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Track Skidders

For log skidding applications, Cat builds a full line of both track and wheel skidders. Whether you're working on steep terrain or in poor underfoot conditions, you'll find a Cat skidder to match your needs.

527 Track Skidder

The Cat 527 Skidder is designed and built specifically for log skidding applications. The 527’s extended track roller frame and weight-forward bias make it well suited for mountainous and soft underfoot logging operations. The skidder’s ergonomic and spacious operator’s environment allow for increased comfort and production. The 527’s standard forestry guarding and undercarriage design ensure the durability required in logging applications. Both Cable and Swing-boom Grapple configurations are provided to suit a wide range of skidding applications.

  • Specification Summary

  • Net Flywheel Power 112 kW
  • Engine Model Cat® 3304 DIT
  • Gross Power 124 kW
  • Displacement 7 l
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Product Details


Net Flywheel Power 112 kW
Engine Model Cat® 3304 DIT
Gross Power 124 kW
Displacement 7 l

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 36.9 l
Engine Crankcase and Oil Filter 22 l
Final Drive - Each 6.5 l
Fuel Tank 285 l
Hydraulic Tank 39.8 l
Recoil Spring Housing - Each 27 l
Transmission 148 l
Winch Sump (527 Winch) 74 l


Operating Weight - Cable 18696 kg
Operating Weight - Grapple 21900 kg

527CA Winch with Freespool

Cable Size - Optional 22 mm
Cable Size - Recommended 19 mm
Drum Capacity - Optional Cable 55 m
Drum Capacity - Recommended Cable 81 m
Drum Diameter 254 mm
Drum Width 330 mm
Maximum Linepull 31389 kg
Maximum Linespeed 44 m/min
Weight 1180 kg

Undercarriage - Cable

Grouser Height 65 mm
Shoes/Side 41
Track Gauge 2160 mm
Track Rollers/Side 7
Track on Ground 2846 mm
Width - Shoe 559 mm
Width - Shoe - Optional 610 mm

Undercarriage - Grapple

Grouser Height 65 mm
Shoes/Side 43
Track Gauge 2160 mm
Track Rollers/Side 8
Track on Ground 3209 mm
Width - Shoe 760 mm


Steering Clutch/Brake
Torque Converter Type Skidder
Travel Speed - Forward 1 3.7 km/h
Travel Speed - Forward 2 6.6 km/h
Travel Speed - Forward 3 11.5 km/h
Travel Speed - Reverse 1 4.6 km/h
Travel Speed - Reverse 2 8.3 km/h
Travel Speed - Reverse 3 14.6 km/h


527 PAT - Blade Capacity* 2.35 m³
527 PAT - Blade Height 922 mm
527 PAT - Blade Width 3460 mm
5P-PAT - Blade Capacity* 3.77 m³
5P-PAT - Blade Height 1200 mm
5P-PAT - Blade Width 3272 mm
Blade Type 5P-PAT, 527 PAT


CA - Overall Width without Blade and with 559 mm (22 in) Shoes 2720 mm
GR - Overall Width without Blade and with 760 mm (30 in) Shoes 3020 mm

Power Train

Durable, reliable components deliver smooth, responsive power.


The Cat 3304 DIT turbocharged diesel engine powers the 527 Skidder. This field-tested engine supplies the 527 with an ample 123 gross kW (166 gross horsepower). A direct-injection fuel system uses adjustment-free fuel injectors for efficient, accurate fuel metering and reduced emissions. The 4-cylinder allows the 527 to consume less fuel in medium or low-load situations.

Cooling System

The 527 is designed for log skidding applications in high ambient temperatures and steep or muddy environments. The 527 features a very large capacity cooling system with a high volume fan providing maximum airflow and modular cores that can be replaced individually, thus reducing maintenance cost. Twin transmission oil coolers help maintain proper operating temperatures while extending the life of key transmission components.


The 527CA 3304 DIT engine is coupled to a high capacity skidder-type torque converter and a 3-speed powershift transmission, which transmits more engine torque to the track for higher drawbar capability and fuel efficiency. The torque converter functions to match engine power to skidding and traction load requirements, to minimize track slippage and to maximize drawbar pull in poor underfoot conditions. Ultimately, this reduces operator exertion and improves machine productivity.

Torque Converter

A skidder-type torque converter is an efficient converter designed to transmit more engine torque to the track for higher drawbar capability. In contrast, a bulldozer-type torque converter is designed to absorb some of the engine torque, which allows the tractor to better handle the highly variable loading typical of dozing applications.


