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Scoops(Non Current)

Caterpillar offers a broad line of room & pillar products that have undergone extensive redesign and re-engineering to deliver the highest performance available in the marketplace.

SU488 - Scoops

With over 40 years’ experience and over 6,500 battery-powered units produced, the Cat® scoop is the obvious choice for a low-maintenance, high-productivity utility vehicle. The products from the No. 1 manufacturer of battery-powered mining machinery are setting the pace in efficient and reliable underground utility vehicles. The SU488 is the strongest and most rugged low-profile scoop ever built.

  • Specification Summary

  • Height to Top of Cab1245.0 mm
  • Payload Capacity14.5 tonnes
  • Length8915.0 mm
  • Height to Top of Body965.0 mm
  • Width2920.0 mm
  • Product Brochure


Product Details


Height to Top of Cab 1245.0 mm
Payload Capacity 14.5 tonnes
Length 8915.0 mm
Height to Top of Body 965.0 mm
Width 2920.0 mm

Cab Options (cab must be utilized when winch is selected)

Options Hydraulic
Options Manual

Drive Train

Axles Optional Diff-Lock
Axles Alternate axles will be considered upon request
Axles 35 800 kg (79,000 lb) capacity axle
Axles Heavy duty
Axles Brake cooling
Axles SAHR brakes
Axles Features outboard planetary
Drive Lines Heavy duty off-highway
Drive Lines 7C type driveshafts with slip joints
Reducer A foot-mounted 3.33:1 ratio gearbox
Tram Motor Non-ventilated cooling
Tram Motor Foot-mounted
Tram Motor Direct current
Tram Motor Mine traction
Tram Motor One proprietary design
Tram Motor MSHA totally enclosed, explosion-proof
Tram Motor Gear motor rated at 37 kW (50 hp) (1 hour) at 1,540 rpm and 110 Volts


Service and Emergency/Park Spring-applied hydraulic release SAHR
Service and Emergency/Park 4-wheel wet disc
Service and Emergency/Park Controlled by reverse modulating valve
Service and Emergency/Park Left-pedal activated

Tire/Wheel Option

Options 35X15-15 Tires - Customer-specified tire brand and fill type.
Options 38X16-15 Tires - Customer-specified tire brand and fill type.


Components Heavy-duty with bends utilized where applicable to reduce the number of indeterminate stresses introduced by welding.
Components 254 mm (10 in) extended operator’s deck with side egress access.
Components Constructed of ASTM 572-GR50 steel with T-1 steel at high stress or wear areas.

Battery Charger Accessories

Heavy-duty Charger Case Sled consisting of heavy-duty protection framework and equipped with lifting mechanisms.

Machine Battery

Components Battery Tray
Components Battery with Plastisol Coated Tray (Single Connector)
Components Battery Filling System
Components Battery Receptacle Kit

Operator Control

Components Left-hand control stick that incorporates the most common operator functions
Components Ergonomically designed control stick for one-hand control.
Components Manual disconnect switch
Components Tapeswitch stop switches located on both sides of operator.
Components Speed control accomplished by right-foot-activated pedal.

Other Options

Option Handheld calibrator (control adjustments and troubleshooting)
Option Schroder Test Mate
Option PA approval kit
Option HiPAC 10 control system
Option Venturi jet fill
Option Traction motor over speed protection
Option Park brake pressure switch


Hydraulic Hose and Fittings JIC fittings with high pressure hoses, MSHA 2G flame-resistant approved.
Hydraulic PTO Two (2) quick coupler connections, 8.3 MPa (1,200 psi) maximum recommended operating pressure.
Lift Cylinder Two (2) 178 mm (7 in) bore, double-acting cylinders with forged rods and self-aligning bushings.
Pump Pump is directly mounted to the pump motor housing.
Pump Fixed displacement
Pump Helical gear tandem pumps rated at 91 total L/min (24 total gpm) at 1,600 rpm
Pump Motor Foot-mounted
Pump Motor Non-ventilated cooling
Pump Motor MSHA totally enclosed, explosion-proof
Pump Motor Motor rated at 12 kW (16 hp) (1 hour)
Pump Motor Direct current
Pump Motor Laminated frame
Pump Motor Mine duty
Pump Motor 110 Volts DC
Reservoir 170 L (45 gal) capacity with magnetic particle sump strainer and 10 micron return line filter with by-pass.
Reservoir A sight glass on the side of the oil tank for oil-level monitoring.
Reservoir Fill System Fill cap assembly in top of reservoir tank.
Steering Cylinder Two (2) 127 mm (5 in) bore, double-acting cylinders with forged rods and self-aligning bearings.
Valve Bank Six section, parallel (flow through) type with 15.5 MPa (2,250 psi) internal relief and 11.7 MPa (1,700 psi) steering relief.
Valve Bank Valve bank is rated at 151 L/min (40 gpm).

