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Roof Support Carriers

Caterpillar is the global market leader and supplier of complete longwall systems. All over the world, our equipment and systems are meeting the demands of underground mining under the most stringent conditions. Adapted to the mining challenges faced by our customers today, Cat customized systems range from hydraulic roof supports, automated plow systems, shearers, face conveyors and drive systems to automation and roof support carriers.Caterpillar delivers your system of choice, from low to high seam heights, for the longest longwalls and highest production demands.

SH650 VFD Roof Support Carrier

Longwall moves represent an enormous challenge to underground transportation logistics. Caterpillar offers a full range of roof support carriers to meet the needs of efficient longwall moves. With an increased lift capacity of 45 tonnes (50 ton), the SH650 can handle almost any piece of longwall equipment in a move. In addition to enhanced traction and maneuverability, the SH650 offers improved range of motion of the lift, allowing easier load engagement.

  • Specification Summary

  • Carry Capacity 45.0 tonnes
  • Vehicle Length 11.76 m
  • Vehicle Width 3.03 m
  • Without Ballast 45 tonnes at 1575 mm (50 tons at 62 in)
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Product Details


Carry Capacity 45.0 tonnes
Vehicle Length 11.76 m
Vehicle Width 3.03 m

Lift and Carry Capacity

Without Ballast 45 tonnes at 1575 mm (50 tons at 62 in)

Operator’s Compartment

Components Left-foot brake pedal
Left-hand steering with control stick with these functions • Pump motor start/stop • Park brake release/set • Directional headlights • Tram direction • Stop

Tire/Wheel Options

Options 48×25 SETCO solid tires

Empty Weights

240 kW Hour Battery Pack 46040.0 kg
Less Battery 31751.0 kg

Drive Train

Drive Lines 8.5 C Series Shafts with 76 mm (3 in) Slip Joints
Motor Overspeed Protection Motor overspeed protections are inherent to the AC drive package.
Tram Motor Two proprietary design

Circuit Breaker Options

Options Magnetic, UVR Trip - controller enclosure equipped with UVR trip circuit breaker rated mine duty 800 amp frame, 600 volt.


Power - AC 184.0 kW

Carrying Capacity

Capacity 45.0 tonnes

Battery Charger (Dual Connector)

Output Single-output for one battery


Types Two Electrical Troubleshooting Guides

Hydraulic Installation (Standard)

Components JIC fittings with 34.47 MPa (5,000 psi) hosing; MSHA 2G flame-resistant approved


Length (with lifting fork) 11.76 m
Width 3.03 m


Service and Emergency/Park Left-pedal activated


Battery Changer Cylinder Two (2) 152 mm (6 in) bore, double-acting cylinders with load-locking valves
Bell-Crank Lift Cylinder Two (2) 203 mm (8 in) bore, double-acting cylinders with load-locking valves
Filtration (Standard) Three pressure filters
Hydraulic PTO Two (2) quick coupler connections, 17.58 MPa (2,550 psi) maximum recommended operating pressure
Pump The pump is a splined shaft fit to the pump motor
Pump Motor 140V AC
Reservoir A 220 L (50 gal) capacity, bolt in reservoir equipped with a spin-on filter/breather
Steering Cylinder Two (2) 152 mm (6 in) bore, double-acting cylinders with dual-relief setting at 15.9 MPa (2,300 psi)
Tilt Lift Cylinder Two (2) 241 mm (9.5 in) bore, double-acting cylinders with load-locking valves
Valve Bank Seven-section, pilot-operated, parallel type with internal relief and a dash-mounted, glycerin-filled pressure gauge

Dual Lift System

Oscillation Section An 813 mm (32 in) diameter bearing with 13⁄4-in diameter rolling elements provides 20 degrees of oscillation.
Winch A fully hydraulic-operated, 31 751 kg (70,000 lb) winch with two-speed pay in/out. Heavy-duty fabricated steel drum.
Winch Cable Assembly (Options) Coated 7⁄8-in diameter, Samson, Dynema, Samthane rope, connecting link and swivel hook. Attached to drum via U-bolt.

