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Track Harvesters(Non Current)

Caterpillar harvesters are the most versatile on the market. They are built with proven components and are field-tested to ensure the highest level of reliability over the life of the machine.

532 Track Harvester

A robust undercarriage utilizes proven components, customized for demanding forestry conditions. The unique boom design provides industry leading lift capacity throughout full reach range, a benefit in large timber. Four models are available with just the right horsepower, track size and hydraulic configurations to fit your application needs.

  • Specification Summary

  • Gross Power211.8 kW
  • Engine ModelCat® C9 ACERT™
  • Rated Power196.1 kW
  • Displacement8.8 L
  • Max Reach w/ Head9.8 m
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Product Details


Gross Power 211.8 kW
Engine Model Cat® C9 ACERT™
Rated Power 196.1 kW
Displacement 8.8 L

Operating Specifications

Max Reach w/ Head 9.8 m
Bare Pin Lift at Max Reach w/o Head 4100 kg (9,100 lb) @ 9.0 m (29.5 ft)
Ground Clearance 889.0 mm
Maximum Drawbar Pull 36333.0 kg


Operating Weight w/o Head 31450.0 kg
Est Operating Weight 31452.1 kg

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 61.0 L
Engine Oil 39.0 L
Hydraulic System 300.0 L
Hydraulic Tank 262.0 L
Pony Fuel Tank (Optional) 341.0 L
Swing Drive 10.0 L
Fuel Tank 530.0 L


Number of Rollers 9 per side
Track Gauge 2591 mm to 2870 mm (102 in to 113 in)
Track Length 4877.0 mm
Undercarriage (size/pitch) 330 HEX/215.9 mm (8.5 in)

Hydraulic System

Pump Size - Boom, Implements 170.0 cm3
Pump Size - Saw Motor 55.0 cm3
Pump Size - Travel Circuit 180.0 cm3


Built for power, reliability, low maintenance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

Powerful Performance

The Cat® C9 electronically controlled ACERT delivers power while meeting all current Tier 2 emission standards. All models contain a fuel/water separator, engine air intake heater and a dual-stage combination air cleaner with pre-cleaner.

High Capacity Cooling System

The side-by-side radiator/oil cooler gives excellent cooling capacity for high production bunching and harvesting. The optional on-demand Flexxaire™ fan activates only when required and allows the cooling fan to purge debris from the radiator area, keeping a cleaner cooling system. The IQAN control system infinitely controls blade pitch angle to reduce horsepower demand from the cooling package, and lower operating costs.

Engine Oil

Caterpillar® engine oil is formulated to optimize engine life and performance and is recommended for use in Cat diesel engines. The engine oil change interval has been increased to 500 hours.


The clamshell engine compartment provides easy access to oil filters, oil dipstick, hydraulic fill pump and hoses reducing maintenance time.

Low Exhaust Emissions

The Cat C9 ACERT engine is a low emission engine designed to meet US EPA off-road Tier 2 emission regulations.

Pony Tank

An optional add on fuel tank is available for all 500 ZTS track feller buncher and track harvester models. The additional 90 gallon fuel capacity allows for increased work hours and productivity by reducing work stoppages needed for refueling machines.


An optional starting aid for colder climates is available for all 500 ZTS track feller buncher and harvester models. This option provides two (2) additional batteries, a HD starter, and HD battery cables.

Hydraulic Packages

Powerful hydraulic system combined with a powerful boom and stick maximize productivity in any felling or harvesting job.

Electric Hydraulic Oil fill Pump

The hydraulic oil site gauge provides easy visibility to know when hydraulic oil needs to be added. An easy accessible service wand allows hydraulic oil to be pumped through the hydraulic filtering system and into the tank. This reduces maintenance time and helps to maintain oil cleanliness requirements.

Variable Displacement Pump

Cat® 511 ZTS Track Feller Bunchers and Harvesters contain a dedicated variable displacement pump for travel circuit and implement functions, and a dedicated variable displacement pump for felling attachments. Cat 521/522/532 ZTS Track Feller Bunchers and Harvesters contain a dedicated 200 cc variable displacement pump for travel circuit, a 190 cc variable displacement pump for boom and implement functions, and a dedicated 55 cc variable displacement pump for felling and processing attachments. Optional hydraulic configurations for dangle harvesting heads and intermittent saw heads are available for all ZTS models.

