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Load Haul Dumps(Non Current)

Caterpillar offers a broad line of room & pillar products that have undergone extensive redesign and re-engineering to deliver the highest performance available in the marketplace.

CL210B LHD Vehicle

  • Specification Summary

  • Height1864 mm (73.4 in)
  • Load Capacity10 tonnes (11.02 tons)
  • Power TypeDiesel, Turbocharged
  • Front AxleFixed
  • Rear AxleBolster Mount
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Product Details


Height 1864 mm (73.4 in)
Load Capacity 10 tonnes (11.02 tons)
Power Type Diesel, Turbocharged

Axles Standard

Front Axle Fixed
Rear Axle Bolster Mount
Type Bevel Gear and Pinion
Type Outboard Planetary

Dimensions (Approximate)

Height – Ground Clearance 370.0 mm
Height – Top of Covers 1550.0 mm
Height – Top of ROPS: HIGH Canopy Mount 1990.0 mm
Height – Top of ROPS: LOW Canopy Mount 1864.0 mm
Height – Top of ROPS: MID Canopy Mount 1927.0 mm
Inner Turn Radius 3110.0 mm
Length – Overall with Bucket 9620.0 mm
Length – Overall with Fork 9650.0 mm
Length – Rear Axle to Bumper 2770.0 mm
Length – Wheel Base 3360.0 mm
Lift Height of Fork 2490.0 mm
Lift Height – Bucket Raised 3730.0 mm
Lift Height – Fork Frame 3700.0 mm
Outer Turn Radius Frame 5901.0 mm
Turn Radius Bucket 6305.0 mm
Width 2340.0 mm
Width – Overall 2500.0 mm


Degrees Up and Down from Horizon 7.5 Degree

Vehicle Speeds

1st Gear 2.9 km/h
2nd Gear 6.1 km/h
3rd Gear 10.5 km/h
4th Gear 18.1 km/h

Start System

Starter Motor Type Air Turbine Type


Degrees of Turn Either Side 43 Degree


Bucket Payload 8000.0 kg
Maximum Braked Trailer Mass Consult Caterpillar
Maximum Un-braked Trailer Mass 10000.0 kg
RAS Belt/Cable Reeler, Maximum Payload 7000.0 kg
RAS Forks, Maximum Payload 10000.0 kg
RAS Slewing Jib, Maximum Payload 7000.0 kg

Standard Ejector Bucket

Heaped Capacity (SAE) 3.5 m3
Struck Capacity 2.7 m3

Service Capacities

Axle Oil (Each) 60.0 L
Engine Cooling System Water 72.0 L
Engine Crankcase Oil (with Filter) 25.0 L
Fuel Tank 200.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 250.0 L
Main Air Receiver 150.0 L
Transmission/Converter Oil 40.0 L
Water Make Up Tank 450.0 L

Pneumatic System

Air Flow 0.340 m3/min (1.2 ft3/min) @ 1,500 rpm
Air Receiver Volume 150.0 L
Compressor Type Piston Engine Gear Driven
Governed Pressure 800.0 kPa
Relief Pressure 830.0 kPa

Seating (Driver)

Type Cross-seated

Electrical System

Polarity Floating Chassis
Type Approved Flameproof
Voltage 12.0 volts


Number/Location 2 Front, 2 Rear; Approved Flameproof


Drive Hydraulic
Type Approved Flameproof


Make/Model 5 Pieces (Heavy Duty)


Type Protective Device ROPS/FOPS

Grade Ability

Front to Rear 1:4
Side to Side (Empty) 1:4
Side to Side (Loaded) 1:8


Inflation Media Air
Inflation Pressure 800.0 kPa
Ply Rating Radial
Size 17.5 × R25
Type XKA Tires


Laden with Forks and 10T Load 29000.0 kg
Unladen with Full Tanks and Bucket 19000.0 kg

Intake Air Cleaner

Intake Flame Trap Spiral Wound Type
Type/Make Dry Dual Element/Caterpillar

Exhaust Conditioner

Aftertreatment Catalytic Exhaust Purifier
Exhaust Filter Replaceable Element Except China
Exhaust Flame Trap Replaceable China and RSA
Make Caterpillar
Type Flameproof Wet


Speeds, Forward and Reverse 4
Type Power Shift with Forward/Reverse

Hydraulic Filtration

Bucket System Return 10 Micron Replaceable with Bypass
Steer/Brake System Pressure 10 Micron Replaceable with Bypass

Shutdown System

Optional Shutdowns High Methane; Low Hydraulic Oil; Exhaust Scrubber Temperature
Standard Shutdowns Low Engine Oil Pressure; Exhaust Temperature; Engine Coolant Level; Engine Coolant Temperature; Turbo Temperature
Standard Shutdowns (cont'd.) Scrubber Level 1; Scrubber Level 2
System Type DCS Electronic; Intrinsically Safe Approved

Engine (6 Cylinder)

Cooling Fan Hydraulic Driven Fan
Cooling System Coolant Based Radiator
Displacement 7.2 L
Engine Make/Model Cat® C7
Maximum Power Gross 171.5 kW (230 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Maximum Torque Tested 895 N·m (660 lb-ft) @ 1,700 rpm
Radiator Position Vertical Rear
Type Diesel, Turbocharged

Engine Speeds

High Idle 2300.0 RPM
Low Idle 800.0 RPM

Fuel Consumption

At Full Power 39.4 L/hr
Average Mine Duty 20-40 L/hr (5.3-10.6 gal/hr)
  • The Cat CL210 comes standard with the Rapid Attachment System (RAS) for rapid pick up and release of attachments.
    • 10 000 kg (22,046 lb) Forks with Side Shift
      • 7000 kg (15,432 lb) Slewing Jib Crane
        • 3.5 m3 (4.6 yd3) Bucket - Spade or Straight Lip
          • 5 m³ (6.5 yd3) Bucket (Direct Mount)
            • General Purpose Trailer
              • Pipe Trailer
                • Power Assist Ready
                  • 7000 kg (15,432 lb) Belt/Cable Reeler
                    • 10 000 kg (22,046 lb) Manual Side Shift Forks
                      • Work Platform
                        • Fuel Pod
                          • Concrete Kibble
                            • Trailer Towing Adapter (SH150)
                              • Trailer Power Assist (SH150)

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