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Cat Front Shovels make quick work of the toughest face loading applications. These machines combine advanced features with a heavy-duty frame and undercarriage designed specifically for your aggregates and mining applications.

5130B FS Front Shovel

Available in Front Shovel and Backhoe configurations, the Cat 5130B matches well with trucks in the 65 to 100 ton size class. This makes for efficient loading and hauling systems for mining, quarrying and heavy construction applications.

  • Specification Summary

  • Engine ModelCat 3508B EUI
  • Net Power597 kW
  • Operating Weight181000 kg
  • Displacement34.5 L
  • Main System - PumpVariable displacement

Product Details


Engine Model Cat 3508B EUI
Net Power 597 kW
Displacement 34.5 L

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 181000 kg
Travel Speed 3.3 km/h

Drive System

Maximum Drawbar Pull 872 kN

Hydraulic System - Main/Travel

Main System - Pump Variable displacement
Max Flow at Rated Speed - Total 375 L/min
Relief Valve Setting - Main 30989.01 kPa
Relief Valve Setting - Travel 35009.74 kPa

Hydraulic System - Pilot

Max Pump Flow at Rated Speed 56 L/min

Hydraulic System - Swing

Max Pump Flow at Rated Speed - Total 450 L/min


Track Width - Standard 650 mm
Track Width - Optional 800 mm
Number of Shoes (per side) 48
Number of Rollers (per side) 8
Number of Carrier Rollers (per side) 2

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 2600 L
Cooling System 300 L
Engine Oil 125 L
Swing Drive 14 L
Final Drive (each) 31 L
Hydraulic System (incl. tank) 1800 L
Hydraulic Tank 1225 L


Tail Swing Radius 5250 mm
Track Length 7270 mm


Caterpillar hydraulics deliver the power and control needed to keep material moving at high volume.

Breakout and Crowd Forces

The 5130B Front Shovel provide maximum forces at the bucket cutting edge for improved material penetration and bucket fill factors.

Piston Pumps

Four variable-displacement, piston pumps act together to power the front structure and travel systems.


The modular design of the 5130B provides unique advantages in hydraulic system design and serviceability.

Hydraulic System Filtration

Hydraulic system filtration is provided by 200 micron screens in the pump discharge lines and 10 micron filters in the return lines and case drain line.


Exclusive Caterpillar Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating (PPPC) valves are used in both the front structure and travel systems.

Swing Circuit

The swing circuit is controlled by an open-center valve to assure quick, full-powered response.

Electronically Controlled Pumps

A Caterpillar designed microprocessor regulates hydraulic pump output.

Hydraulic System Cooling

Hydraulic system cooling is provided by a single, conventional core radiator dedicated to the hydraulic circuit.

Large-Bore Cylinders

Large-bore cylinders ensure efficient load handling.

Cat XT Hydraulic Hose

Cat's XT hydraulic hose is exceptionally strong and flexible. Reusable couplings prolong hose assembly life.

SOS Sampling

S.O.S sampling valves are conveniently located on the return rail on the right side of the hydraulic tank.

Power Train

The single engine of the 5130B provides an edge in operating costs and fuel efficiency.

Electronic Control System

The Caterpillar electronic control system provides superior integration of the engine and other machine systems.

Electronic Unit Injector

The 3508B Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) engine has many outstanding features.

Automatic Engine Speed Control (AESC)

Automatic Engine Speed Control (AESC) reduces fuel consumption and noise by reducing the engine speed from 1750 to 1350 rpm if the hydraulic controls are not actuated for four seconds.

Engine Cooling System

Engine cooling system reduces fuel consumption using a hydraulic driven variable-speed fan.

Increased Time Between Oil Changes

Increased time between oil changes, up 100 percent, from 250 hours to 500 hours between changes.

Cold Weather Starting

Cold weather starting is improved with Electronic Unit Injector's cold weather starting mode.


High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative hp ratings mean longer service hours with less downtime for maintenance and repair.