Caterpillar® Hydraulic Oil

Provides maximum protection against mechanical and corrosive wear in all hydraulic systems. Its high zinc content reduces wear, and extends pump life. Provided certain requirements are met (e.g. S•O•SSM analysis every 500 hours), the hydraulic oil change interval is extended from 2,000 hours to 4,000 hours.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

The optional biodegradable hydraulic oil (HEES) is formulated to provide excellent high-pressure and high-temperature characteristics and is fully compatible with the all hydraulic components. HEES is fully decomposed by soil or water microorganisms, providing a more environmentally-sound alternative to mineral-based oils.

ToughGuard Hoses™

Abrasion resistant hoses along the boom and stick provide strength and flexibility, increasing hydraulic hose service life. The ToughGuard cover consists of a thin layer of UHMW polyethylene bonded to the rubber cover, providing exceptional abrasion resistance. In many applications, it eliminates the need for external guarding.

Operator Comfort

The interior layout maximizes operator space, provides exceptional comfort and reduces operator fatigue.


Cab design optimizes post structures and window placement to provide excellent operator visibility to front, sides and rear. Standard 1.25" thick “Margard” front window maximizes operator protection. All purpose built forestry cabs are designed with heavy-duty guarding, meeting FOPS/ROPS/OPS requirements.

Fresh Air

Large sliding side window with screen to allow fresh air into cab.

Interior Operator Station

The operator station is quiet with conveniently placed controls, joysticks and an ergonomically designed seat reducing operator fatigue.

Quiet Operation

Isolation mounted cab and engine reduces sound levels and vibration for quiet and comfortable operation.

Large Storage Compartment

A large storage space behind the seat, provides sufficient room for a lunch box, hard hats and work tools.


IQAN display allows the operator to continuously monitor the operating systems of the machine. This provides early warning for potential problems, and allows the operator to adjust control parameters maximizing performance and productivity.

Control Convenience

Each control is placed within easy reach of the operator. Joysticks control the implement and attachment functions, providing easy operation.

Foot Pedals

Ergonomically located pedals with side-by-side foot rests provide for maximum operator comfort while operating machine travel.


A unique large polycarbonate skylight provides excellent upward visibility, and acts as an alternate escape hatch.

Electrical System

24-volt electrical system with in-cab 24-12 volt converter, dual in-cab 12 volt power points and one 24 volt power point. Power is provided by two 12 volt maintenance free batteries and 95 amp alternator. An optional cold weather starting attachment may be selected to provide two additional batteries, a HD starter, and HD cables.

Leveling System

Tilting mechanism provides stability and comfort in steep slope conditions.

Tilt Mechanism

With the most robust tilt mechanism in the industry, the ZTS tilting models (522 and 532) have a patented 3-cylinder tilt mechanism with simultaneous tilting forward and side-to-side. Trunion cylinders are mounted on 2” (51 mm) steel plates and transfer vertical loads down to the interface of the track frames and carbody, putting the load into the track and ground.


Three-cylinder tilt mechanism with simultaneously 20 degree forward tilt and 11 degree side-to-side tilt.

Ground Clearance

ZTS machines have excellent ground clearance and open carbody design. This provides increased mobility by eliminating debris interference and other obstacles encountered in rugged working conditions.


High quality custom engineered, heavy duty forestry undercarriage.


Precision welded, high-wide carbody has strong frames that reduce flexing and increase reliability of rollers and track links throughout the life of the machine. Nine bottom rollers per side.

Travel Motor

Proven final drives and travel motors provide up to 85,000 lbs (38 555 kg) of tractive effort on the 532 giving excellent traction and power to the ground.

Track Guards

Integrated welded track guards provided on the 511 and 521, with bolt-on track guards provided on the 522 and 532 leveling machines.


