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Medium Wheel Dozers (Non Current)

Every operation is looking for high production support machines. Cat wheel dozers combine the production capabilities of track-type tractors with the mobility and versatility of wheel loaders to give you an outstanding utility machine.

824H Wheel Dozer

The 824H Wheel Dozer was conceived and designed to surpass any competitor with exciting innovations that exceed customer expectations for performance, reliability and operator comfort.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelC15 ACERT
  • Net Power264.0 kW
  • Flywheel Power264.0 kW
  • Gross Power299.0 kW
  • Direct Drive Net Power – Caterpillar264.0 kW
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Product Details


Engine Model C15 ACERT
Net Power 264.0 kW
Flywheel Power 264.0 kW
Gross Power 299.0 kW
Direct Drive Net Power – Caterpillar 264.0 kW
Direct Drive Net Power – ISO 9249 264.0 kW
Bore 137.0 mm
Stroke 171.0 mm
Displacement 15.2 L
Cylinders 6


Operating Weight 28724.0 kg

Blade Specifications

Blade Capacities 4.67 m3 - 16 m3
Straight Blade - Capacity 4507.0 m3
Straight Blade - Overall Width 430.0 mm
Straight Blade - Height 1229.0 mm
Straight Blade - Digging Depth 430.0 mm
Straight Blade - Ground Clearance 1070.0 mm
Straight Blade - Maximum Tilt 1184.0 mm
Straight Blade - Weight 3196.0 kg
Straight Blade - Total Operating Weight 28724.0 kg
Universal Blade - Capacity 6.88 m3
Universal Blade - Overall Width 4336.0 mm
Universal Blade - Height 1365.0 mm
Universal Blade - Digging Depth 518.0 mm
Universal Blade - Ground Clearance 956.0 mm
Universal Blade - Maximum Tilt 1139.0 mm
Coal Blade - Capacity 16.0 m3
Coal Blade - Overall Width 4800.0 mm
Coal Blade - Height 1803.0 mm
Coal Blade - Digging Depth 536.0 mm
Coal Blade - Ground Clearance 1060.0 mm
Coal Blade - Maximum Tilt 1254.0 mm
Semi-U Blade - Capacity 6.88 m3
Semi-U Blade - Overall Width 4439.0 mm
Semi-U Blade - Height 1584.0 mm
Semi-U Blade - Digging Depth 542.0 mm
Semi-U Blade - Maximum Tilt 1166.0 mm

Operating Specifications

Ground Clearance 358.0 mm


Number of Forward Speeds 4
Number of Reverse Speeds 4
Converter Drive – Forward 1 6.1 km/h
Converter Drive – Forward 2 10.5 km/h
Converter Drive – Forward 3 18.3 km/h
Converter Drive – Forward 4 32.1 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 1 6.9 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 2 12.0 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 3 20.8 km/h
Converter Drive – Reverse 4 36.6 km/h


Standard Tire Size 29.5RR25 XHA MX L3

Hydraulic System

Lift cylinder, bore and stroke 120.65 mm x 915 mm (4.75 in x 36.0 in)
Steering cylinder, bore and stroke 114.3 mm x 576 mm (4.5 in x 22.7 in)
Right tilt and tip, bore and stroke 152.4 mm x 255 mm (6 in x 10.0 in)
Left tilt and tip, bore and stroke 133.75 mm x 255 mm (5.3 in x 10.0 in)
Relief valve setting 24125.0 kPa


Brakes Meet SAE/ISO 3450 1996


Front Fixed
Rear Oscillating ±13°


Height to Top of Cab 3700.0 mm
Height to Top of Exhaust Pipe 3590.0 mm
Height to Top of Hood 2635.0 mm
Ground Clearance to Bumper 885.0 mm
Height to Bottom of Ladder 446.0 mm
Center Line of Rear Axle to Edge of Bumper 2787.0 mm
Center Line of Rear Axle to Hitch 1850.0 mm
Wheelbase 3700.0 mm
Length with Blade on Ground 8224.0 mm
Ground Clearance 358.0 mm


Cab ROPS/FOPS is standard
Sound Performance Levels Meet ANSI/SAE, SAE and ISO standards
ROPS/FOPS Meets SAE and ISO standards

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank – standard 700.0 L
Cooling System 83.0 L
Crankcase 34.0 L
Transmission 62.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 88.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives – Front 90.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives – Rear 90.0 L

Complete Customer Support

Your Cat dealer is your single, safe source for all your equipment needs. He offers a wide range of services that will fit your operation and keep you working longer with lower costs.

Power Train

The 824H uses the Cat C15 diesel engine with ACERT™ Technology which is U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage III compliant. Smooth, consistent shifting with fingertip control and electronic controls contribute to increased levels of productivity.


The 824H uses electro-hydraulics or ease of operation and operator comfort. The new Automatic Blade Positioning (ABP) helps to improve the productivity of your machine.


Advanced design, materials and robotic welding contribute to increased durability and overall machine strength.


On the 824H, you can choose from the straight blade, coal blade or the new 6.9 m3 (9 yd3) standard and extreme service U-blade to allow for maximum productivity from your wheel dozer.

Optional Features

Various optional features are available to meet all your needs.

Operator Station and Controls

Experience a high level of productivity through Command Control steering with integrated transmission controls, fingertip blade controls, a large viewing area and spacious operator station.


Many convenient service features such as hinged service doors, easily accessible scheduled maintenance points, conveniently located sight gauges and a separated cooling system make servicing easy. Service has been improved with new transmission remote pressure taps.

"Call Back Option available only for UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar."

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