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Feeder Breakers(Non Current)

Caterpillar offers a broad line of room & pillar products that have undergone extensive redesign and re-engineering to deliver the highest performance available in the marketplace.

FB75 - Feeder Breaker (Development Class)

Tailored for a perfect fit whatever your conditions. Feeder breakers allow haulage vehicles to quickly discharge their payloads. They break mined material down to beltable size and the ratio chains feed the broken material onto a conveyor belt, reducing the risk of conveyor belt jams and spillage. Cat® feeder breakers do the job with a large intake hopper capacity and high throughput rate. The high-speed/high-torque traction system has torque hubs instead of the hydraulic motors used on competitive models, delivering higher tram speeds for section moves and higher torque-to-ground for greater tractive effort. Features: • Up to 1 633 tonnes/hour (1,800 tons/hour) discharge rate • 27 200 kg (60,000 lb) pick force • 126 980 kg/strand (280,000 lb/strand) ultimate strength, engineering class, rollertype conveyor chain • 25 mm (1.0 in) AR 400 frame side steel 25 mm (1.0 in) plate fabricated hopper • Hydraulically-adjustable ground clearance • High tractive effort achieved with torque hub planetary crawler drive • 14 m/min (47 ft/min) tram speed

  • Specification Summary

  • Length10.36 m
  • Width3.23 m
  • Height0.73 m

Product Details


Length 10.36 m
Width 3.23 m
Height 0.73 m
  • Shear pin or torque-limiting coupling breaker drivetrain protection
    • Hydraulic, hydro-mechanical or electro-mechanical conveyor drives are available depending on application parameters and operation’s preference
      • Chromium Carbide Overlay coal line
        • Customer hopper capacity design to suit application
          • Hopper sideboards
            • Shovelnose, 3-way dump, or face hauler hopper end
              • Integral mounted belt tail roller with stabilizing hydraulic cylinders
                • Ansul™ dry-chemical fire suppression system
                  • Electric solenoid-controlled dust suppression system
                    • Direct drive breakershaft and headshaft

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