Leveling 522 and 532 models feature a bolted track frame to carbody design. This provides a standard gauge width, or allows adjustment to a wide gauge width to improve machine stability, and increase productivity on steep slope applications.

Boom and Stick

Designed for maximum reach and lift capacity.

With up to 15,600 lb (7100 kg) of bare pin lift capacity at 20' (6.1 m) on the 532 track feller buncher, the 500 series machines are dominant over competitors in their size classes. With market leading lift capacity, 26.6' (8.1 m) of maximum reach, and tight stick tuck-in capabilities, these machines deliver high performance felling in all applications. The 532 track harvester delivers the same high performance with 9,100 lbs (4100 kg) of bare pin lift capacity and 32' (9.8 m) of maximum reach.


Caterpillar® disc saw attachments are available to meet felling needs.


From plantation thinning to select cut of large diameter wood, Cat® felling attachments provide reliable productive felling solutions. These range in cut capacity from 22" to 24". Designed to allow maximum visibility of the cutting area, all saws utilize high pressure hydraulics for fast saw recovery and quick arm speed. This provides a positive impact on production and better tree control.


All models are available with a standard 40 degree partial lateral tilt, or an optional 220 degree full lateral tilt.

Owning and Operating Costs

Cat® 500 Series Track Feller Bunchers and Track Harvesters provide the best value for your operation.

ACERT Technology Fuel Economy

Based on Caterpillar® testing, the fuel economy of Cat® engines with ACERT technology is 3 to 5 percent better than current competing technologies. This fuel economy is directly related to the complete combustion of fuel due to the integration between the electronic control that monitors conditions, the air management system that controls air volume and the fuel injection system that delivers just the right amount of fuel as needed.

Clam-Shell Service Doors

The hydraulically actuated clam-shell service doors provide easy and quick access reducing machine maintenance time. Less service time means less down time, more work time and greater productivity.


Extended Service intervals and easy access reduce operating costs.

Extended Service Intervals

Caterpillar® service and maintenance intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time, increase machine availability and reduce operating costs. Hydraulic oil change intervals can be extended from 2,000 hours to 4,000 hours. Engine coolant change intervals are 12,000 hour with Cat® Extended Life Coolant/Anti-freeze. Regularly scheduled maintenance extends machine service life and lowers overall operating costs. 500-hour oil change interval reduces overall maintenance costs.

Flexxaire™ Fan

Optional Flexxaire™ fan operates only when required and allows the fan blades to reverse, purging debris from the radiator area, reducing maintenance time, and fuel consumption.

Clam-Shell Service Door

The hydraulically actuated clam-shell service door provides easy and quick access reducing machine maintenance time.

Customer Focus

Cat® dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.

Product Support

Your Cat® dealer will help provide you with parts quickly and efficiently by utilizing the Cat worldwide dealer network parts system, minimizing downtime.

Machine Selections

Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. What are job requirements, machine attachments and operating hours? What production is needed? Your Cat dealer can provide recommendations.


Look past the initial price. Consider the financing options available as well as day-to-day operating costs. This is also the time to look at dealer services that can be included in the cost of the machine to yield lower equipment owning and operating costs over the long run.

Customer Support Agreements

Cat dealers offer a wide variety of product support agreements, and work with customers to develop a plan that best meets specific needs. These plans can help protect your investment.


Improving operating techniques can boost your profits. The Cat Forest Products Consulting Services Group offers certified operator training classes to help maximize the return on your machine investment.

Maintenance Services

Repair option programs guarantee the cost of repairs up front. Diagnostic programs such as S•O•SSM Analysis and Coolant Sampling and Technical Analysis help avoid unscheduled repairs.


