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Track Material Handlers(Non Current)

A complete line of track and wheel material handlers has been designed and built for your demanding industry. These aggressive machines deliver fast, mobile, efficient performance whether equipped with a grapple, clamshell bucket or magnet.

350 MH Track-type Material Handler

The Cat 350 MH is a rugged, versatile machine which can is available with either a 2 piece or 3 piece front. It can be equipped with either grapples or magnets to support a variety of applications.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat 3306 ATAAC
  • Net Flywheel Power286 kW
  • Gross Power306 kW
  • Operating Weight61576 kg
  • Max. Reach59 m

Product Details


Engine Model Cat 3306 ATAAC
Net Flywheel Power 286 kW
Gross Power 306 kW


Operating Weight 61576 kg

Operating Specifications

Max. Reach 59 m
Cab Riser - Fixed 6.4 m
Cat 2-Piece MH Linkage Arrangement 56.25 m
Cat 3-Piece MH Linkage Arrangement 56 m
Max. Height 53.4 m
Max. Reach 3-Piece Front 56.25 m
Max. Height 3-Piece Front 55.25 m
Travel Speed 2.9 km/h
Front lift capacity (MAX) 18869.5 kg


Max. Drawbar Pull 75600 kN

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 185 L

Hydraulic System

Max. Pressure Implements 4550 kPa
Max. Pressure Travel 4980 kPa
Max. Pressure - Swing 3910 kPa
Pilot System Max. Flow 11.1 L/min
Pilot System Max. Pressure 498 kPa
Rotate Circuit for Grapple Max. Flow 12.5 L/min
Rotate Circuit for Grapple Operating Pressure 2500 kPa


Shipping Length 13822 mm


The Cat 350 Material Handler is specifically designed for the scrap and material handling customer. This machine uses the most sophisticated manufacturing quality.

Two and Three-Piece Fronts

350 MH two and three-piece fronts by Caterpillar meet all you application needs with excellent reach, flexibility and lift performance.

Booms, Sticks and Jib

Booms, sticks and jib are built for performance and long service life.

Cab Riser

Cat designed and built cab riser gets your operator to an operating height with excellent visibility for loading or unloading your processing equipment, trucks and rail cars.

Cab Access

Access to the cab is provided by a platform which extends around the riser to allow windshield cleaning.


The cab riser can also be tilted forward 90 degrees for shipping.

Hydraulic System

Cat Material Handler hydraulic systems are specifically designed to meet your hydraulic attachment requirements.

Grapple Open/Close Circuit

The grapple open/close circuit works with the Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating (PPPC) valve to deliver smooth simultaneous multi-function control.

Rotate Circuit

The rotate circuit provides a separate gear pump and fully adjustable control valve, allowing this configuration to meet various grapple manufacturer's flow requirements.


The upperframe is specifically designed for the scrap and material handling market.

Special Counterweight

The 350 MH is equipped with a counterweight which is over 70 percent heavier than the standard counterweight.

Cleaning Core

Cooling system designed for easy clean out when operating in debris laden environment.

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