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Load Haul Dumps(Non Current)

Caterpillar offers a broad line of room & pillar products that have undergone extensive redesign and re-engineering to deliver the highest performance available in the marketplace.

CL215 - Load Haul Dump

The CL215 is the 15 tonne (16.53 ton) heavy-lift LHD and utility vehicle in the Cat range. Like the CL210, it can be used as a shield mover in combination with the SH150 trailer, allowing for the LHD to become a true utility vehicle with multifunction capabilities.

  • Specification Summary

  • Height2056 mm/80.9 in (and above)
  • Load Capacity15 tonnes/16.5 tons (max)
  • Power TypeDiesel
  • Front AxleFixed
  • Rear AxleTrunnion Mount
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Product Details


Height 2056 mm/80.9 in (and above)
Load Capacity 15 tonnes/16.5 tons (max)
Power Type Diesel

Axles Standard

Front Axle Fixed
Rear Axle Trunnion Mount
Type Outboard Planetary


Degrees Up and Down from Horizon 7.5 Degree

Vehicle Speeds

1st Gear 3.1 km/h
2nd Gear 7.4 km/h
3rd Gear 13.0 km/h
4th Gear 23.0 km/h


Cooling Fan Hydraulic Driven Fan
Cooling System Water Based Radiator
Displacement 7.2 L
Engine Make/Model Cat 3126
Maximum Power 172 kW (230 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Maximum Torque 720 N·m (531 lb-ft) @ 1,400 rpm
Type Diesel, Turbocharged, 4 Cycle

Start System

Starter Motor Type Air Turbine Type


Degrees of Turn Either Side 43 Degree


Bucket Payload 12000.0 kg
Maximum Braked Trailer Mass Consult Caterpillar
Maximum Un-braked Trailer Mass 15000.0 kg
RAS Belt Reeler 12000.0 kg
RAS Fixed Jib Maximum Payload 10000.0 kg
RAS Forks, Maximum Payload 15000.0 kg
RAS Slewing Jib, Maximum Payload 8000.0 kg

Standard Ejector Bucket

Heaped Capacity (SAE) 4.5 m3
Struck Capacity 3.5 m3

Service Capacities

Axle Oil (Each) 71.0 L
Engine Cooling System Water 72.0 L
Engine Crankcase Oil (with Filter) 22.0 L
Fuel Tank 300.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 300.0 L
Main Air Receiver 80.0 L
Transmission/Converter Oil 40.0 L
Water Make Up Tank 450.0 L

Pneumatic System

Air Flow 0.340 m3/min (12 ft3/min) @ 1,500 rpm
Air Receiver Volume 80.0 L
Compressor Type Piston Engine Gear Driven
Governed Pressure 800.0 kPa
Relief Pressure 830.0 kPa

Seating (Driver)

Type Cross-seated

Electrical System

Polarity Floating Chassis
Type Approved Flameproof
Voltage 12.0 volts


Number/Location 2 Front, 2 Rear; Approved Flameproof


Drive Hydraulic
Type Approved Flameproof


Make/Model 5 Pieces (Heavy Duty)

Tires – Standard

Inflation Media Air
Inflation Pressure – Front 760.0 kPa
Inflation Pressure – Rear 760.0 kPa
Ply Rating Radial
Size 20.5 × R25
Type XKA Tires


ROPS/FOPS Optional
Type Protective Device MDG1

Grade Ability

Front to Rear 1:4
Side to Side 1:8
Side to Side (Empty) 1:4


Maximum Laden 44000.0 kg
Operating with Bucket Only 29000.0 kg
Operating without Bucket 26500.0 kg

Intake Air Cleaner

Intake Flame Trap Spiral Wound Type
Type/Make Dry Dual Element/Caterpillar

Exhaust Conditioner

Aftertreatment Catalytic Exhaust Purifier
Exhaust Filter Replaceable Element Except China
Exhaust Flame Trap Replaceable China and RSA
Make Caterpillar
Type Flameproof Wet


