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Stationary Mount Knuckleboom Loaders(Non Current)

A benchmark for the industry, Caterpillar knuckleboom loaders set new standards in performance, controllability and safety.

519 SM/EHC Stationary Mount Knuckleboom Loader

Caterpillar has a full line of stationary mount loaders for a wide range of mill yard applications. Four models are available with onboard or remote power. Caterpillar stationary mount loaders are completely pre-wired, tested and ready for on-site electric hookup, including installation kits with the required fasteners for mounting to steel or concrete pedestals. And with the Resilient Pad Mounting system, your workday will be productive and comfortable.

  • Specification Summary

  • Maximum Reach 9.1 m
  • Knuckleboom Length 8.2 m
  • Grapple Mounting Knuckle Length 228.6 mm
  • Swing Bearing - Diameter 1092.2 mm
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Product Details


Maximum Reach 9.1 m

Operating Specifications

Knuckleboom Length 8.2 m
Grapple Mounting Knuckle Length 228.6 mm
Swing Bearing - Diameter 1092.2 mm
Swing Bearing - Gearing External
Electric Motor 56 kW
Electric Power Supply 460 Volt: 60 Hz
Operating Weight 6946.8 kg


Gross Power 55.9 kW

Hydraulic System

Swing Speed 8 r/min
Cylinders - Main 152 mm X 102 mm (6 in X 4 in)
Hydraulic Pressure - System 15168.5 kPa
Cylinders - Stick 152 mm X 102 mm (6 in X 4 in)
Cylinders - Live Heel 127 mm X 76 mm (5 in X 3 in)
Hydraulic Pressure - Swing 16547.4 kPa
Hydraulic Flow 167/125/83 L/min (44/33/22 gpm)

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 159 l


Operating Weight 6946.8 kg

Operator Station

On standard loaders with operator’s station, the hydraulic pilot joystick controls and rocker swing pedal are ergonomically designed for ease of operation and maximum loader control required for the high cycle millyard applications. The operator station is designed with comfort in mind. The spacious cabs feature a large, fully adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support. Fold-up armrests are fully adjustable to allow adjustment of the joystick controls to match the operator for ease of operation, increased performance. Excellent visibility of the work area is provided through large tinted cab windows. Overhead visibility is maximized through the large, tinted Lexan skylight. Operator protection is afforded through the front guard. This swing-out guard is designed for quick and simple access to allow cleaning of the front window.

Mounting System

The Resilient Pad Mounting System includes a set of special rubber isolators on each mounting fastener that absorbs stress in two directions. An additional hydraulic accumulator is built into the main boom cylinder circuit to further absorb peak-load shocks.

Enclosed Components

Weatherproof electric service panels include starters, controls, transformers, circuit breakers and fuse blocks.

Motor Options

Electric motors range in horsepower from 75 to 100 hp and are totally enclosed and rated for severe duty. Power supply wiring packages provide for 440V/60Hz US or 575V/60Hz Canadian service.

Boom Length Options

Heavy-duty boom options range in length from 7.6 m to 10.9m (25’ to 36’) for handling a variety of tree lengths.
  • Motor Power Supply
    •  Electric Motor, 56 kW (75 HP) @ 1800 RPM
    •  460 Volt (60 Hz) Electric Power Supply
    •  Four (4) Ring High Voltage Collector Ring
    •  Service Panel, NEMA 12 Enclosure
    •  Pump Drive, Direct Through Flex Coupling
    •  Across-the-line Magnetic Starting System
    •  Turntable Power Supply Mounting
  • Hydraulic System
    •  Three (3) In-Line Gear Pumps
    •  Radial Piston Swing Motor
    •  Continuous Rotation
    •  Electro Hydraulic (EHC) Controls
    •  Single Element Return (3 mic) Filtration
    •  Filtration Bypass Indicators
    •  Diagnostic Nipples @ Pump for serviceability
  • Booms
    •  8.2 m (27’) Knuckleboom
    •  22.8 cm (9”) Grapple Mounting Knuckle
  • 8.2 m (27’) Knuckleboom
    • 22.8 cm (9”) Grapple Mounting Knuckle
      • Structural
        •  Steel Mounting
      • 575 Volt (60 Hz) Electric Power Supply
        • Auxiliary Low Voltage Collector Ring
          • Remote Skid Power Supply Mounting
            • Non-Continuous Limited Rotation
              • Oil Reservoir Heater
                • 7.6 m (25’) Knuckleboom
                  • 9.1 m (30’) Knuckleboom
                    • 30.5 cm (12”) Grapple Mounting Knuckle
                      • Single dquo;V” Heel
                        • Double dquo;VV” Heel
                          • Concrete Mounting
                            • 30” Subframe Riser Mounting

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