Electrical Controller

Components 1,600 amp total

Tram Speed

Level and Empty on 0% Grade 6.6 km/h
Level and Loaded on 0% Grade 5.8 km/h

Development and Design

Designed to Excel

Built by the World Leader

As the world’s leading supplier of longwall technology, Caterpillar has always striven to design and manufacture the best longwall movers possible. Our outstanding experience in the development and design of rubber-tired vehicles has contributed to the success of our four-wheel roof support carriers.

Built for the Future

All Cat roof support movers are built to meet both current and future requirements in longwall moving by providing a combination of compact power, capacity, maneuverability, long-term availability, and efficiency.

Built to Be Best

After studying operations all over the world, we selected the best concepts and designs for the varying conditions and regulations encountered in underground coal mines. Caterpillar offers a range of roof support carriers designed to provide maximum lift and carrying capacity at dimensions adequate for our customers’ different mine layouts and for various transportation tasks.

Lift and Carry Capacity

Heavy Lifting

Industry’s Highest Rated Lift Capacity

The SH650’s 45-tonne (50-ton) lift and carry capacity meets all your longwall handling needs now and for the foreseeable future. The massive 1829 mm × 356 mm (6 ft × 14 in) forks are retained to the lift frame structure by 102 mm (4 in) diameter steel pins. The forks are heat-treated forged steel. The lifting frame is high-strength alloy steel with bushed pivot points.

Perfect Positioning

The unique lift and tilt mechanism allows the operator to manipulate the lift frame into an infinite number of positions to facilitate placement and handling of the load. The range of motion of the lift has increased by 133% allowing the load to be engaged more easily by reducing the angle between the lift frame and the grade. This reduces the stress on the winch and the drive train.


Packed with Power

Clean Air Act

Cat battery-powered roof support carriers do not burden your mine’s ventilation system with emissions or heat. Due to infinitely variable power control, they are the ideal vehicle for the installation or removal of longwall roof supports where heat, emissions and noise would impact work and where a flexible vehicle is needed.

Power to the Max

As the world leader in longwall systems and battery-powered vehicles for underground mining, we take pride in providing the world’s most advanced battery-powered roof support carriers. Innovative solutions in power control and transmission contribute to utilizing battery power to the max.

Battery Competence

Caterpillar has developed unparalleled experience and expertise in the design of batteries and battery changing systems. Current 2000 Ah batteries enable maximum performance at peak loads as well as lasting performance throughout the shift. Battery capacities and vehicle designs are field-proven and are adapted to actual work schedules and Iongwall move experience.

High Performance, Low Cost of Ownership

The Cat East Penn battery is built for the long run, providing the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Specially formulated premium-grade lead oxide is used in the flat-plate design and each plate is individually formed prior to cell assembly. This ensures uniform performance and maximum capacity. State-of-the-art computerized equipment is utilized in every phase of the production process and stringent quality checks are made on each battery to ensure the highest level of performance.

Tri-Sectional Chassis

A Solid Performer

Stability, Traction…

One of the key features of the SH650 VFD design is the tri?sectional chassis incorporating the rear drive axle and battery lift into a single oscillating entity. As load motion is independent of the rear frame, this design provides extra load handling stability, especially on uneven ground or when maneuvering and positioning roof supports - even when handling loads equal to the empty vehicle weight. It also improves traction, as wheels remain in contact with the ground with the weight of the battery over them.

…and Maneuverability

The SH650 VFD offers the unique feature of 100 degrees of articulation for maneuvering heavy loads in the confined spaces encountered during longwall moves. The use of through-hardened precision-ground spherical plain steel bearings ensures the smooth transfer of energy through the bearing to the articulation pin and load distribution throughout the contact length.

