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All Wheel Drive(Non Current)

Cat motor graders continue their reputation for offering world-class cab and controls, advanced electronics and hydraulics, and optimum productivity... to match your needs in any application.

163H All-Wheel Drive Motor Grader

The Caterpillar 163H All-Wheel Drive Motor Grader blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment. The Cat 3306 engine, power shift transmission, load-sensing hydraulics and all-wheel drive system are designed to work together to deliver top productivity in all applications.

  • Specification Summary

  • Base Power (all gears) Net134 kW
  • Blade Width4.3 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight - max23539 kg
  • VHP - gears 4-8 Net149 kW
  • VHP - gears 1-3 Gross150 kW

Product Details


Base Power (all gears) Net 134 kW
VHP - gears 4-8 Net 149 kW
VHP - gears 1-3 Gross 150 kW
VHP - gears 4-8 Gross 165 kW
Engine Model 3306 TA
Flywheel Power - Net 134 kW
Displacement 10.45 L
Bore 121 mm
Stroke 152 mm
Torque rise 33.5 %
Speed @ rated power 1900 RPM
Number of cylinders 6
Derating altitude 9816 m
Flywheel Power - Variable 149 kW
VHP - gears 1-3 Net 134 kW


Gross Vehicle Weight - max 23539 kg
Operating Weight 16538 kg


Blade Width 4.3 m
Blade Height 686 mm
Blade Thickness 25 mm
Arc radius 413 mm
Throat clearance 90 mm
Cutting edge - width 203 mm
Cutting edge - thickness 16 mm
End Bit - width 203 mm
End Bit - thickness 16 mm

Operating Specifications

Top Speed - Fwd. 40.7 km/h
Top Speed - Rev. 32.1 km/h
Turning radius (outside front tires) 7.4 m
Fwd. 1st 3.5 km/h
Fwd. 2nd 4.8 km/h
Fwd. 3rd 7 km/h
Fwd. 4th 9.6 km/h
Fwd. 5th 15 km/h
Fwd. 6th 20.3 km/h
Fwd. 7th 28 km/h
Fwd. 8th 40.7 km/h
Rev. 1st 2.8 km/h
Rev. 2nd 5.2 km/h
Rev. 3rd 7.6 km/h
Rev. 4th 11.8 km/h
Rev. 5th 22.3 km/h
Rev. 6th 32.1 km/h

Service Refill

Fuel Tank 340 L
Cooling system 40 L
Hydraulic system - total 98 L
Hydraulic system - tank 38 L
Engine oil 27 L
Tandem housing (each) 80 L
Front wheel spindle bearing housing 0.5 L
Circle drive housing 7 L

Power Train

Forward/Reverse Gears 8 Forward / 6 Reverse
Transmission Direct Driver, Power Shift
Brakes, Service Air-actuated, Oil-disc
Brakes, Service - surface area 23948 cm2
Brakes, Parking Multiple Oil-disc

Hydraulic System

Circuit type Proportional Priority Pressure Compensated (PPPC)
Pump type Variable-displacement Piston Pump
Pump output @ 2100 RPM 206 L/min
Maximum system pressure 24150 kPa
Reservoir tank capacity 38 L
Standby pressure 3100 kPa


Circle - diameter 1553 mm
Drawbar - height 127 mm
Drawbar - thickness 76 mm
Front - top/bottom plate - width 305 mm
Front - top/bottom plate - thickness 25 mm
Front - side plates - width 242 mm
Front - side plates - thickness 12 mm
Front - linear weights - min 165 kg/m
Front - linear weights - max 213 kg/m
Front - section modulus - min 2083 cm3
Front - section modulus - max 4785 cm3
Front axle - ground clearance 625 mm
Front axle - front wheel lean 18 Degrees
Front axle - oscillation angle 32 Degrees
Circle - blade beam thickness 40 mm