Rugged components for tough skidding conditions.

Machine Balance

The 527 track roller frame and undercarriage system deliver superior balance required of skidding. The track roller frame extension places rear idlers beneath grapple/winch loads, improving skidder balance and performance. Having more track under the load greatly enhances the tractor’s balance and ability to handle large loads, and reduces the potential for track spin to lower track wear and increase productivity.

Component Durability

All of the 527 track options consist of D6R-sized heavy-duty components to deliver maximum undercarriage life. The use of D6R undercarriage prolongs the life of key undercarriage components including: rollers, idlers, sprocket segments, pins, bushings, track links, and shoes.


The Elevated sprocket design provides the 527 with 71.2 cm (28 in) of ground clearance; and clutch-brake steering give the 527 the required agility and ability to maneuver in severe underfoot conditions.

Minimized Ground Disturbance

The extended track roller frame increases the track-to-ground contact area and decreases the ground pressure. This increases the 527’s flotation and provides maximum performance and maneuverability in soft underfoot locations. Increased flotation also reduces the environmental impact, enabling the 527 to operate in site-sensitive applications.

Track Selection

Proper track selection depends on operating conditions. The 560 mm (22 in) and 610 mm (24 in) tracks are designed for firm underfoot conditions or for situations that do not require maximum flotation. The wider 760 mm (30 in) tri-link track option lowers ground pressure and is suited for soft ground conditions.

Application Flexibility

Steep slopes or soft ground are no match for the 527.


The 124 gross kW (166 gross horsepower) and a torque converter driveline provide a 49 percent torque rise and a drawbar pull of 30 276 kg-force (66,746 lb-force). This pulling power enables the 527 to overcome drag loads created during skidding.

Cable Skidding

The combination of tractor balance, torque converter drive train and high drawbar pull enable the skidder to offset the weight and overcome drag loads created during winching situations. The 527 winch is a durable and productive tool that delivers an impressive 31 388 kg-force (69,200 lb-force) of line pull.

Swing Boom Grapple

The 527’s superior balance and extended track roller frame provide a superior platform for grapple skidding. The machine’s weight distribution and longer undercarriage combine to offset the weight and pull of grapple loads and to keep the front of the tractor on the ground. The tractor’s balance and pulling ability are most evident in uphill skidding applications, poor underfoot conditions, and side-slope skidding. With a swing boom attachment, the 527 needs less maneuvering and positioning to reach downed timber delivering high productivity, and less ground disturbance.


The 5P Power Angle Tilt (5P-PAT) blade is a highly versatile tool that allows complete blade adjustment from the operator’s compartment. The ability for the operator to angle and tilt the dozer while operating is a significant performance and productivity enhancer. The operator can hydraulically adjust angle and tilt on the go, to focus the 527CA weight and horsepower on tough digging spots, effectively increasing the 527 digging forces to that of larger tractor. Further, hydraulic angle and tilt allows precise placement of material for faster doze cycles, and more efficient terracing and pioneering.With the knowledge of industry expectations gained since the introduction of the 527CA, Caterpillar designed a 527 PAT dozer specifically for Asian market requirements. It combines the control advantages of the 5P-PAT, with the durability and ease of material casting performance of the MA. The new 527 PAT dozer provides machine width coverage when fully angled, but will not compromise the 527’s balance and stability in adverse terrain maneuvering. With appropriate dozer width, improved cutting edge angle and moldboard curvature, combined with the performance advantage of hydraulic angle and tilt, the 527 PAT dozing capabilities can be raised to equal the industry standard D6G.

Operator Station

Designed for operator comfort, superior control and high productivity.

Comfort and Visibility

Two cab options are available on the 527. Both cabs are designed for operator comfort and operation ease. The 527 open ROPS canopy includes standard rear, front, and side screens as well as screened doors. The side and rear screens are mounted on the outside of the ROPS structure for increased canopy area.The enclosed ROPS certified cab is ergonomically designed with a focus on operator comfort and convenience. The ROPS certified cab is isolation mounted to reduce sound and vibration and features standard air conditioning, heater, air pressurizer, and air filter to provide a comfortable operating climate.


Load Sensing System for efficiency and performance.

Hydraulic System

The 527 features a state-of-the-art closed-center, variable-flow, pressure-compensating hydraulic system for braking, steering, and blade functioning. The variable displacement piston pump draws power from the engine only when steering, dozer, brake, or grapple actuation demands flow and/or pressure.

