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Off-Highway Trucks

Caterpillar builds Off-Highway Trucks specifically for work in mines, construction and quarries. Our Off-Highway Trucks are pass-matched with Cat Wheel Loaders and Hydraulic Excavators to speed cycle times and maximize productivity.

773G Off-Highway Truck

G Series represents a new era for the 773, and with your long-term success as our goal, we’ve developed this truck to be more productive and economical. It offers your operators the confidence, comfort and control to run at peak efficiency, and it can feed your crushers and haul material at a lower cost per ton. When you also consider its performance and fuel efficiency, the 773G is the right truck for our generation.

  • Specification Summary

  • Nominal Payload Class (100%)56.0 tonnes
  • Top Speed – Loaded67.6 km/h
  • Body Capacity – SAE 2:135.75 m3
  • Maximum Working Payload (110%)61.5 tonnes
  • Not to Exceed Payload (120%)*67.1 tonnes
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Product Details

Operating Specifications

Nominal Payload Class (100%) 56.0 tonnes
Top Speed – Loaded 67.6 km/h
Body Capacity – SAE 2:1 35.75 m3
Maximum Working Payload (110%) 61.5 tonnes
Not to Exceed Payload (120%)* 67.1 tonnes


Engine Model Cat® C27 ACERT™
Rated Engine Speed 2000.0 RPM
Gross Power – SAE J1995 578.0 kW
Net Power – SAE J1349 546.0 kW
Net Power – 80/1269/EEC 552.0 kW
Net Power – ISO 9249 552.0 kW
Bore 137.0 mm
Stroke 152.0 mm
Displacement 27.0 L
Engine Power – ISO 14396 569.0 kW
Net Torque 3646.0 N·m
Peak Torque Speed 1300.0 RPM

Weights – Approximate

Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight 102740.0 kg

Capacity – Dual Slope – 100% Fill Factor

Struck 26.86 m3
Heaped 2:1 (SAE) 35.75 m3

Capacity – Flat Floor – 100% Fill Factor

Struck 26.25 m3
Heaped 2:1 (SAE) 35.49 m3

Weight Distributions – Approximate

Front Axle – Empty 53.0 %
Front Axle – Loaded 35.0 %
Rear Axle – Empty 47.0 %
Rear Axle – Loaded 65.0 %


Forward 1 10.8 km/h
Forward 2 15.1 km/h
Forward 3 20.4 km/h
Forward 4 27.4 km/h
Forward 5 37.0 km/h
Forward 6 50.1 km/h
Forward 7 67.6 km/h
Reverse 14.1 km/h

Final Drives

Differential Ratio 3.64:1
Planetary Ratio 4.80:1
Total Reduction Ratio 17.49:1


Brake Surface – Front 655.0 cm2
Brake Surface – Rear 61269.0 cm2
Brake Standards ISO 3450:1996

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 795.0 L
Cooling System 171.0 L
Differentials and Final Drives 145.0 L
Steering Tank 36.0 L
Steering System (Includes Tank) 54.0 L
Brake Hoist System 322.0 L
Brake/Hoist Hydraulic Tank 176.0 L
Crankcase 90.0 L
Torque Converter/Transmission System HRC 70.0 L
Torque Converter/Transmission System LRC 61.0 L

Body Hoists

Pump Flow – High Idle 448.0 L/min
Relief Valve Setting – Raise 17250.0 kPa
Relief Valve Setting – Lower 3450.0 kPa
Body Raise Time – High Idle 9.5 Seconds
Body Lower Time – Float 13.0 Seconds
Body Power Down – High Idle 13.0 Seconds


Rear Axle Oscillation 8.1 Degrees
Empty Loaded Cylinder Stroke Front 234.0 mm
Empty Loaded Cylinder Stroke Rear 149.0 mm