Auxiliary Components

Components Battery Change Cables

Lift Capacity

Capacity 14.5 tonnes at 914 mm (16 tons at 36 in) from the face of lift plate

Center Section Cable Location Option

Components Cables are protected with additional guarding and covers. This will add 76 mm (3 in) to overall frame height.
Components All cables over the top of center section.

Winch Option

Options Requires operator cab in lieu of canopy.
Options Winch - 13 600 kg (30,000 lb) bare drum pull, 2-speed winch assembly with 21.3 m of 19 mm (70 ft of ¾ in) diameter steel

Center Section

Components Heavy-duty ball bearing with unlimited oscillation.
Components Pivot points designed to distribute loads using self-aligning, one-piece, heavy-duty radial bearings.
Components Internal grease seals to prevent contamination of the ball bearings.

Fire Suppression

Type Four point, 9 kg (20 lb), multi-purpose, ABC dry chemical fire suppression system; manually actuated.

Battery Charger Options

Options Dual-output for two batteries
Options Single-output for one battery

Operator’s Compartment Options

Options Hydraulically activated, floor mounted, foot operated push button.
Options 533 mm (21 in) deck extension to provide better visibility in the lower seams

Dimensions (approximate)

Adjustable Cab Height – 35x15-15 Tires 1270 mm-1520 mm (4 ft 2 in-5 ft 0 in)
Adjustable Cab Height – 38x16-15 Tires 1350 mm-1600 mm (4 ft 5 in-5 ft 3 in)
Battery Height from Ground – With 64-SS100-21 Battery: 35X15-15 Tires 1020.0 mm
Battery Height from Ground – With 64-SS100-21 Battery: 38X16-15 Tires 1070.0 mm
Battery Height from Ground – With 64-SS125-21 Battery: 35X15-15 Tires 1120.0 mm
Battery Height from Ground – With 64-SS125-21 Battery: 38X16-15 Tires 1170.0 mm
Battery Height from Ground – With 64-SS85-21 Battery: 35X15-15 Tires 965.0 mm
Battery Height from Ground – With 64-SS85-21 Battery: 38X16-15 Tires 1020.0 mm
Ground Clearance (Nominal) (Please reference sales drawing for Ground Clearance profile) – 35x15-15 Tires 250.0 mm
Ground Clearance (Nominal) (Please reference sales drawing for Ground Clearance profile) – 38x16-15 Tires 330.0 mm
Inside turn radius 3660.0 mm
Main Frame Height – 35x15-15 Tires 860.0 mm
Main Frame Height – 38x16-15 Tires 940.0 mm
Outside turn radius 7315.0 mm
Overall Length – Length with lift plate attachment 8230.0 mm
Overall Length – With contoured bucket 8940.0 mm
Overall Length – With lifting forks 8030.0 mm
Overall Length – With quick-attach flat bottom bucket 9140.0 mm
Overall Width – With contoured bucket 2900.0 mm
Overall Width – With lifting forks 2690.0 mm
Overall Width – With quick-attach flat bottom bucket 2900.0 mm
Steering articulation 80° total
Tram Speed 8.0 km/h
Un-A-Trac Empty Weights – Less Battery 16650.0 kg
Un-A-Trac Empty Weights – With 64-SS100-21 Battery 21770.0 kg
Un-A-Trac Empty Weights – With 64-SS85-21 Battery 21200.0 kg
Wheelbase 3660.0 mm

Battery Plug – Single Connector Option

J&R 2000, 5-pole, Brass w/Captive Wrench Brass plug with a captive wrench to install or remove the battery plugs. Battery plug is rated at 600 amps.
J&R 2000, 5-pole, Brass w/Captive Wrench Other connector options available upon request

Lift Attachment Option

Options QDS quick attach module (required for all QDS attachments)
Options QDS battery carrier
Options QDS fork assembly

