built to handle tough applications. Well-proven Cat components deliver dependable service and ease of operation.

Heavy-duty blade linkage.

Heavy-duty blade linkage is common with a Caterpillar D11 Track-Type Tractor.

Blade control

Single-lever blade control hydraulically operates blade raise, lower, tilt and tip.

Single or dual-tilt

Operator has the option of either single or dual-tilt operation by using a switch located on top of control lever.

Caterpillar blades

Resilient and durable Caterpillar blades are designed with excellent dozing and rolling characteristics.

Coal Blade

Coal blade is designed for precise and productive dozing while helping to retain load control with increased capacity for lighter materials.

Semi-U blades

Semi-U blades combine the characteristics of the S and U blades into one package.

Heavy-duty semi-U blade

The heavy-duty semi-U blade has the same configuration as the semi-U blade, but it is built with thicker plates for more severe applications.


Less time spent on maintenance means more time on the job.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance and repair through monitoring key functions and logging critical indicators.

Customer Support

Cat dealers services keep machines operating longer with lower costs.


Make detailed comparisons of the machines under consideration before buying.


Improving operating techniques can boost one's profits.


More and more equipment buyers are planning for effective maintenance before buying equipment.

Product Support

Nearly all parts are available at the Cat Dealer parts counter.


Repair, rebuild or replace?

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