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Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loaders

We build the most complete line of track loaders in the construction equipment industry. Matching Cat® track loaders to specific applications is easy with several different configurations of track loaders built to serve customers worldwide.

973D SH Shiphold/Port Handling

Time is money. Optimizing the unloading time is what it is all about when it comes to machine selection. You can load many types of machines inside a shiphold but none would provide the perfect match for the application as the Track-Type Loader can thanks to the combination of tracks giving traction, loader arm for the reach and engine at back for the machine balance.

  • Specification Summary

  • Net Flywheel Power196 kW
  • Operating Weight - GP Bucket with Teeth28058 kg
  • Capacity - GP3.21 m3
  • Displacement8.8 L
  • Operating Weight - Trim Blade all material28161 kg
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Product Details


Net Flywheel Power 196 kW
Bore 112 mm
Displacement 8.8 L
Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT™
Net Power 196 kW
Regulations Rating at 1,900 rpm
Stroke 149 mm


Operating Weight - GP Bucket with Teeth 28058 kg
Operating Weight with GP Bucket and Teeth 28058 kg
Operating Weight with Trim Blade 28161 kg
Operating Weight - Trim Blade all material 28161 kg


Capacity - GP 3.21 m3
Bucket Width - General Purpose 2910 mm
Bucket Width - Multi-Purpose 2868 mm
Capacity - General Purpose 3.21 m3
Capacity - MP 3.05 m3
Capacity - Multi-Purpose 3.05 m3


Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe 69.5 kPa
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe 85.5 kPa
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe with Trim Blade 85.7 kPa
Grouser Height - Double Grouser 49 mm
Track Shoe Type Double Grouser with or without center hole
Track Shoe Width - Optional 675 mm
Track Shoe Width - Standard 550 mm

Drive System

Drive Pump Two, variable-displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps
Relief Valve Setting 45000 kPa
Track Motor Two, variable displacement, bent axis motors
Type Drive System Hydrostatic drive with infinite machine speeds to 10.0 km/h (6.2 mph)

Main Service Refills

Cooling System 44 L
Fuel Tank 621 L
Hydraulic Tank 189 L


Trim Blade Capacity - All Material 3.57 m3
Trim Blade Capacity - Coal Can be designed at order

Trim Blade

Capacity - All Material 3.57 m3

Track-Type Loaders

Shiphold/Port Handling

Infinite Variable Speeds (hydrostatic transmission)

  • Smooth controls, more operator comfort
  • Increased operator productivity

Joysticks for Transmission and Work Tools

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Intuitive controls minimize training requirements

High Reach Work Tool

  • Loader arm allows cleaning of the walls of the hold
  • Increases versatility of the machine

Track-Type Undercarriage

  • Low ground pressure for better traction in some materials
  • Several shoe widths available or can be manufactured at order to meet customer requirements
  • Optional center hole shoes reduce track packing and track chain tightening which extends undercarriage life

Lifting Eyes

  • Front eyes welded on the Track Roller Frame (TRF)
  • Rear eyes mounted on the main frame
  • Wide spacing for good stability during lifting


  • Sound suppressed cab and air suspended seat reduce operator fatigue and increase concentration
  • The sound levels measured per ISO 6396 reach 77 dB(A) for 973D


  • Large windows all around operator and clipped engine enclosure provide excellent view to the environment and the work tool
  • Day and night operations are lighted with 8 halogen lights: 4 lights facing frontward, 2 lights facing rearward and 2 facing sideways

Rear Engine and Cooling System Location

  • Improved machine balance
  • Engine less exposed to dust, increase engine life
  • Limit plugging of radiator core
  • Better visibility at front
  • Reduce O&O cost

Reversing Fan

  • The air flow can be either automatically or manually reversed. Maintains proper heat transfer by blowing material out of the radiator core.
  • The hinged radiator grill gives easy access to the cooling system of the machine

Heavy Duty Bumper

  • Gives outstanding protection for the rear of the machine
  • Cooling system is well protected in case of accidental impacts with a wall of the shiphold

Maintenance and Serviceability

  • Filters and other systems are accessible from the ground on each side of the machine
  • Cab can be tilted 90° with a crane or 30° with a hydraulic jack allowing job site repair
  • Makes the maintenance of the machine easier for engine or hydraulic components

Engine Air Precleaner

  • Debris is centrifugally removed from the airstream and delivers cleaner air to the engine filter
  • Air filter life is extended

Work Tools and Optional Equipment

Designed to meet your needs

Work Tool Options

  • Pin-on trim blade for all material
  • Pin-on trim blade for coal
  • Pin-on general purpose bucket
  • Pin-on multi purpose bucket

For additional information on the Track-Type Loader D series, please refer to the 953D, 963D and 973D specalogs.


When the attachments are available a typical Track-Type Loader working in the shiphold/port handling application needs to be equipped with the following recommended features:
  • Four lifting eyes
  • Joystick for the transmission control
  • Front guard for hydraulic tank
  • Guards for lift and tilt cylinders
  • Guard for the track rollers
  • Heavy duty bumper
  • Reversing fan
  • Engine air precleaner
  • E-SALT tracks equipped with center hole shoes
  • Trim blade or bucket (with or without quick coupler)
  • Lights facing forward, backward and sideways
  • Windshield sealed
  • Hydraulic tilt cab system

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