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Telehandlers(Non Current)

Cat® Telehandlers are designed to meet the varying needs of the construction and agricultural industries. The comprehensive range of standard features and optional equipment extends the scope for wider application use throughout the world.

TH417 Telehandler

The TH417 Telehandler is designed for tough jobsite applications. This telehandler with its 4000 kg load capacity and 17.0 metres of lift height, will do the work of many.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine Model Cat C4.4 DITAAC
  • Gross Power 74.5 kW
  • Maximum Torque 410 N·m
  • Bore 105 mm

Product Details


Engine Model Cat C4.4 DITAAC
Gross Power 74.5 kW
Maximum Torque 410 N·m
Bore 105 mm
Stroke 127 mm
Displacement 4.4 l


Operating Weight 11802 kg

Operating Specifications

Rated Load Capacity 4000 kg
Maximum Lift Height 17000 mm
Load at Maximum Height - Stabilizers Down 3000 kg
Load at Maximum Height - Stabilizers Up 1000 kg
Maximum Forward Reach 12700 mm
Load at Maximum Reach - Stabilizers Down 500 kg
Top Travel Speed 32 km/h
Load at Maximum Height 3000 kg
Load at Maximum Reach 500 kg


Height 2630 mm
Width 2449 mm
Wheel Base 3200 mm
Length - Fork Face 6670 mm
Ground Clearance 401 mm
Turning Radius - Over Tires 3920 mm
Turning Radius - Over Forks 5650 mm
Length - Front of Tire 5135 mm
Rear - Overhang 1275 mm


Standard 14.00-24 16PR TG02
Optional Construction 14.00-24 16PR SGG-2A

Hydraulic System

Maximum System Pressure 250 bar
Maximum Pump Flow 150 l/min
Pump Type Variable displacement load sensing axial piston pump

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 150 l
Hydraulic Tank 90 l

Transmission Speeds

Forward - 1 7 km/h
Forward - 2 12 km/h
Forward - 3 21 km/h
Forward - 4 32 km/h
Reverse - 1 7 km/h
Reverse - 2 12 km/h
Reverse - 3 21 km/h

Boom Performance

Boom Up 16 s
Boom Down 13 s
Tele In 20 s
Tele Out 25 s
Crowd Forward - Dump 3.4 s
Crowd Backward 3 s
Combined - Up and Out 30 s
Combined - Down and In 23 s
Boom Breakout Force 60 kN
Bucket Breakout Force 65 kN
Drawbar Pull - Basic 88 kN


Parking Brake mechanical on front axle

Operator Station

The operator station provides comfort and protection with improved job site visibility and convenient, easier to use controls.

Intuitive Controls

Our easier to use control layout and single joystick will keep you fresh and comfortable all day.

Easier Access

Cab entry and exit is both easier and more convenient due to the well placed handholds and step.

Operator Protection

The machine provides full operator security with OROPS and EROPS protection.

Longitudinal Stability Indicator

New dedicated longitudinal stability indicator (LSI) in the operator's line of sight.

Anti-theft device

The TH417 features a built-in start code device to reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized use.


New spacious cabin provides a comfortable environment for its operator.

Ease of Operation

Ease of operation was extremely important in the design of the TH417 Telehandler. The new interative LCD display and the single lever joystick are designed to maximize operator efficiency.

Joystick Control

The joystick allows three simultaneous boom functions enabling application customization.

Flow Sharing

Three simultaneous hydraulic functions are achieved using a full flow sharing hydraulic valve. A load sensing variable displacement pump allows full hydraulic power even at low revs.


The TH417 delivers high performance to meet your specific job site needs.

Lift Height

The TH417 can pick and place bricks and materials to a maximum height of 17.3 metres with stabilizers in the down position.

Steering Modes

The TH417 Telehandler offers three steering modes to allow you to more easily position the machine.


Standard on the TH417, stabilizers provide increased stability and load carrying capacity.


The TH417 Telehandler features a one-piece chassis with side mounted cabin and side mounted engine. Its widespread wheelbase gives outstanding stability in both traveling and lifting operations.

Power Train

The Cat power train delivers ultimate performance in the toughest of working conditions.


The TH417 has a 4-speed powersynchro transmission, which uses a torque converter to transfer engine power to the transmission.


A Cat C4.4 DITAAC mechanical control, turbo charged, after cooled engine is standard on the TH417 Telehandler. This engine is certified to meet Stage IIIA (Tier 3) emission regulations.

Cooling Pack

The cooling pack has been relocated to the rear of the engine bay and is designed to work in challenging environments.


Durable planetary axles are featured providing 50 degree steering angle for outstanding maneuverability.


The TH417 is as versatile as your toughest job demands.

Quick Coupler

A Caterpillar IT interface is standard on the TH417 Telehandler. For optimum versatility, an optional hydraulic quick coupler is available, allowing the operator to change non-hydraulic work tools without leaving the cab.

Hydraulic System

Machine is equipped with a selectable continuous auxiliary hydraulic flow allowing the use of hydraulically operated work tools.