Sound Standards Standards


ROPS/FOPS Standards Standards


Turning Diameter – Front 23.5 m
Steering Standards SAE J1511 FEB94 ISO 5010:1992
Steer Angle 31.0 Degrees
Turning Circle Clearance Diameter 26.1 m


Standard Tire 24.00R35 (E4)


Connecting people and equipment safely

Key Features

The 773G is solidly constructed for safety.
  • Rollover and Falling Object protection is part of the cab structure
  • Emergency egress is available through the right-side hinged window
  • Laminated glass is used in the front and left side windows
  • Ground level engine shutdown for convenience and safety
  • A back up alarm gives advance warning of truck movement

Operator Safety

The 773G provides operators with full shift comfort and safety features.
  • Fully adjustable and suspended seat
  • Integrated three point safety belt
  • A trainer’s seat with lap belt facilitates on-the-job task training
  • Audible warnings signal events, and fluid level monitoring is available from inside the cab
  • In some instances, the truck will automatically derate engine power for safety

Job Site Safety

  • Speed limiting on the haul is new and more efficient than gear limiting
  • Secondary steering in the event of power loss
  • Speed limiting during body up operations

A Focus on Personnel

The 773G is designed to minimize hazards associated with working on and around this truck.
  • Ground level daily check points
  • Low effort, integrated access system with hand rails for three points of contact
  • Aggressive tread plate on all step areas, and lighting for after dark
  • Folding windshield washing platform offers solid footing for cleaning the windshield

Confidence and Control

Confident operators will move material quickly, efficiently and profitably.
  • Brake design updates increase slope holding capability and include a brake wear indicator
  • Wet disc braking for rear wheels; dry disc braking on the front
  • Automatic Retarding Control for downhill grades
  • New traction control system


The 773G supports your site safety plan with excellent visibility to the job site.
  • Work Area Vision System (WAVS) is a camera system that enhances visibility behind the truck
  • Lighting and mirror packages are available to suit your site conditions

Operator Work Environment

Productivity from comfort, confidence, control


The comfort of your crew will contribute to their productivity and awareness on the job.
  • Easy, low effort access to the cab
  • Ergonomic, intuitive controls
  • Left side power window
  • Automatic temperature control inside the cab
  • Throttle lock convenience for long uphill climbs
  • The cab is spacious with window area that supports visibility
  • An integrated footrest provides comfort and support
  • Sound suppression provides a quieter work environment
  • The cab is isolation mounted reducing noise and vibration
  • Lighting package options to meet operation needs
  • Automotive quality shifting from new APECS transmission controls

Confidence and Control

Strong, predictable performance will help your operators achieve the lowest cost per ton.
  • Automatic Retarding Control reduces operator effort and controls braking on downhill grades
  • Performance and health information at a glance using well lit gauges and the Advisor Message Display
  • Steering performance from a design that maintains tire alignment
  • Stopping power from fade-resistant brakes - purpose built for off road applications and the loads carried by the 773G
  • Traction control is now steering sensitive and uses the service brakes to control wheel slip. The result: faster activation and improved response to wheel slip
  • Visibility is excellent with extensive mirror options, large window areas.
Cab layout subject to change with optional equipment.


The Advisor display and VIMS™ software are important reporting tools that help you analyze:
  • Productivity, haul road efficiency, operator skill
  • Fuel use, cycle times, idle time
  • Machine health and events


The benefits are far reaching and economical

As you work for a more sustainable business model, the Cat® 773G can contribute in more ways than one.

