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Pipelayers(Non Current)

Cat Pipelayers have been the standard of the pipelining industry for decades. A worldwide network of Caterpillar dealers, in tune with the special high production needs of pipeliners, supports these durable, dependable machines.

589 Pipelayer

The 589 Pipelayer is built using elevated sprocket design and is the standard of the pipeline industry.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine Model3408 TA
  • Flywheel Power313.0 kW
  • Net Power – ISO 9249313.0 kW
  • Lift Capacity104330.0 kg
  • Operating Weight65366.0 kg

Product Details


Engine Model 3408 TA
Flywheel Power 313.0 kW
Net Power – ISO 9249 313.0 kW

Pipelaying Equipment

Lift Capacity 104330.0 kg


Operating Weight 65366.0 kg


Length 5940.0 mm
Shipping Height 3920.0 mm
Shipping Width 3659.0 mm

Power Train

Proven Cat diesel power?an innovative, efficient cooling system?and unparalleled service ease.

3408 Engine

Direct-injection 3408 diesel engine is turbocharged and aftercooled to deliver plenty of power for quick response and handling big loads.


Folded-core radiator provides efficient cooling, reduced maintenance, quick module replacement.

Torque Divider

Engine and torque divider form a module, isolation mounted to the main frame.


Designed and built by Caterpillar.

Power Shift

Cat planetary, power shift transmission permits speed and direction changes under full load, without the need to clutch, brake or decelerate.

Planetary Design

Planetary design achieves high reduction in minimum space while spreading torque loads over multiple gears.

Long Life

Large-diameter clutch plates and gears are continuously oil-cooled for long life.


Excellent stability and load-carrying capacity necessary on the tough jobs.


Main frame consists of box-section frame welded to cast bevel gear case?designed specifically to perform in pipelayer applications.


Frame utilizes integral front bumper with retrieval hitch and incorporates pipelayer frame mounts.

Counterweight Balance

Counterweight swings horizontally for good machine balance.

Counterweight Design

Counterweight has service strut for mechanically locking in extended position; pin to lock in retracted position for shipping.


Caterpillar’s elevated sprocket undercarriage with bogie system sets the standard in traction, durability and ride.


Bogie system undercarriage envelopes terrain irregularities for improved ride and traction.

Stable Track

Long, wide track footprint provides a large, very stable working base.

Roller Frame

Non-oscillating roller frame rigidly tied to main frame for greater stability in pipelaying applications.


Bogie cartridge pins and track are sealed and lubricated, reducing maintenance time and wear, resulting in longer, less expensive operation.

Extended Life

Final drives, steering clutches and brakes relieved of all vertical ground contact shock loads, and roller frame alignment loads - extend power train component life.

Operator’s Station

Comfort and convenience are designed into the control station for a fully productive operator.


Uncluttered compartment provides easy access and excellent visibility to boom, winches and work area.


Completely adjustable suspension seat makes day-long operation comfortable.


Self-centering type controls for drawworks automatically return to “HOLD” (brake on position) whenever the controls are released.

Steering Levers

Separate hand steering levers and brake pedals provide precise machine control.

Lever Design

Single-lever transmission control and accelerator pedal are designed for easy operation.


Hydrostatic drawworks provide speed capability that exceeds conventional mechanical drawworks.


Two independent, hydraulically driven motors power boom and hook drawworks.

Speed Ranges

Speed ranges matched to those of gear-driven drawworks for side-by-side operation.


Oil-disc brakes provide smooth operation - positively retain hook and boom positions.

Common Parts

High parts commonality between hook and boom winch assemblies.

Modular Design

Modular design for fast replacement, easy field service and pretesting before installation.


Designed to function well in arctic environment.


Car’s modular design concept moves the elevated sprocket pipelayers a generation ahead in simplified service and repair.


Major components are easily accessible, removable as single units.

Modular Design

Modular design permits fast removal, installation.

Modular Testing

Pre-testing modular components before installation or after repair assures quality.

Sampling Valves

S•O•S Oil and Coolant Sampling valves, provide a fast, convenient means of obtaining fluid samples and improve analysis reliability.

Service Points

Grouped service points, easy access to service areas make routine checks fast, convenient.


Diagnostic connector enables fast troubleshooting of starting/charging problems.

Electronic Monitoring System

Electronic Monitoring System - guards against costly failures when gauges aren’t checked often enough.


Folded-core radiator provides efficient cooling, reduced maintenance, quick module replacement.

Customer Support

When you purchase a Cat 589, you know it comes with support that is unmatched in the industry.


Your Cat dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment. The dealer will help you choose a plan that can cover everything from machine and attachment selection to replacement, to help you get the best return on your investment.