Auto-grab Grapple Hydraulics

All grapple-equipped 527s feature the Auto-grab hydraulic system, which helps maintain a secure grip on grapple loads and reduces the potential for dropped timber.

Easy-to-use Controls

A single-lever blade control manages all blade functions including height, angle and tilt and a single-lever grapple control allows for simplified operation and reduced operator fatigue.

Customer Support

Cat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Your Cat® dealer is ready to assist you with your purchasing decision and everything after:


Cat dealers can help customers compare and choose the right machine for their business.


Cat dealers offer financing options to meet a variety of needs.


Improve operating technique for better productivity and profit with the latest Cat dealer training resources.

Product Support

Cat dealers are with customers every step of the way with unsurpassed worldwide parts support, trained technicians and customer support agreements.


Easy access and minimal maintenance requirements keep your machine on the job.

Less service time means more working time. Major components are made as modules and most can be removed without disturbing or removing others. Ground level access provides convenient servicing to most filters and lube points. Centrifugal prescreener removes large debris before it reaches the internal air cleaner, significantly increasing engine protection. Spin-on fuel and engine oil filters save changing time. Radial seal air filters are easy to change, reducing air filter maintenance times. 24-volt electrical system delivers increased electrical power for engine cranking, lights and engine diagnostics.
    •  50% concentration of extended life coolant, freeze protection to –37° C (–34° F), anti-boil protection to 108° C (226° F)
    •  Hour meter
    •  Work lamps, Halogen, 3-front and 2-rear
    •  Back-up alarm
    •  Warning horn
    •  Load sensing hydraulics
    •  Single lever blade control
  • Load sensing hydraulics
    • Single lever blade control
      • GUARDS
        •  Engine enclosures, heavy-duty
        •  Fenders, heavy-duty
        •  Extreme-service crankcase
        •  Fuel tank, heavy-duty
        •  Radiator, heavy-duty punched hole
        •  Front brush sweeps
        •  Precleaner guard
        •  Decelerator
        •  Electronic Monitoring System
        •  Gauges:
        •  Seat, Angled suspension
        •  Seat belt
      • Decelerator
        • Electronic Monitoring System
          • Gauges:
            • Seat, Angled suspension
              • Seat belt
                • POWER TRAIN
                  •  3304 DIT engine
                  •  24-volt direct electric start torque converter
                  •  3-speed Powershift transmission
                  •  Precleaner with prescreener
                  •  Muffler
                  •  Fuel priming pump
                • UNDERCARRIAGE
                  •  End guiding guards
                  •  Hydraulic track adjusters
                  •  Segmented Sprocket
                • BULLDOZER
                  •  5P PAT Blade (Power Angle Tilt)
                  •  527 Power Angle Tilt (527CA only)
                • 5P PAT Blade (Power Angle Tilt)
                  • 527 Power Angle Tilt (527CA only)
                    • ELECTRICAL
                      •  Alternator, 50-amp 24-volt (527CA)
                      •  Alternator, 75-amp 24-volt (527GR)
                    • GRAPPLE – (527GR)
                      •  Swing Boom
                      •  Grapple Bunching, 0.93 m² (10 ft²)
                      •  Grapple Sorting, 0.83 m² (9 ft²)
                    • Swing Boom
                      • Grapple Bunching, 0.93 m² (10 ft²)
                        • Grapple Sorting, 0.83 m² (9 ft²)
                          • GUARDS
                            •  Vandalism Protection, Canopy
                            •  Vandalism Protection, Cab
                            •  Track Guard, 7 Roller
                            •  Track Guard, 8 Roller
                            •  Track Guard, Rear
                            •  Sweep Screen
                          • OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT
                            •  Canopy, Open ROPS
                            •  Cab, Enclosed ROPS/FOPS
                          • Canopy, Open ROPS
                            • Cab, Enclosed ROPS/FOPS
                              • UNDERCARRIAGE
                                •  7-Roller track frames
                                •  8-Roller track frames
                              • WINCH – (527CA)
                                •  31 388 kg-force (69,200 lb-force) Line pull
                                •  Winch w/Freespool and 4 Roller Fairlead
                                •  Winch w/Freespool and Raised 4 Roller Fairlead
                                •  Winch Omission
                              • 31 388 kg-force (69,200 lb-force) Line pull
                                • Winch w/Freespool and 4 Roller Fairlead
                                  • Winch w/Freespool and Raised 4 Roller Fairlead
                                    • Winch Omission

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