Speeds, Forward and Reverse 4
Type Power Shift with Forward/Reverse

Hydraulic Filtration

Bucket System Return 10 Micron; Replaceable with Bypass
Steer/Brake System Pressure 10 Micron; Replaceable with Bypass

Shutdown System

Optional Shutdowns • High Methane • Low Hydraulic Oil • Exhaust Scrubber Temperature
Standard Shutdowns • Low Engine Oil Pressure • Exhaust Temperature • Engine Coolant Level • Engine Coolant Temperature
Standard Shutdowns (cont'd.) • Turbo Temperature • Scrubber Level 1 • Scrubber Level 2
System Type DCS Electronic; Intrinsically Safe Approved

Engine Speeds

Governed 2600.0 RPM
High Idle 2700.0 RPM
Low Idle 800.0 RPM

Fuel Consumption

At Full Power 37.5 L/hr
Average Mine Duty 8-30 L/hr (2.1-7.9 gal/hr)

High Reliability, Low Cost

To ensure low life-cycle costs and high availability, all vehicles use tried-and-tested, commercially available powertrain components that offer high reliability and availability with high fuel economy.

Components are of the highest possible quality and meet or exceed operational and design requirements. The use of reliable and powerful diesel engines ensures maximum power in a compact design.


Space is at a premium in underground roadways, so the vehicles are designed to be compact, with a minimal profile and roadway presence.

They are also designed to be cost-effective in operation and to meet the user’s need for the safest maximum possible capacity, speed and power.


The Rapid Attach System (RAS) allows a range of accessories to be fitted, thus enhancing the flexibility of the vehicles in operation.

RAS allows the use of accessories from forks and buckets to jib cranes and reelers, as well as many others.


Compliance to regional regulations and guidelines is achieved by using a variety of engine and exhaust con­ditioner packages.

Cat equip­ment is compliant to Australian Standard MDG guide­lines, MSHA (USA), MA (China) and DGMS (India) legislative regula­tions for underground coal mining. Caterpillar also supplies diesel equipment for non-coal mining applications.

Operator Safety and Comfort

The cockpit design features ergonomic, intuitive controls and optimum visibility and safety. This means that operators already trained on one machine can quickly learn to use the others in the range.

All vehicles are compliant with current and anticipated future safety requirements, such as exhaust filtering, falling object protection and maximized visibility. Pilot hydraulic- and electronic-controlled vehicles are available with the option of dials and gauges or an LCD instrument cluster. Demanding working conditions require that the operator is comfortable for the entire shift, so suspension seats and restraint systems have been selected to assist in fatigue management and increase safety.


All machines can be supplied with various diesel engine packages suited to the customer’s requirements. Like all components, our engines are industry-recognized and accepted.

This means high quality, excellent availability and economy of spare parts, and, as a result, high service availability. A broad range of mechanical and electronic engine packages are available, allowing vehicles to be tailored to specific applications or to meet regulations.

Exhaust Systems

Caterpillar can offer the underground mining industry the choice of either a wet exhaust scrubber system or a dry particulate filter system. Both the wet and dry exhaust scrubbers employ a particulate filtration system with an inline purifier and catalytic converter.

Caterpillar has designed a proprietary diesel exhaust solution to meet the highest emissions standards for the health and safety of personnel. The replaceable Cat particulate filter captures particulate matter, preventing its release into the mining atmosphere. A heat exchanger or wet bath scrubber is used to reduce exhaust-gas temperature and a catalytic converter reduces gaseous emissions. The exhaust system is monitored by the Cat DCS electronic shutdown system, which prevents the machine from being operated in unsafe conditions like low water levels or high exhaust system temperatures. Both dry and wet exhaust packages are approved for underground coal mine operation.

Cooling Systems

Caterpillar offers radiator units in either vertical or horizontal configurations.