Fuel and Emissions

• There are multiple fuel saving strategies on the 773G, two are economy modes that are adjustable to meet your unique production needs


  • Operator noise is reduced by 50% using sound suppression technology in the cab
  • A rubber liner option for truck bodies reduces noise levels for both the operator and spectators

Component Life

  • Cat Reman parts are an economical alternative to new
  • You can extend tire life using TKPH/TMPH, a feature that calculates tire loading
  • Castings and box section frame construction absorb shocks and distribute loads
  • A new rear axle housing holds new, robust differential gears that compliment the power and torque increases of the truck
  • Hydraulic oil filter life is extended to 1,000 hours under normal conditions
  • Autostall enables quick operating temperatures for best performance and life
  • Delayed engine shutdown prevents hot shutdowns that can reduce component life

Cutting Your Fuel Costs

A strategy for lowering your cost per ton

The 773G introduces several key fuel conservation features:
  • Auto Neutral Idle - as the 773G idles in a forward gear, the transmission will automatically slip in and out of a neutral state to avoid stalling the torque converter and increasing fuel consumption.
  • Engine Idle Shutdown - when your G Series truck is in park and idles for more than a preset time, the truck will initiate engine shutdown to conserve fuel. This feature can be time adjusted or turned on or off according to your specific needs.
  • Speed Limiting - while you can continue to gear limit your G Series trucks, Caterpillar offers speed limiting that allows the truck to travel at a more fuel efficient engine speed and gear selection.
  • Transmission Controls - New APECS transmission controls increase fuel efficiency by maintaining momentum and speed on grade.

Economy Modes

  • Standard Economy Mode - G Series has the ability to adjust engine power based on your site, fleet and economic conditions. You can manually control fuel burn by adjusting the power down between 0.5 and 15 percent.
  • Adaptive Economy Mode - New for G Series - this economy mode requires a baseline for production from you using the Advisor display. As the truck transits the haul cycle, it is constantly evaluating its ability to meet your baseline in a reduced power setting. Where full power is needed, full power is applied, where reduced power works, reduced power is applied. It’s fully automatic with no special operation required.


Efficient application of power and technology

The 773G will haul your material faster and more efficiently with increases in power and new APECS transmission controls.
  • A 5% increase in power improves cycle times and grade climbing performance
  • New APECS transmission controls carry more torque through the shifts, producing faster cycle times and the possibility of climbing grades in a higher gear

Traction Control

G Series introduces benefits to your fleet when running in wet conditions by introducing a more responsive traction controls system.
  • The system is steering sensitive to determine slip from high speed turns
  • The system engages at slower speeds returning traction sooner
  • The system engages sooner in the slip, potentially reducing tire wear
  • The system modulates instantly between the two wheel groups for control
  • Using the hydraulic service brakes facilitates the instant modulation and responsiveness

Long Term Value and Durability

Proven components for reliable performance

At Caterpillar, we know that our truck is critical to your business, that’s why we use industry leading technology to ensure maximum machine availability and reliability.

Structural Strength

The backbone of the 773G is its frame. Our frames are designed for off-road integrity and more than one life cycle. The 773G, with its new power and performance increases, has updated final drive gears and a new rear axle housing to support this new level of work.
  • Caterpillar strategically applies castings with box section construction to manage off-road stresses
  • A new front frame design increases the approach angle on ramps and grades
  • New heavy duty gears compliment the updates in power and torque
  • A new robust rear axle housing also supports the truck’s performance


  • Front struts use our proven king pin design for effective absorption of haul road shocks
  • Rear suspension cylinders have been inverted to minimize contamination

Planetary Powershift Transmission with APECS Controls

New APECS controls improve performance with the following:
  • Torque shift management - allows the truck to power through shift points
  • Part throttle shifting - provides an exceptionally smooth ride
  • ECPC - electronically controls clutch pressures for long life


  • 5% more power gives the truck new performance levels and quick haul cycles
  • Cat MEUI™ injectors provide high pressure, fine atomization under all load conditions for fuel efficiency and responsiveness
  • Low pressure fuel lines from the tank to the engine simplify service
  • The C27 is carefully balanced with vibration controls that reduce noise and protect against unnecessary harmonics
  • Cooling is provided by either a demand fan or a conventional cooling fan
  • Ground level engine shutdown switch for safety
  • Excellent high-altitude capability (see specifications for details)


  • The steering linkage is designed to provide feedback to the operator
  • The Cat king pin front suspension system maintains steering tolerances and tire alignment