Control System

Superior Control

Maximum Battery Efficiency

The Cat IGBT control makes the most of battery power. It translates to variable speed and tractive effort at the varying intervals. This allows battery power to be controlled with maximum precision and efficiency.

Optional VFD

The HiPAC 10 VFD control system is a Caterpillar innovation that drives the traction and hydraulic systems and provides the operator with machine management information.

High Efficiency

The HiPAC 10 is a DC-to-AC variable frequency inverter control that drives high-performance AC electric motors, which have superior speed-torque characteristics. It is up to 14% more efficient than traditional DC motors. This means higher loaded tram speeds, more responsive hydraulic functions and more material hauled per battery charge. The HiPAC 10 machine management system speeds fault diagnosis, allowing rapid repairs and maximizing uptime. The new user interface can display information such as drive unit temperatures and distance traveled per battery charge.

Intuitive Control

The optional Cat control stick gives the operator intuitive control over steering and other functions. It also gives quick access to monitoring and self-diagnosis of the vehicle’s functions.

Operator Comfort

Operator-Friendly Control Compartments

Safe Working Environment

The operator’s comfort is paramount for maintaining a safe working environment. Controls are logically placed, and easy to reach from the padded, adjustable seat. Directional control inputs are applied with the left hand which (depending on options chosen) also incorporates a user interface allowing control of many functions.

Maximum Visibility and Clearance

The frame is contoured with the top sloping from the center to the outside to promote visibility around the vehicle’s perimeter. The decks taper from the center upwards to the outside to ensure maximum ground clearance. This combination provides for a machine that has surpassed its predecessor in every way except in growing in shear size and complexity.


Clean Machine

Ideal for Longwall Moves

Zero emission of noxious gases and low emissions of heat and noise make the carrier range operator-friendly and easy to work with - in short, the ideal utility vehicle for longwall moves. Heavy lifting and perfect positioning, versatility and maneuverability all combine to make this the world’s most advanced battery-powered roof support carrier.


Keep the operators safe while moving longwalls

Safety Counts

The SH650 VFD offers the following saftey features:
  • Panic strips in the operator’s compartment
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Fire suppression (automatic or manual activation) on both sides of the machine
  • Steering lockout
  • Proximity detection (if requested)
  • Spring applied, hydraulic release brakes
  • Two key start functions
  • Warning gongs
  • Start up audible alarms (optional)
  • Canopy over operator’s compartment
  • Cable guide assembly
    • Reflector installation - additional reflectors mounted in strategic locations on the machine
      • Pressure switch kit, intrinsically safe - electric/hydraulic system to shut down the tram motors in the event of low hydraulic system pressure.
        • Shroeder TestMate with JIC fittings
          • Power disconnect switch (required in PA)
            • Tow hook installation - two tow hooks mounted on the front of machine rated at 10.89 tonne (12 tons) each.
              • Tram and pump motors with RTD monitoring. Temperature data recording provided to aid in motor protections and preventative maintenance. Available with 16-hp pump option.
                • Automatic fire suppression system.
                  • Battery tray - one required for each battery assembly - heavy-duty welded steel battery trays for use with 2,000 amp-hour battery assemblies.
                    • Park brake/tram inhibit installation kit providing brake system pressure monitoring to limit the potential to tram through parking brakes.
                      • Hydraulic easy-test kit providing for the ability to monitor the hydraulic system.
                        • In-line flow meter monitoring of the tandem hydraulic pump outputs. Provides the addition of two analogue gauges in the hydraulic bay.
                          • Tilt cylinder protection kit consisting of two hinged, heavy-duty steel plates protecting the tilt cylinder rods.
                            • Shield deflector/cage protector consisting of a frame-mounted supported structure, 25.4 mm (1 in) higher than the canopy at maximum height. Allowing protection for the canopy and cage assembly forming the operator’s cab.
                              • Ultra heavy-duty fork-mounted ejector bucket with quick-attach pins.
                                • PIT disconnect kit required for PA approval.

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