The dry scrubber exhaust system features a dual independent cooling system with one for the exhaust system and another for the engine system, providing a balanced coolant flow through both systems. The wet-bath-exhaust-equipped machine has a single cooling system for the engine cooling and the exhaust gas is cooled by constant consumption from the exhaust scrubber reservoir.

Electrical Systems

The base specification LHD electrics consist of four flameproof lights powered by a flameproof Cat alternator and a DCS intrinsically safe engine monitoring and shutdown system.

There are a number of additional options available for explosion or non-explosion protected machines that include:
  • LCD graphical display in flameproof enclosure
  • Dimming and directional control of the lights
  • Solenoid-operated valve banks with spool monitoring
  • Electronic shift transmission
  • 12 V or 24 V electrical system
  • Reversing camera and display in flameproof enclosure
  • Electronic joystick control of hydraulics

Ease of Service

All Cat LHD machines can have their operation safety checks per­formed by the operator in minutes at the beginning of the shift.

To return a high service availability, the equipment design has been aimed towards reducing machine downtime during maintenance and servicing tasks.

Rapid Attach System (RAS)

The RAS system makes an accessory change a safe, one-man operation, allowing a broad range of accessories to be fitted in moments without removing the backing plate or the operator having to leave the cab.

A fifth-wheel trailer hitch can also be fitted so that the SH150 can be used for moving roof supports.

Work Tool Attachments

Do more job with one machine.

Range of Attachments

  • Hydraulic side shift forks for pan transportation
  • Ejector plate bucket for scoop operations
  • Lube pod for miner support, diesel/battery fleet support
  • Jib cranes for drive head motor replacement
  • Work platform for pipe, cable or roof repair
  • Reeler unit for belt/cable/AFC/BSL/Bretby
  • QDS attachment - allows use of third-party accessories

SH150 Roof Support Trailer

The SH150 roof support trailer turns your LHD into a high-speed shield hauler capable of carrying 50 tonnes (55.12 tons) and shields up to 2 m (6.56 ft) wide with an integrated hydraulic loading winch. The trailer is designed for moving roof supports and chocks. A hydraulic assist drive system can be fitted as an optional upgrade to support areas of inconsistent floor and roadway conditions for intermittent operation. A rated hydraulic winch is available for loading roof supports and two in-floor load positional cylinders can be used for assistance with unloading. With spring-applied hydraulic brakes and solid rubber wheels, the trailer is hydraulically lowered and raised for easy loading and unloading of transport. The trailer has a capacity of 30 000 or 50 000 kg (66,139 or 110,231 lb) and can carry a 2 m (6.56 ft) roof support. The SH150 can be towed by the CL210 and CL215.

General Purpose Trailer

With a tare mass of 3 tonnes (3.31 tons), the general purpose trailer can carry loads of up to 7 tonnes (7.72 tons). With a simple ladder-frame design, the width of the trailer can be selected to suit mine drive heading sizes. The flat deck and gate railing system allow flexible loading and unloading from either side with forks or handling devices.

Conveyor Structure Module

Fitting on top of a standard general purpose trailer, the conveyor structure module allows all components for a certain section of conveyor to be loaded and stored together. This modular approach not only speeds loading and unloading, but prevents damage to and loss of valuable components.
  • The Cat CL215 comes standard with the Rapid Attachment System (RAS) for rapid pick up and release of attachments.
    • Filled Tires - Insert or Foam
      • Fire Suppression System
        • 15 000 kg (33,069 lb) Forks with Side Shift
          • 8000 kg (17,636 lb) Slewing Jib Crane
            • Elevating Work Platform
              • Fuel and Lubrication Pod
                • Concrete Hopper Attachment
                  • Alternative Approved Electrical Components (Lights, Alternators, Hour Meters, etc.)
                    • Load Indication Gauge System
                      • Tow Chains
                        • Auto Lubrication System
                          • 10 000 kg (22,064 lb) Belt/Cable Reeler
                            • 5.5 m3 (7.2 yd3) Bucket
                              • Trailer Towing Adapter (CHT-50)

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