Piston Design

Two-piece piston design with aluminum skirt and steel crown pivot at the wrist pin provides added flexibility for reduced piston scuffing.

SOS Sampling Valve

S.O.S sampling valve located near oil filter base speeds sampling.


The 5130B structural components are the backbone of the machines durability.


Heavy-duty castings are used extensively in high-stress areas for excellent long-term structural durability.

Casting Uses

Castings are used in the front end of the swing frame (a single, massive casting), the counterweight mounts, all boom and stick pin mounts, and the carbody and final drive mounts.

Box Section Construction

Rugged box section construction is used in key structures to provide unsurpassed strength while eliminating excess width. Box section construction is used in the boom, stick, carbody and roller frames.

Digging Forces

High digging forces are a result of the efficient front linkage. Rod-ported bucket tilt cylinders eliminate external return lines, improving seal and rod life.

Floating Pins

One piece floating pins are used at swing frame to boom, boom to stick and stick to bucket joints for extra strength and life.

Front Structure Components

Front structure components are thermally stress-relieved to reduce residual stresses from the welding process, increasing structure life.


Durable, maintenance-free undercarriage absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability.

Track Gauge

A wide track gauge offers the stability needed for top production.

Moving Undercarriage

The moving undercarriage is a no-maintenance system that includes some of the same features found on the dependable D11-size track.

Track Roller Frames

Track roller frames hold moving undercarriage components rigidly in place. They also absorb stress loads transmitted from the carbody.

Track tensioning

Automatic track tensioning maintains the correct track tension.

Three Shoe Widths

Three shoe widths are available to match your application: rock, general purpose and soft underfoot.

Operator's Station

Designed for comfort and ease of operation.

Spacious Operator Compartments

Spacious operator compartments have exceptional, unobstructed view of the bucket and loading area.


Cab and nearby components are isolated to dampen sound and vibration.

Air Pressurization

Air pressurization with positive filtered ventilation keeps the cab environment comfortable and clean.


Contour series seat is fully adjustable for shift-long comfort.

KAB Seat

KAB seat is available as an option. The KAB seat has weight-compensated support, three-way seat cushion adjustment and the backrest is adjustable.

Vital Information Management System

Provides operators, service technicians and managers with crucial operating data.

VIMS System

The Vital Information Management System continuously displays critical machine data.

Alert System

The three-category alert system provides advisory information to the operator when conditions in a monitored system exceed a prescribed setting for ordinary operations.

Diagnostic Program

The VIMS diagnostic program allows service personnel to download a complete record of machine data events and system diagnostics to a laptop computer.

Buckets and Ground Engaging Tools

Aggressive bucket design and efficient linkage configuration promote high bucket fill factors.

Fill Factors

High fill factors for the 5130B front Shovel set this machine apart from the competition.

Box-Section Construction

Box-section construction is utilized in the dozer portion of front shovel buckets to provide torsional strength when the bucket is closed for digging.

Steel Castings

Steel castings are used in high-stress areas such as the dozer hinges, bowl pivots, cylinder mounts, and corner adapters.

Hardened Bearings

Hardened bearings improve the durability of the pivot and cylinder mounts in mass excavator buckets.

Wear Plates

Heat-treated steel is used to improve the service life of corner and center adapters, cutting edges and side bars which will be subjected to more abrasive conditions.

Bucket Tips

Bucket tips are top-pinned directly to the adapter for fast on-site replacement.


Several front shovel and backhoe buckets are available. Buckets range from rock/high density buckets to coal and light material buckets.

Modular Design

Provides a stable, productive machine that is easy to transport and service.

Shipping and Assembly

Machine breaks down into eight modules for ease of shipping.

Maintenance and Service Access

The right and left side modules provide excellent service access as well as storage and working space.

Right Module

Right module includes walk-around, lighted access to the engine, engine cooling system, batteries and hydraulic pumps.

Left Module

The left module includes a cab riser which allows stand-up access to hydraulic pilot lines and to the main junction box for electrical and electronic components.


Superior stability is achieved by creating a lower center of gravity and is a result of the modular design.

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