Work Tools

A wide range of work tools are available to meet most job site applications. Caterpillar Telehandler Work Tools extend the versatility of the machine. Built for performance and durability, these work tools deliver high productivity, long life and excellent value. Contact your Cat dealer for available work tool options.

Machine Configurations

Various machine configurations are available to match the different applications and operating environments.


A wide range of tire options enables the machine to be configured to achieve optimum job site performance.

Serviceability and Customer Support

Extended service intervals and a reduction in routine daily maintenance enables you to spend your time on the job.


All Cat Telehandler service points, including the combined transmission/hydraulic oil filter, are accessible and major components are at ground level due to the overall machine design.


Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat Dealer has literature and other tools to help increase your productivity.

Product Support

You will find high availability of parts at our Dealer parts counter. Cat Dealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime.
  • TYRES and RIMS
    •  Mitas 14.00-24 TG02
  • Mitas 14.00-24 TG02
      •  Cat C4.4 DITAAC engine- 74.5 kW gross power- 410 Nm / 1400 rpm maximum torque- Turbo charged after cooled- 4.4 litre displacement- 105 mm bore- 127 mm stroke- Stage III (Tier 3) compliant- 3 section cooling pack: engine coolant, transmission oil, air to ai
      •  Transmission, Cat PowerSynchro - 4 forward/3 reverse- Single lever, column mounted direction change- Transmission disconnect via joystick or brake pedal
      •  Axles, heavy duty durable- permanent 4-wheel drive- limited slip differential in front axle- power-assisted, hydraulic braking system- enclosed oil disc brakes on front axle- parking brake, dry disc with transmission disconnect- automatic steering self ali
      •  Hydraulics - load sensing, variable flow piston pump - 150 L/min maximum pump flow - 250 bar maximum system pressure - Electronic joystick, simultaneous and proportional controls to all three boom functions - Continuous flow hydraulics - Closed centre spoo
      •  - 12-volt electrical system- 100 ampere alternator- 900 CCA maintenance-free battery with disconnect- Anti-restart key switch- Audible back-up alarm- Electronic control module- 12 volt internal and external power sockets- Electronic Technician diagnostic c
      •  EROPS certified cabin - Single lever electro-hydraulic control joystick - Interactive LCD monitor - Longitudinal stability indicator - Entry door with window- 2-way adjustable mechanical suspension seat - Heater - Seat belt & document pouch - Left &
      •  Quick coupler - Manual IT interface
      •  Joystick- bucket configuration- fork configuration
      •  Fenders
      •  Frame level
      •  Remote grease system
    • Quick coupler - Manual IT interface
      • Joystick- bucket configuration- fork configuration
        • Fenders
          • Frame level
            • Remote grease system
              • TELESCOPIC BOOM
                •  Synchronized 3-section boom with non-metallic wear pads
                •  Compensation cylinder
                •  Boom work lights
                •  Boom prop
              • Coupler, IT hydraulic
                • Lights, flood lights cabin mounted
                  •  - Two front and two rear lights - mounted on cabin roof - included in premium cabin
                • Engine block heater, 240 V
                  • Screen guard, front
                    • Screen guard, front + roof screen guard
                      • Hitch, retrieval
                        •  Not suitable for towing on road
                      • Spare Tyres and rims
                        •  *Mitas 14.00-24 TG02*Goodyear 14.00-24 SGG
                      • *Mitas 14.00-24 TG02*Goodyear 14.00-24 SGG
                        • Work Tools
                          •  Carriages
                          •  Forks (pair)
                        • Carriages
                          • Forks (pair)
                            • Access Work Platform
                              •  Access platform pre-arrangement- includes all necessary items to mount the fixed or extendible platform - included motor, pump, switches in cabin
                              •  Access platform fixed version- 1.8 metre wide- 450 kg load capacity- 180 degrees angle rotation (90 degrees per side)- fully operable from the platform- standard electric emergency lowering system that allows the operator to fully control the platform even
                              •  Access platform extendible version- from 2.4 metre wide to maximum 4.5 metre wide- platform can be extended in the air- 350 kg load capacity- 180 degrees angle rotation (90 degrees per side)- fully operable from the platform- standard electric emergency lo
                            • Rotating Beacon
                              • License plate light
                                • Fork stowage brackets
                                  • Tool box
                                    •  - For stowing tools and grease gun - not possible in combination with dual battery with disconnect
                                  • - For stowing tools and grease gun - not possible in combination with dual battery with disconnect
                                    • Cat padlocks & Keys, 3x (fuel tank, oil tank and engine hood)
                                      • Work tools
                                        •  Carriage, standard -- 1200 mm wide with load brackets and 60 mm floating shafts
                                        •  Forks, pallet -- 60 x 100 x 1200 (pair)
                                        •  Access platforms -- * Fixed, 1.8 metre wide, 450 kg load capacity, 180 degree rotation (90 degree per side) and fully operable from platform, standard electric emergency lowering system* Extendible, from 2.4 metre wide to max 4.5 metre wide, 350 kg load ca
                                      • Wiper blade roof

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