Blade Range

Circle centershift - right 881 mm
Circle centershift - left 848 mm
Moldboard sideshift - right 943 mm
Moldboard sideshift - left 851 mm
Maximum blade position angle 90 Degrees
Blade tip range (forward) 40 Degrees
Blade tip range (backward) 5 Degrees
Maximum shoulder reach outside of tires - right 2261 mm
Maximum shoulder reach outside of tires - left 2223 mm
Maximum lift above ground 452 mm
Maximum depth of cut 770 mm


Ripping depth, maximum 462 mm
Ripper shank holders 5
Ripper shank holder spacing - min 533 mm
Ripper shank holder spacing - max 533 mm
Penetration force 8518 kg
Pryout force 9281 kg
Machine length increase, beam raised 970 mm


Front, V-Type: Working width 1184 mm
Front, V-Type: Scarifying depth, maximum 292 mm
Front, V-Type: Scarifier shank holders 11
Front, V-Type: Scarifier shank holder spacing 116 mm
Front, straight: Working width 1800 mm
Front, straight: Scarifying depth, maximum 317 mm
Front, straight: Scarifier shank holders 17
Front, straight: Scarifier shank holder spacing 111 mm
Rear: Working width 2300 mm
Rear: Ripping depth, maximum 411 mm
Rear: Scarifier shank holders 9
Rear: Scarifier shank holder spacing 267 mm


Height 572 mm
Width 201 mm
Sidewall thickness - inner 16 mm
Sidewall thickness - outer 18 mm
Drive chain pitch 51 mm
Wheel axle spacing 1522 mm
Tandem oscillation - forward 15 Degrees
Tandem oscillation - reverse 25 Degrees


Height - low profile cab 3120 mm
Height - high profile cab 3345 mm
Length - counterweight to ripper 10012 mm
Width - outside front tires 2553 mm
Length - front axle to mid tandem 6086 mm
Length - front tire to end of rear frame 8604 mm
Length - front axle to moldboard 2518 mm
Length - between tandem axles 1523 mm
Width - outside rear tires 2456 mm
Width - tire center lines 2091 mm

All-Wheel Drive System

Pump output (2500 rpm, 35000 kPa) 175 L/min
Maximum operating pressure 35000 kPa
Minimum operating pressure 5500 kPa
Motor displacement - high 1650 cc/rev
Motor displacement - low 660 cc/rev

Power Train

Matched Caterpillar components deliver smooth, responsive performance and reliability.

Cat 3306 Engine

The Cat 3306 continues its tradition of powerful, efficient performance and unmatched reliability and durability. The six-cylinder engine is naturally aspirated with a high displacement-to-power ratio.

Fuel Efficiency

High fuel injection pressures ensure proper mixing of fuel and air.

Extended Engine Life

The large bore-stroke design and conservative power rating help minimize internal stresses and increase component life.

Electronic Overspeed Protection

Electronic overspeed protection helps prevent engine and transmission damage from premature downshifting and grade-induced overspeeding.

Power Shift Transmission

Caterpillar designs and builds transmissions specifically for Cat motor graders.

Direct Drive

Direct drive delivers superior fuel efficiency and better "feel" of blade loads, material hardness and ground speed.

Gear Selections

Eight forward speeds and six reverse speeds give the operator a wide operating range.

Electronic Transmission Control

Electronic transmission control produces easy, smooth shifts, which enable the operator to maintain uniform surfaces if shifting is required.

Inching Capability

Low pedal effort and excellent modulation provide precise control of machine movements when using the inching pedal.

Dual Air System

The dual air system supplies braking capacity to each side of the machine.

Oil Disc Brakes

Caterpillar designs and builds multi-disc brakes that are completely sealed and adjustment-free.

Variable Horsepower

Variable horsepower comes standard. When all-wheel drive is engaged, it delivers full power in all gears.

Optional Autoshift

Optional autoshift improves ease of operation and maximizes productivity by automatically shifting the transmission at optimal shift points.


Balanced hydraulics deliver consistent, precise and responsive control.

Power On Demand

Normally, the variable displacement pump idles at near-zero output.

Implement Control Valves

Implement control valves are designed and built by Caterpillar specifically for motor graders.