Brake Performance

Cat trucks provide powerful, fade-resistant braking for off road applications, and G Series introduces new ways to extend your brake life.
  • Rear brakes are wet disc while the front are dry, caliper type
  • Slope holding capability benefits from all wheel parking brake actuation
  • Brake life can be extended by choosing the optional Cat Engine Brake
  • Additional springs in the design reduce wear and increase service life
  • A brake wear indicator keeps you informed of maintenance timing
  • Extended life brake material is available for extreme applications

Body Options

For your applications and material types

Our truck bodies are engineered to compliment the chassis and built to haul your material for years of trouble-free performance. In fact, Cat truck bodies are designed to let the truck perform at peak efficiency by correctly centering and distributing the load. Outfitting your truck body with a steel or rubber liner may be advisable based on material type and application. If you have questions about body selection or applying liners, your Cat dealer has the tools and knowledge to help you with this decision process.

The Rubber Liner

This important factory-installed option will prolong body life in hard rock applications.
  • Available for the dual slope and flat floor bodies
  • It will reduce shock loading for both the operator and truck
  • It absorbs noise, reducing both spectator and operator sound levels
  • The rubber liner is not a good option for wet, sticky material
  • The rubber liner should not be used with our body heat option

Side Boards

In the event that your material is light weight, we offer factory-installed 150 mm (6 in) sideboards to help you achieve rated capacities. You can use our “Body Selection Guide” as a reference for selecting the correct body type and liner package. Cat dealers can order this document using reference number AEXQ0673.

Dual Slope Body

If your haul profile includes steep slopes, the dual slope body offers excellent material retention.
  • The dual slope has a SAE 2:1 heaped capacity of 35.20 m3 (46 yd3) with a steel liner configuration
  • 400 BNH steel on interior surfaces offers excellent wear characteristics
  • Material is carried low and centered for stability
  • A single 16 mm (0.62 in) steel liner option is available for this body
  • A single rubber liner is available for this body

Flat Floor Body

If you’re feeding a crusher, the flat floor body is an excellent choice for metering material.
  • The flat floor body also offers excellent material retention and stability
  • 400 BNH steel is used on internal surfaces for wear protection
  • A single steel liner option is available
  • A rubber liner is also available for this body

Service Convenience

Simple, more cost-effective solutions

Service Centers - Electrical Connections

This bumper-mounted electrical service center provides the convenience and safety of ground level access to important service tasks.
  • Ground level access to VIMS data
  • Ground level access to an ET port
  • Includes a master disconnect switch
  • Engine lockout switch
  • Hydraulics lockout switch
  • Breaker access

Brake Monitoring

G Series introduces updates that will increase the life of your brakes.
  • A brake wear indicator is new and standard
  • Design improvements are increasing separation forces to lessen wear and increase brake life

Filter Life

  • With all new hydraulic system efficiency, your filter life is extended to 1,000 hours
  • Cab air filter life can also be extended with the optional cab precleaner.
  • Our engine oil filters are improved, and in some cases extending life beyond 500 hours

Service Centers - Fluid Fill

You will save both time and money using the optional fluid fill service center.
  • Fill and extraction for all fluids in one location
  • Key pad indicates existing fluid levels
  • Includes all oils, coolant and fuel
  • Conveniently located at ground level
  • Lighted for night time use

