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Caterpillar offers a broad line of room & pillar products that have undergone extensive redesign and re-engineering to deliver the highest performance available in the marketplace.

SU488 D Scoop

  • Specification Summary

  • Height to Top of Cab1120.0 mm
  • Payload Capacity14.5 tonnes
  • Length9880.0 mm
  • After TreatmentDry Scrubber
  • DPM ControlDisposable filter 97% eff
  • Product Brochure


Product Details


Height to Top of Cab 1120.0 mm
Payload Capacity 14.5 tonnes
Length 9880.0 mm

Exhaust System

After Treatment Dry Scrubber
DPM Control Disposable filter 97% eff
Make Evarpar/ECS
Type Preliminary DOC


Counterbalance load Lock valves Lift & Tilt (opt)
Rods Hard chromed
Type Double acting


Bearing type and size Pin & bearing
Bush material Hardened steel
Degrees of turn either side 45.0 Degrees
Pin material Hardened steel

Maximum Tractive Effort

Reference Refer to engineering for information dependent on the applications

Tires – Standard

Load 9120 kg @ 8 km/h (20,100 lb @ 5 mph)
Size: 35x15-15 – Inflation media Urethane Fill
Size: 35x15-15 – Ply rating Bias
Size: 38x16-15 – Inflation media Urethane Fill
Size: 38x16-15 – Ply rating Bias
Size: 44x18-20 – Inflation media Urethane Fill
Size: 44x18-20 – Ply rating Bias


Drive Hydraulic
Type Caterpillar Flameproof

Lift and Carry Capacity

Capacity 14.5 tonnes (16 tons) at 914 mm (36 in) from the face of lift plate

Torque Converter

Make/Model Dana integral
Type Mounted on engine, single element


Make/Model 3 piece (Heavy Duty)


Type Adjustable CAB Certified to MSHA req

Service Capacities

Fuel Tank 132 L (35 gal) - MSHA Limited
Hydraulic tank 265.0 L
With 35x15-15 Tires – 1st gear max 2.9 km/h
With 35x15-15 Tires – 2nd gear max 6.0 km/h
With 35x15-15 Tires – 3rd gear max 10.3 km/h
With 35x15-15 Tires – 4th gear max 17.9 km/h

Intake Air Cleaner

Intake dual element type Primary & Secondary
Type Dry


Degrees up and down from horizontal 15.0 Degrees
Type Ball Bearing at Articulation

Pneumatic System

Air receiver volume 106.0 L
Compressor type Piston engine gear driven
Governed pressure 1.03 Mpa
Relief pressure 1.45 Mpa

Engine Speeds

High idle 2350.0 RPM
Low idle 1000.0 RPM

Start System

Type Pneumatic gear reduction

Hydraulic Systems

Auxiliary system Open center, HRO Control
Bucket/PTO system Open center/Motor Spool
Steer/brake system Open center, HRO Control
Tank type Sealed

Bucket System

Actuation HRO
Control valve Open center

Dimensions (approximate)

Adjustable Cab Height (minimum) – 35x15-15 Tires 1257.0 mm
Adjustable Cab Height (minimum) – 38x16-15 Tires 1295.0 mm
Adjustable Cab Height (minimum) – 44x18-20 Tires 1372.0 mm
Ground Clearance (No Axles Spacers) (Please reference sales drawing for Ground Clearance profile) – 35x15-15 Tires 267.0 mm
Ground Clearance (No Axles Spacers) (Please reference sales drawing for Ground Clearance profile) – 38x16-15 Tires 267.0 mm
Ground Clearance (No Axles Spacers) (Please reference sales drawing for Ground Clearance profile) – 44x18-20 Tires 267.0 mm
Inside turn radius 3660.0 mm
Main Frame Height – 35x15-15 Tires 978.0 mm
Main Frame Height – 38x16-15 Tires 1016.0 mm
Main Frame Height – 44x18-20 Tires 1092.0 mm
Outside turn radius 8940.0 mm
Overall Length – With contoured bucket 9880.0 mm
Overall Length – With lifting forks 8970.0 mm
Overall Width – With contoured bucket 2920.0 mm
Overall Width – With lifting forks 2720.0 mm
Scoop utility empty weights 22680.0 kg
Scoop utility empty weights – with 3,000 lb Ballast 24040.0 kg
Steering articulation 80°
Wheelbase 3860.0 mm


Make/Model Dana 32000 series
Speeds, forward and reverse 4
Type Power shift with Fwd/Rev mod

Cooling/Fan Pump

Std pump output @ 2,000 rpm 17/45 L/min (4.5/12 gal/min)
Type Gear

Steering System

Actuation HRO Control
Control valve Open center

Electrical System

Polarity Floating
Type Approved flameproof
Voltage 12

Engine (4 Cylinder)

Cooling System water based radiator
Cooling fan Hydraulic driven fan
Displacement 4.8 L
Engine make/model Caterpillar/Deutz 1013 FC
Maximum power tested 112 kW (150 hp) @ 2,300 rpm
Maximum torque tested 651.0 N·m
Type Diesel, Turbo Charged, and 4 Cycle

Axles (Front/Rear)

Differential Type Hydraulic Actuated, Bevel Gear and Pinion Forced Brake Cooling
Make/Model Kessler 72 Series
Type Outboard Planetary/SAHR Brakes

Hydraulic Filtration

Auxiliary system Pressure 10 micron; Tank mounted, 25 micron
Bucket/PTO system Pressure 10 micron
Common Return replaceable bypass
Steer/brake system Pressure 10 micron

Main Hydraulic Pump

Std pump output @ 2,000 rpm 106.0 L/min
Type Gear

Accumulator Brakes

Operation Pre charge 6.2 Mpa (900 psi) - Nitrogen pressure
Quantity x capacity 1.9 L
Type Piston


Front to rear Up to 30%


Number/location 2 front, 2 rear

Seating (Driver)

Type Adjustable Cross-seated

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