Repair, rebuild or replace? Your Cat dealer can help you evaluate the cost involved so you can make the right choice.
  • Electrical
    •  24-volt electrical system
    •  2-12 volt maintenance free batteries with 950 CCA
    •  95 Amp alternator
    •  IQAN programmable controls
    •  MDL large display screen
  • 24-volt electrical system
    • 2-12 volt maintenance free batteries with 950 CCA
      • 95 Amp alternator
        • IQAN programmable controls
          • MDL large display screen
            • Guards
              •  Hydraulically actuated hinged engine enclosure with warning alarm
              •  Engine fan guard
              •  Bottom guards
              •  Isolation mounted cab and engine
              •  Heavy duty radiator guard door
            • Hydraulically actuated hinged engine enclosure with warning alarm
              • Engine fan guard
                • Bottom guards
                  • Isolation mounted cab and engine
                    • Heavy duty radiator guard door
                      • Operator Environment
                        •  OPS/FOPS/ROPS cab
                        •  Dual joystick control
                        •  Reverse slope windshield
                        •  Air ride seat
                        •  Skylight - alternate escape hatch
                        •  Top escape hatch
                        •  3 inch retractable seat belt
                        •  Heater/air conditioner w/climate control
                        •  DIN mount radio ready
                        •  Operator sound suppression to standards
                        •  Travel alarm
                        •  Cup holders (2)
                        •  2-l2volt and 1-24 volt power outlets
                        •  Front Window, 1.25 in Thick Margard
                      • OPS/FOPS/ROPS cab
                        • Dual joystick control
                          • Reverse slope windshield
                            • Air ride seat
                              • Skylight - alternate escape hatch
                                • Top escape hatch
                                  • 3 inch retractable seat belt
                                    • Heater/air conditioner w/climate control
                                      • DIN mount radio ready
                                        • Operator sound suppression to standards
                                          • Travel alarm
                                            • Cup holders (2)
                                              • 2-l2volt and 1-24 volt power outlets
                                                • Front Window, 1.25 in Thick Margard
                                                  • Powertrain
                                                    •  C9 ACERT engine meets Tier 2 emissions requirements
                                                    •  Infinitely variable travel speed
                                                    •  Under hood centrifugal precleaner and primary air filter
                                                    •  43C degree ambient temperature cooling package
                                                    •  Electric fuel priming pump
                                                    •  Fuel water separator
                                                  • Undercariage
                                                    •  Track roller guards with access holes
                                                    •  Hydraulic track adjusters
                                                    •  Double flange track rollers
                                                    •  GFT110 Lohmann final drives
                                                    •  Caterpillar® 330 undercarriage components
                                                    •  Bolted, variable gage leveling carbody with 3-cylinder tilt mechanism
                                                  • Other Standard Equipment
                                                    •  Vandalism protection
                                                    •  Spare hose storage area
                                                    •  Grease gun bracket and storage area
                                                    •  140 US gallon fuel tank
                                                  • Vandalism protection
                                                    • Spare hose storage area
                                                      • Grease gun bracket and storage area
                                                        • 140 US gallon fuel tank
                                                          • Hydraulics
                                                            •  Dedicated pilot pump
                                                            •  Two dedicated variable displacement track pump and implement pump
                                                            •  30 gpm dedicated saw pump
                                                            •  Cat® 325C swing drive and swing motor
                                                            •  Electric hydraulic oil fill pump
                                                            •  70 US gal hydraulic tank
                                                          • Antifreeze
                                                            •  50% concentration extended life coolant
                                                          • Track Systems
                                                            •  24" SG pads, clipped corners, with mud/snow reliefs
                                                            •  28" SG pads, clipped corners, with mud/snow reliefs
                                                            •  Star Carrier Rollers
                                                          • 24" SG pads, clipped corners, with mud/snow reliefs
                                                            • 28" SG pads, clipped corners, with mud/snow reliefs
                                                              • Star Carrier Rollers
                                                                • Other Equipment
                                                                  •  Starting Aid, Cold Weather
                                                                  •  Starting Aid, Arctic
                                                                  •  Pony Tank, additional 90 US gal (341 L) fuel capacity
                                                                  •  Flexxaire™ Fan
                                                                • Field Installed Attachments
                                                                  •  CD Player with AM/FM Stereo - remote capable
                                                                  •  Skylight, peaked, removable
                                                                  •  Loose Linkage Arrangements
                                                                • CD Player with AM/FM Stereo - remote capable
                                                                  • Skylight, peaked, removable
                                                                    • Loose Linkage Arrangements

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