Product Link™

For comprehensive fleet management, Caterpillar offers Product Link solutions. This solution is a combination of machine-mounted hardware and software called Vision Link. You can access fleet information either through cellular or satellite channels. These channels may be restricted and unavailable in some countries. Customers who use Product Link are remotely monitoring machine health and organizing service requirements.
    •  For non-regulated regions only: - Direct drive fan - MEUI-A fuel system
    •  Braking system: - Automatic Retarder Control (ARC) - Manual retarder (utilizes rear oil cooled, multiple disc brakes) - Brake release motor (towing) - Dry disc brakes (front) - Front brake disconnect switch (front) - Oil-cooled multiple disc brakes (rear)
    •  Transmission: - 7 speed automatic powershift with: Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) - Automatic neutral idle - Autostall - Second gear start
    •  Suspension, front and rear (EU compliant)
  • Suspension, front and rear (EU compliant)
      •  Alarm backup
      •  Alternator, 120 Amp
      •  Autolube power supply ready
      •  Batteries, maintenance-free, 12V (2), 1,400 CCA combined
      •  Electrical system, 25 Amp, 24V to 12V converter
      •  Lighting system: - Backup light (halogen) - Directional signals/hazard warning (front and rear LED) - Engine compartment light - Headlights, (halogen) with dimmer - Operator access courtesy lights - Side profile lights - Stop/tail lights (LED)
      •  Service center containing: - Battery jump start - Breakers with spare fuses - Lock out switch - Ports, ET and VIMS - Service lockout switch (power without engine start)
      •  Economy Modes, standard and adaptive
      •  Product Link, cellular or satellite
      •  Traction Control System (TCS)
      •  Truck Production Management System (TPMS)
      •  Vital Information Management System (VIMS)
      •  Advisor display: - Fluid level monitoring - Fuel level monitoring - Display languages (market based)
      •  Air conditioning/heat
      •  Automatic temperature control
      •  Ashtray and cigarette lighter
      •  Coat hook
      •  Cup holders (4)
      •  Diagnostic connection port, 24V
      •  Entertainment radio ready: - 5 amp converter - Speakers - Antenna - Wiring harness
      •  Foot rest
      •  Gauges/indicators: - Brake oil temperature gauge - Coolant temperature gauge - Engine overspeed indicator - Fuel level - Hour meter - Speedometer with odometer - Tachometer - Transmission gear indicator
      •  Hoist lever
      •  Horn
      •  Light - courtesy
      •  Light - dome
      •  Mirrors, non-heated
      •  Power port, 24V and 12V (2)
      •  Rollover Protection (ROPS)/Falling Object Protection (FOPS)
      •  Seat, Cat Comfort Series III: - Full air suspension - Retractable 3-point seat belt with shoulder harness
      •  Seat, training with lap belt
      •  Steering wheel, padded, tilt and telescopic
      •  Storage compartment
      •  Sun visor
      •  Throttle lock
      •  Window, hinged, right side (emergency exit)
      •  Window, powered, left side
      •  Windshield wiper intermittent and washer
    • GUARDS
      •  Driveline
      •  Engine crankcase
      •  Fan
    • FLUIDS
      •  Antifreeze
      •  Extended life coolant to -34° C (-30° F)
      •  Grouped ground-level filters
    • Antifreeze
      • Extended life coolant to -34° C (-30° F)
        • Grouped ground-level filters
            •  Body down indicator
            •  Body safety pin (secures body in up position)
            •  Center mounted rims
            •  Fuel tank, 795 L (210 gal)
            •  Ground level battery disconnect
            •  Ground level engine shutdown
            •  Ground level grease fittings
            •  Operator Maintenance Manual (OMM)
            •  Rims 17 × 35
            •  Rock ejectors
            •  Secondary steering (electric)
            •  Tie down eyes
            •  Tow hooks (front)/tow pin (rear)
            •  Vandalism protection locks
          • Body heat
            • Body liner
              • Body side boards
                • Cab precleaner
                  • Cat Engine Brake
                    • Clustered grease fittings
                      • Cold weather packages
                        • Extended Life Brakes
                          • Fluid fill service center
                            • HID lights
                              • Mirrors, convex
                                • Mirrors, heated
                                  • Rockford fan attachment for LRC machines
                                    • Spare rim
                                      • Visibility package (meets ISO 5006 requirements)
                                        • Wheel chocks
                                          • Work Area Vision System (WAVS)

                                            360° Exterior View

                                            360° Interior View

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