Low Operator Effort

Implement controls are designed to reduce operator fatigue.

Balanced Flow

When the operator uses several controls at one time, flow is proportioned to ensure all implements can operate simultaneously. If hydraulic demand exceeds pump capacity, cylinder velocities will be reduced by the same ratio.

Independent Oil Supply

Large independent oil supply prevents cross-contamination and provides proper oil cooling, which means less heat build-up and extended component life.

Blade Float

Blade float is incorportated into the blade lift control valves.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive keeps productivity high by improving tractive effort in poor underfoot conditions.

Superior Traction

All-wheel drive improves tractive performance in poor underfoot conditions such as snow, mud and sand.

More Power

The variable horsepower feature is standard on the 163H.

Wide Working Range

All-wheel drive is available in gears 1-7 forward and 1-5 reverse, making it effective in both low-speed and high-speed applications; from ditch cutting to snow winging.

Operating Modes

Three operating modes are available: automatic, manual or off. The operator selects the operating mode using a rocker switch on the transmission console.


Conveniently placed service points make routine maintenance quick and easy.


Easy access to service areas speeds up maintenance and ensures that routine service is performed on time.

Power Train Components

Power train components feature a modular design so you can remove the engine, transmission or final drives independently for quick servicing.

Diagnostic Capability

Diagnostic capability offers fast servicing of the transmission.

XT Hose

Caterpillar designs and manufactures its own heavy-duty XT hose and installs it in all high-pressure circuits. It's resistance to abrasion, coupled with its exceptional strength and flexibility, help minimize maintenance and extend life.

O-Ring Face Seals

O-ring face seals create a reliable seal and are used in all hydraulic circuits to minimize the possibility of oil leaks.

Radiator Cleanout Access

Removable covers on each side of the radiator guard provide access to the front of the radiator for cleanout with compressed air or pressure washer.

Extended Life Coolant (ELC)

Extended Life Coolant (ELC) extends coolant life. A single addition of ELC Extender is the only maintenance required.

Separate Wiring Harnesses

Separate wiring harnesses connect all electrical components.

Complete Customer Support

Caterpillar dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.


Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy.


Look past the initial price. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs and dealer services.


Improving operating techniques can boost your profits.


More and more equipment buyers are planning for effective maintenance before buying equipment.

Product Support

You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter.


Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the costs involved so you can make the right choice.
  • Electrical
    •  Alarm, back-up
    •  Alternator, 50-amp, sealed
    •  Batteries, low-maintenace, 950 CCA (2)
    •  Battery box cover, lockable
    •  Electrical system, 24V
    •  Lights, stop and tail
    •  Motor, starting
  • Operator Environment
    •  Accelerator/decelerator
    •  Ashtray and lighter
    •  Coat hook
    •  Control console, adjustable
    •  Cupholder
    •  EMS, operator warning system
    •  Gauges
    •  Hydraulic controls, load-sensing
    •  Mirror, wide angle, inside rearview
    •  Power steering, hydraulic
    •  ROPS cab, sound-suppressed, 77 dB(A), low profile
    •  Seat, Caterpillar Contour Series, cloth-covered with suspension
    •  Seat belt, retractable, 3"
    •  Service hour meter
    •  Steering wheel, tilt adjustable
    •  Storage area, cooler/lunch box
    •  Throttle, hand
    •  Windows, fixed lower front
    •  Wipers and washers, windshield and lower front windows
  • Power Train
    •  Air cleaner, dry type, radial seal with service indicator
    •  Blower fan
    •  Brakes, oil-disc, four-wheel, air-actuated
    •  Differential, lockable
    •  Engine, 3306 DITA diesel with variable horsepower, low emissions
    •  Muffler, under hood
    •  Parking brake, multi-disc, sealed and oil-cooled
    •  Precleaner, automatic dust ejector
    •  Prescreener
    •  Priming pump, fuel
    •  Tandem drive
    •  Transmission, 8 speeds forward and 6 speeds in reverse, power shift, direct drive with electronic shift control and overspeed protection
  • Air cleaner, dry type, radial seal with service indicator
    • Blower fan
      • Brakes, oil-disc, four-wheel, air-actuated
        • Differential, lockable
          • Engine, 3306 DITA diesel with variable horsepower, low emissions
            • Muffler, under hood
              • Parking brake, multi-disc, sealed and oil-cooled
                • Precleaner, automatic dust ejector
                  • Prescreener
                    • Priming pump, fuel
                      • Tandem drive
                        • Transmission, 8 speeds forward and 6 speeds in reverse, power shift, direct drive with electronic shift control and overspeed protection
                          • Other Standard Equipment
                            •  Bumper, rear, with hitch
                            •  Cap locks for hydraulic tank, radiator access cover and fuel tank
                            •  Circle drive slip clutch
                            •  Cutting edges, 203 mm x 16 mm (8" x 5/8") curved DH-2 steel
                            •  Doors, engine compartment, with locks
                            •  Drawbar, six shoe with replaceable nylon composite wear strips
                            •  End bits, 16 mm (5/8") DH-2 steel
                            •  Frame, articulated, with safety lock
                            •  Fuel tank, 341 liter (90 gallon)
                            •  Horn, air
                            •  Moldboard, 4267 mm x 686 mm x 25 mm (14' x 27" x 1")
                            •  SOS ports, engine and hydraulic
                            •  Tool box, with lock
                          • Accumulators, blade lift
                            • Air conditioner with heater and pressurizer
                              • Air dryer
                                • Alternator, 75-amp
                                  • Alternator, 100-amp
                                    • Autoshift transmission
                                      • Batteries, extreme duty, 1300 CCA
                                        • Blade, 4877 mm x 688 mm x 25 mm (16 ft x 27 in x 1 in)
                                          • Cab, ROPS, high profile, sound suppressed
                                            • Canopy, ROPS, high profile, with rear wall and window
                                              • Converter, 25-amp, 24V to 12V
                                                • Covers, louver
                                                  • Cutting edges, 203 mm x 19 mm (8 in x 3/4 in)
                                                    • Endbits, overlay, reversible
                                                      • Ether starting aid
                                                        • Extensions, blade, 610 mm (2 ft)
                                                          • Fan, defroster, front and rear
                                                            • Fan, reversible, with rear grill cover
                                                              • Fuel tank, 454 liter (120 gallon)
                                                                • Graderbit system, standard bit type
                                                                  • Guard, lower platform
                                                                    • Guard, transmission
                                                                      • Heater, engine coolant
                                                                        • Heater, with pressurizer
                                                                          • Hydraulic arrangements with one or more additional hydraulic valves are available for front scarifier, rear ripper-scarifier, dozer, dozer angle, snow plow and snow wing
                                                                            • Instrument panel cover, canopy
                                                                              • Lighting systems
                                                                                •  Bar mounted lights, directional and headlights
                                                                                •  Cab mounted lights, directional and headlights
                                                                                •  Cab and bar mounted lights, directional, headlights and work lights
                                                                                •  Work lights, front and rear
                                                                                •  Snow wing light, right
                                                                                •  Warning light, cab or canopy mounted
                                                                              • Mirrors, dual, inside mounted
                                                                                • Mirrors, outside mounted
                                                                                  • Power port, 12V
                                                                                    • Protection, tire chain
                                                                                      • Push plate, front mounted
                                                                                        • Radio ready, entertainment
                                                                                          • Ripper, shank/tooth, one
                                                                                            • Ripper-scarifier, rear
                                                                                              • Scarifier, front mounted, V-type
                                                                                                • Scarifier, front mounted, straight type
                                                                                                  • Scarifier, shanks/teeth, nine
                                                                                                    • Seat, Caterpillar Contour Series, vinyl-covered with suspension
                                                                                                      • Snow arrangements
                                                                                                        • Speedometer/tachometer
                                                                                                          • Steering system, secondary
                                                                                                            • Sunshade, rear window
                                                                                                              • Windows, lower front, opening
                                                                                                                • Windows, sliding side
                                                                                                                  • WIper and washer, rear

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