Selection. Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. How long do components last? What is the cost of preventive maintenance? What is the true cost of lost production? Your Cat dealer can give you precise answers to these questions.


Purchase. Look past initial price. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. This is also the time to look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.


Your dealer can also arrange affordable lease, rental or purchase financing for all Caterpillar products.


Operation. Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. Your Cat dealer has training videotapes, literature and other ideas to help you increase productivity.


Machine. More and more equipment buyers are planning for effective maintenance before buying equipment. Choose from your dealer’s wide range of maintenance services at the time you purchase your machine. Diagnostic programs such as S•O•S Fluids Analysis and Technical Analysis help you avoid unnecessary downtime and maintain the value of your machine.


Replacement. Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.

Product Support

Product support. You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. Cat dealers utilize a world-wide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine down time. Save money with remanufactured parts. You receive the same warranty and reliability as new products at cost savings of 40 to 70 percent.

Cold Weather Package

Caterpillar offers an artic package for cold weather operation for the 589 Pipelayer.


To provide peak performance and reliability in extreme cold weather, Caterpillar offers a cold weather package and options for their pipelayers.

Included Equipment

Cold weather package includes:
  • Reversible fan, manual
  • Lubricants are synthetic for better performance
  • Heater, fuel
  • Batteries, two additional cold weather batteries
  • Cold weather seals in the final drives, rollers, idlers and bogies
  • Disconnect key for electrical systems in on a lanyard to prevent key loss
  • Precleaner is placed under the hood to avoid snow particles

Optional Equipment

Options available for cold weather:

Flexxaire Fan System replaces the reversible fan and adjusts pitch and air flow according to engine coolant temperature. In extremely cold weather, the fan will remain at zero pitch and act as a dam, providing a cost effective alternative to shutters. The operator can reverse the fan pitch and airflow at any time simply by pressing a button in the cab.

Coolant heater, espar with separate fuel tank. Diesel fuel-fired heater D24W, warms coolant for easier starts and helps maintain proper operation temperature in extremely cold climates.

Precleaner, Turbine. Non-compression type precleaner ejects dirt and snow before it enters the engine or dust ejector on machines so equipped. This precleaner replaces the under-the-hood precleaner.
  • Accelerator and hand throttle lever
    • Air cleaner service indicator
      • Alternator, 50-amp
        • Backup alarm
          • Boom, 8.8 m
            • Cat 3408 diesel engine
              • Counterweight (segmented)
                • Diagnostic adapter
                  • Drawbar, two position
                    • Ether starting aid
                      • Fan, blower
                        • Front bumper
                          • Front towing device
                            • Front warning horn
                              • Fuel priming pump
                                • Guage package:
                                  •  Coolant temperature
                                  •  Transmission/converter temperature
                                  •  Drawworks oil temperature
                                • Coolant temperature
                                  • Transmission/converter temperature
                                    • Drawworks oil temperature
                                      • Guards:
                                        •  Hinged crankcase and powertrain
                                        •  Hinged radiator and blast deflector
                                        •  Track guiding
                                      • Hinged crankcase and powertrain
                                        • Hinged radiator and blast deflector
                                          • Track guiding
                                            • Lighting system, two front, two rear (includes convenient connections for work lights)
                                              • Muffler
                                                • Operator's panel includes: illumination lights, key start, direct electric, 24-volt system, electric hour meter, Electronic Monitoring System (EMS)
                                                  • Precleaner with dust ejector
                                                    • Rain cap
                                                      • Seat, suspension type
                                                        • Seat belt
                                                          • Starting receptacle
                                                            • Storage in operator's compartment (for personal items - lunch box, quart thermos, and heavy coat)
                                                              • Tool box
                                                                • Cold weather package
                                                                  • Coolant heater, espar and separate fuel tank
                                                                    • Enclosures, engine, perforated
                                                                      • Cover Group-Seat
                                                                        • Emissions Compliant Engine
                                                                          • Fan, Flexxaire System
                                                                            • Fast service:
                                                                              •  Fuel
                                                                              •  Engine oil
                                                                            • Fuel
                                                                              • Engine oil
                                                                                • Heater, engine block
                                                                                  • Hook with latch
                                                                                    • Low temperature starting (to -32° C/-26° F)
                                                                                      • Precleaner, Turbine
                                                                                        • Radiator core protector
                                                                                          • Tool Kit
                                                                                            • Vandalism Protection
                                                                                              •  Instrument panel guard
                                                                                              •  Cap locks for implement hydraulic tank filler, power train oil filler, engine oil filler, radiator filler, dip sticks for engine, and dip stick for power train
                                                                                            • Instrument panel guard
                                                                                              • Cap locks for implement hydraulic tank filler, power train oil filler, engine oil filler, radiator filler, dip sticks for engine, and dip stick for power train

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