Operator’s Compartment

Components Right foot accelerator pedal
Components 254 mm (10 in) extended operator’s deck
Components Manual circuit breaker lever reset handle
Components Left foot brake pedal
Components Accumulator pressure gauge
Components Park brake release pressure gauge
Components Tape strip panic switch that de-energizes electrical system and applies automatic brake
Components Warning gong
Components System pressure gauge
Components Control station
Valve Bank Hydraulic Functions: • Steering • Bucket • Bucket Eject • Winch/Power Take Off • Battery Changer

Electrical Controls

Types Model 2000, microprocessor controlled, IGBT, contactorless, 128VDC, 1200 amp traction motor controller.
Types Mine duty, 600 amp frame circuit breaker, with UVR (under voltage release) trip unit.
Types Microprocessor controlled, IGBT, contactorless, 128VDC, 350 amp, pump motor controller.

Lighting System Option

Options MCI 120V
Options Ocenco, Halogen, 12VDC, 50 watt - Two front headlights with protective guard, and two rear headlights with protective guard.
Options MCI 12V

The Cat Control System

We have led the way in increasing the productivity of battery powered mining equipment.

Our control system eliminates commutating coils and capacitor banks and is able to provide a microprocessor-based motor controller. Using the dash-mounted diagnostic display and the handheld calibrator/diagnostic unit, difficulties can be overcome in short order.

State-of-the-Art Drive Technology

Optional HiPAC 10 VFD - The Cat HiPAC 10 is a DC to AC variable-frequency inverter control that drives high-performance AC electronic motors, which have a superior speed-torque characteristics.

It is up to 14% more efficient than traditional DC motors. This means higher loaded tram speeds, more responsive hydraulic functions and more work per battery charge.

Mine Duty, 37 kW/50 hp Tram Motor

The scoop is equipped with a 50 hp, 110 V DC, class H insulation series wound traction motor.

An Optional 100 hp AC tram motor is available with the HiPAC 10 VFD Control System.

Explosion Proof, 11.9 kW/16 hp Pump Motor

All Cat utility scoops feature large hydraulic fluid reservoirs for maximum cooling capacity. Each reservoir is equipped for easy fluid-level monitoring.

The machines are provided with 10-micron return line filtration and a magnetic particle sump strainer. For long life and dependability, the main imple­ment pumps are helical gear, fixed displace­­ment. Dash-mounted gauges provide the operator with continuous monitoring of the status of the hydraulic system. An optional 35 kW (47 hp) AC Pump motor with HiPAC 10 VFD control system is available.

Heavy-duty Drive Train

With options and features like full inboard planetary axles and bulletproof outboard and hub-end planetary axles, the Cat Scoop is the right combination for any application.

For unparalleled speed and maximum reliability, the SU488 offers dual 37.3 kW (50 hp) tram motors.

Human-factor Engineered Operator’s Compartment

For long-shift productivity, operator comfort is paramount for maintaining a safe working environment.

At Caterpillar, ergonomics is not just another marketing buzzword. Controls are placed in a logical, easy-to-reach position and are easily operated from the fully padded, adjustable seat.

Heavy-duty Center Section

To provide superior stability in tough conditions, the scoop offers ball bearing oscillation. The problems associated with three-point-hitch style oscillation are eliminated with the robust design of the pivot section.

High-strength, low-alloy steel bearing attachment faces and quality ANSI/AWS welding help provide the reliability that our customers demand. The articulation joint features hardened spherical bushings to ensure even load distribution to the high-strength, hardened articulation pins.

Environmentally Responsible

The Cat Diesel Power pack, in both permissible and non-permissible configurations, is the cleanest power pack available for the underground mining environment.

Alternate engines are available depending on application and geographical regions.
  • Oversize center sections
    • Tape switch type emergency stops
      • Wet-disc service brakes
        • Cat IGBT electric controllers (optional HIPAC 10 AC drive)
          • Multi-purpose contoured bottom bucket
            • Planetary wheel drives
              • Ground-level battery change system
                • Vertical lift and tilt
                  • Dual tram motors
                    • Battery sizes from 550 to 1,500 Amp/hrs
                      • Two-speed winch
                        • Heavy-duty, forged steel fork frame
                          • Special rock bucket
                            • Hydraulically operated cab assembly
                              • Cat Control Stick
                                • Diesel versions available
                                  • AC Motors with VFD Control System

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